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Edison Pearls? Does that switch a light bulb? Jokes aside, do you know that Edison Pearls are special pearls with distinct features that come through a natural process?

Edison pearls are a type of cultured pearl that comes from freshwater mollusks and are grown through a natural cultivation process discovered by Chinese researchers.

These types of pearls are relatively new to the pearl scene, yet they remain one of the most valuable types of pearls because of their value.

From their extraordinary size to their dynamic multi-colors, Edison pearls are a rare breed, and in this article, we covered all that you need to know about this special kind of pearl.

Overview of Edison Pearls

Overview of Edison Pearls

Named after the famous scientist Thomas Edison, who, after all his mind-blowing inventions, acknowledged that the creation of pearls was something that was beyond his control as their making was a mystery to him, Edison Pearls are a subset of freshwater pearls.

These pearls are grown in China and are made inside mussels in freshwater environments. Their size, colors, and shape are different from the other types of pearls because they come in larger sizes, bright multi-colors, and can appear in the form of an oblong shape. Edison pearls are very beautiful and are ornaments that their wearer admires.

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Edison pearls are made with precision by pearl farmers who, through a formation process, insert beads into a mollusk, which then produces the pearl after a period of three to six years.

How Much Are Edison Pearls Worth?

How Much Are Edison Pearls Worth-4

Edison pearls are worth the value of gold because of their radiant colors, luminous shine, and large size, which set them apart from other types of pearls. But the irony is that Edison pearls are very affordable.

Imagine being able to get 5x the value of a South Sea Pearl for a cheap price. That is the definition of putting your money into what is worth it, and the beauty of the Edison Pearls is that they are a kind of gemstone that can last up to 30 years and more.

That is how valuable they are.

Price Range for Edison Pearls

Price Range for Edison Pearls

Unlike freshwater pearls, Edison pearls are more affordable, as you can get a pearl for as low as $4. You can get a multi-strand Edison pearl necklace made with different designs and shapes for a price range of $30–$50.

Why are Edison Pearls less expensive?

Why are Edison Pearls less expensive?

Edison pearls are less expensive because, unlike other pearls, they were made with such intricacy and intentionality by the original designers that all can enjoy them. To date, no one knows the secret to its origin, aside from the farmers who first made it.

What Makes Edison Pearls Special? Are they worth your money?

What Makes Edison Pearls Special?

If you are pondering whether or not you should get Edison pearls, the answer is yes. You definitely should because their type is rare, and we will show you why.

• Size


In terms of size, Edison pearls are larger than your average pearl, as their size ranges from 10 to 15mm. This is because they are grown in a monitored freshwater environment, hence the difference in size from other pearls.

• Nacre Thickness

Nacre Thickness

The nacre thickness of an Edison bead is at least 2.0mm and can be as thick as 6.00 mm, which is why it possesses this luminous glow that can’t be compared to the average pearl.

• Luster and Surface

Luster and Surface

Looking for that pearl that has that ethereal shine that would stun you right on the spot? Edison Pearl wins that award. Edison pearl has an impressive smooth surface and incredible metallic luster, and that is because of the cultivation process and the time taken for its formation.

• Colors


You can’t talk about an Edison pearl and not spend time gushing about the magnificence and beauty of its exceptional colors. Bright, dazzling, and stunning, Edison pearls come in light overtones such as white, peach, bronze, lavender, cream, and deep purple.

• Shape


Edison pearls come in smooth, round shapes like every other pearl but also come with a unique twist of creativity with their baroque designs. With an Edison pearl, you are free to choose your style, as it comes in both oval and baroque shapes that you can rock in beautiful ways.

• Price


Even with its distinct and exceptional features, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when spending your money on an Edison pearl because they are very affordable.

So, if you are still doubting if those Edison pearls are worth it, these features should clear your doubts!

Tips for Buying Edison Pearl Jewelry

Tips for Buying Edison Pearl Jewelry

The biggest heartbreak is not having a guide when shopping for a pearl that you desire and getting less than you want. That is why we have these five solid tips you can go through when you want to shop for your next Edison pearl!

• Have a budget.

Have a budget

As you have a budget for your daily needs and personal spending, you also need to create a budget for buying Edison pearl jewelry. What type do you want? How much do you want to spend? Do you want a set or just a pair?  All these questions are important so that you can plan an estimate of how much to spend and get all the required information needed ahead of time to avoid going overboard with your money.

• Know your style.

Know your style

Your style is another key factor you should keep in mind when shopping for an Edison pearl. See it as replicating your most authentic self in the choice of jewelry you select. Know your sense of style, and let it show in what you want. If you love simple but classy accessories, you can go for an Edison pearl pendant that would make you look cute and chic. Also, choose the ones that would be appropriate for the event or occasion that you would want to wear them to.

• Decide on the color you want.

Decide on the color you want

Edison pearls come in different shades of colors and shiny, attractive tones that stand out from other types of pearls. But when you decide on the color you want to pick, be specific about the shade you want. For instance, if you want to go for a preppy, eccentric look, you won’t want to go for an off-color like grey; you would rather choose a soft and alluring color like white or pink. This is important because Edison pearls come in bright shades, so knowing the type of color that would fit in like a glove is key to shopping for Edison pearl jewelry.

• Choose the right vendor.

Choose the right vendor

Choosing the right vendor cannot be overstated. You have to do your background research on the vendor you want to purchase your Edison pearls from. Check out the reviews and testimonials shared on their page or website, study the range of pearls that they have, and do a competitive study, i.e., study their prices alongside the prices of another vendor and check the discounts offered. This helps you carefully choose the right person to bring your dream jewelry to life.

• Study the grading system.

Study the grading system

The grading system takes note of the shape, color, size, luster, and surface of the pearl. Every pearl company has a different grading system based on the characteristics of the pearl, but one way to understand how the grading works is to study the guide outlining the grade of each pearl. It makes it easier for you to choose the right option.



Now, that’s a wrap on all the information you need on Edison pearls. With this guide, you can never doubt the quality or miss out on the right type of Edison pearl to shop for in terms of price, color, design, shape, etc.

You don’t need to worry about your money going to the wrong place when you decide to buy an Edison pearl because it is worth it all.



· Why are they called Edison pearls?

It was named after the famous Thomas Edison to honor him for all his inventions, although he couldn’t make a pearl in his laboratory.

· What is the difference between an Edison pearl and a freshwater pearl?

Freshwater pearls grow with the aid of Hyriopsis cumingi, while Edison pearls grow on their own.

· Can Edison pearls be colored?

Yes, they come in different bright colors, such as pink, white, etc.

· What does this nacre look like in an Edison pearl versus a cultured or natural pearl?

The nacre in an Edison pearl is smaller compared to that of a cultured pearl, while a natural pearl doesn’t even have a nacre.

· Can I take care of Edison pearls like regular pearls?

Sure. An Edison pearl requires the same care and attention that you give to your regular pearls.

· Where can I find Edison pearls?

You can find an Edison pearl in jewelry stores, online e-commerce websites, or shipping companies