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Everyone loves gifts - even kids. Remember how much you grinned from ear to ear after receiving gifts during birthdays and other celebrations?

That's exactly how we all feel about gifts.

Gifts are a major way of appreciating your loved ones and could even be their love language.

As much as shopping for gifts looks and sounds exciting, it's not always the case, especially when you're indecisive about what to get. 

Thinking about what to get your loved one for a birthday, anniversary, or a show of appreciation? Pearl necklaces are the best for you.

Pearls depict perfection, elegance, and every other beautiful word you can think about.

So, what is it about pearl necklaces that everyone finds attractive?

Why should the choice of pearl necklaces top your gift for your loved one? Let's talk about it in this article. 

Symbolic Meaning of Pearl Necklaces

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Before getting your loved one a gift, especially jewelry, it is quite important to learn a little about what the stone signifies.

By selecting the best that qualifies your loved one, be sure to see their smiles pop after receiving it.

Since this discussion is about pearl necklaces, here is what it symbolizes. 

●Purity and Innocence

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Pearls are among the popular gems that symbolize purity and innocence.

Pearls, for thousands of centuries, have been used during purity-related occasions such as weddings and other spiritual celebrations.

Why, you may ask? There are several reasons that many come up with to explain this statement.

However, a vast majority believe this because of its color.

Pearls are mostly white, which symbolizes purity and innocence. Hence, many select this for wedding celebrations.

So, if you need a gift for a loved one walking down the aisle soon, pearl necklaces will be a perfect gift for the day. 

●Love and Romance

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Pearls are also a popular gift amongst lovers, especially during Valentine's Day celebrations.

Asides from its elegant look when worn, pearls showcase the uniqueness of partners. 

Ever heard about pearls looking differently? Yes, no two pearls are the same.

They have different structures, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Regardless, these are perfect, the same way couples are different but form a piece of perfection through shared love. 

●Wisdom and Spirituality

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Another thing pearls stand for is wisdom and spirituality.

Pearls are round in shape, making many links to the moon.

Pearls have become a symbol of spirituality in many religions and cultures even to date.

Pearls, in this regard, are a symbol of motherhood and nurturing. 

Different cultures wear pearl necklaces during meditation and healing processes because of this belief.

Other symbols like inner peace and calmness are ascribed to pearl jewelry. 

●Success and Abundance

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Mighty men of old wore pearl necklaces and rings to symbolize power and wealth.

Today, this tradition continues, and many royal families step out with elegant pearl necklaces to complement their outfits.

The Perfect Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace


Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Whether for your best friend, colleague, family member, or partner, pearl necklaces will show how much you appreciate and cherish them in your life.

As we have stated above, pearls are a symbol of love, eternal bond, success, and wealth.

Your partner will surely love the gifts and keep wearing them for aye. 

You always show a variety of pearl necklaces ranging from white freshwater pearl necklaces to lavender pearls.

If you will love a variety of colors and the sparkles showing everywhere, then opt for the multi-color Tahitian pearl necklace.

Whichever choice you make, it will be remembered for life. 


Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Is your wedding anniversary coming up soon? If yes, it is the right time to begin shopping for your choice of pearl necklace for your loved one.

Not to worry, pearl necklaces are suitable for men, too, and you have a lot of variety to select from.

So, you have no excuse why these elegant gifts will not be a suitable choice for your anniversary.   


Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Every bride wants to look stunning and flawless on their day.

With the white, dreamy wedding gown, pearl necklaces are a perfect match for this occasion.

Interestingly, the stone symbolizes purity, which many cultures prioritize during weddings.

What are you waiting for? Begin your pearl necklace shopping immediately.


Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Perhaps it's graduation season in your area now, and your family member or friend is celebrating.

Join this celebration by gifting them a piece of pearl necklace.

These are perfect, especially if you have a daughter or son leaving school to a higher level.

Your pearl necklace gift will match their prom outfits and even add some elegance to their graduation outfit. 


Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

A lot of people are usually less concerned about sharing gifts during holidays.

However, you can send yours to your loved one during this period to show appreciation.

One great gift you should think about adding to the box is a pearl necklace. 

The Value of Pearl Necklaces

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Unlike the notion that all pearls are expensive, you can always get a necklace that suits your budget.

This is because many factors contribute to the price of pearl necklaces.

One of these factors is shape. Pearls are round. However, a lot of those found are not even in shape.

Therefore, the more round the pearl looks, the higher its price. 

Another factor that determines the price of pearl necklaces is the rate of reflection (luster).

Pure pearls, when exposed to light, should have a reflection that confirms their quality.

However, the better the reflection from the stone, the higher its price. 

You should also note that pearls are a good form of investment.

The prices of pearls are currently on the rise due to their rarity and uniqueness.

So, selling your old pearl necklace may make you a billionaire overnight.

Another reason why pearls are a great option for you. 

Several other factors contribute to the value of pearls.

With a bit of research and drawing a budget, you can figure out the best jewelry for your loved one. 

Where to Buy Pearl

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

Pearls are among the popular jewelry, so they are available everywhere.

However, it would be best if you were wary of buying a low-quality necklace for the value of the original.

Therefore, stick to getting your pearls from trusted brands like White Victoria, Mikimoto, Kavant and Sharant, Wempe, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

What is the best length for a pearl necklace?

Pearls are in various lengths. However, the most popular is the 17 inches. It sits on the neck perfectly as well. 

What is the most popular type of pearl necklace?

Amongst the variety of pearl necklaces, some of the most popular are freshwater pearls, Baroque pearl necklaces, Akoya pearls, etc. 

Can Pearls be worn every day?

Who says you cannot wear your pearls all around? However, you have to maintain the pearl necklaces to avoid damage properly.  

What should I look for when buying pearl necklaces? 

First, you have to make your perfect choice. Then, check for the budget, quality, and color. 


Occasions to Gift a Pearl Necklace

You have the right information to guide your gift shopping soon.

Pearls are worth the hype - subtle yet dazzling, elegant, and extremely beautiful.

Remember to ensure you have the right quality by shopping from trusted brands.

Have fun discovering more about this gem.