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Over a century, the pearl was considered the most precious, timeless, luxurious, versatile, and elegant option for various jewelry. 

Due to the different origins, sizes, shapes, and colors, the cost of pearls dramatically varies in the jewelry market. 

In short, these factors cause a vast difference as the Freshwater pearl strand costs $100 to $1000, whereas the rarest South Sea pearl strand costs $5000 to $50000.

On top of that, the cultivation process and time to create exceptional quality pearls in oyster farms exponentially increases the cost of pearls.

Want more clarification on pearl jewelry cost? Please go through our guide to understand the factors and price range of different jewelry.

Factors Affecting The Price of Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Pearl prices vary greatly depending on the type, size, color, shape, and luster. Let's dig into these factors in detail. 

Pearl Type

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Due to the cultivation process and rarity, South Sea or Tahitian pearls are the most valuable, with luxurious luster and exceptional quality.

Even a single South Sea pearl can cost $400 to $10000, whereas a Tahitian pearl can cost $250 to $5000.

On the contrary, Akoya and Freshwater pearls are less rare than the South Sea or Tahitian ones.

In short, an Akoya pearl costs $80 to $500, whereas a decent Freshwater pearl can cost $30 to $250.

Pearl Size

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Size varies depending on pearl type and cultivation period, leading to a gradual increase in pearl value.

Multiple pearl types show a size variation, and the standard size for pearl jewelry ranges from 4 to 12mm.

Brilliant Earth states the regular sizes are 6-9mm, but South Sea pearls can reach up to 16 mm.

Because of the massive and rare sizes, these pearls are the most expensive and only for elite jewelry pieces. 

Pearl Shape

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Various shapes of pearl offer a vast space for creative jewelry and meet modern art trends.

Only 5% to 10% of pearls are round or near round shapes, while 50% to 70% of the total pearls are irregular baroque. 

With the rarity concern, round pearl strands range from $1000 to $50000, whereas baroque pearl strands range from $10 to $1000.

However, the irregular shapes and uneven nature make eye-catching pearl jewelry.

Pearl Color

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Color depends on the mollusk species and cultivation factors, which vary the price of a pearl strand.

Glossy white, golden, or darker pearls are the rarest in color, and a single strand can cost up to $10000.

On the other hand, silver, cream blue, and green colors are standard and only cost $500 to $1000.

So, the price depends on the pearl's rarity, exotic hues, and demand for color. 

Luster & Surface

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Perfection of surface and incredible luster produce the highest-grade pearls with a price range of single pearl strands at $5000 to $50000. 

As per Diamondsu, 1% of the total pearls meet the AAA Grade( 95% Clean Surface and Excellent Luster), which is the most expensive.

In short, the thickness of the nacre and cultivation period significantly impact these factors and increase the pearls's overall cost. 

Different Pearl Jewelry Price Range

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Pearl jewelry price ranges vary significantly regarding necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets. Let's look at these jewelry price ranges in detail.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl Jewelry Cost

The rarest South Sea pearl necklace costs $1000 to $100,000, whereas a premium Tahitian pearl necklace ranges from $450 to $10,000.

Due to its exceptional quality, the Akoya pearl necklace costs $250 to $8000, while the Freshwater pearl necklace costs $150 to $5000. 

Pearl Earrings

Pearl Jewelry Cost

While picking the South Sea pearl earrings, the incredible quality can cost $500 to $10,000.

Besides, top-grade Tahitian pearl earrings start from $250 and go up to $3000.

However, first-class Akoya pearl earrings cost $150 to $1500, whereas regular Freshwater pearl earrings cost $70 to $500.

Pearl Pendants

Pearl Jewelry Cost

South Sea pearl pendants cost $500 to $2500, while the striking piece of Tahitian pearl pendants ranges from $300 to $1200.

On the other hand, Akoya pearl pendants cost $100 to $800, whereas Freshwater pearl pendants cost $50 to $600.

Pearl Rings

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Because of the extreme rarity and lustrous shine, South Sea pearl rings cost $500 to $2000.

On the contrary, the premium Tahitian pearl rings cost around $300 to $1200.

Moreover, the classy Akoya pearl rings cost $150 to $600, while the Freshwater pearl rings cost $50 to $400.

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl Jewelry Cost

The precious South Sea pearl bracelets range from $500 to $10000, whereas a Tahitian pearl bracelet can cost $350 to $8000.

Conversely, an ultra-chic statement Freshwater pearl bracelet costs $100 to $1000.

Warp Up

Pearl Jewelry Cost

Different origins, sizes, or colors dramatically influence the cost of pearls in the jewelry market.

Besides, the meager percentage of perfect shapes or excellent luster increases the demand and price of pearl jewelry.

However, take a professional's advice to get the correct worth of valuable pearls and pearl jewelry.

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