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Pearl Ring

When picking a lovely pearl ring, various origins, colors, sizes, shapes, metalwork, and ring settings influence the price range.

Due to extreme demand and the cultivation process, a freshwater pearl ring costs $50 to $200, while a South Sea or Tahitian ring costs up to a thousand bucks. Even the price of same-origin rings dramatically increases with the quality of metalwork and craftsmanship.

Want more clarification on pearl ring cost? Find out a proper price range guide for different pearl rings below.

Price Range of Different Pearl Rings

Pearl Ring

Whether it’s a South Sea, Akoya, Tahitian, or Freshwater pearl ring, the price range varies on a few factors. Let's look at these different pearl ring prices in detail.

South Sea Pearl Ring

Pearl Ring

Depending on acute rarity, lustrous shine, and extreme demand, a regular South Sea pearl ring costs $300 to $1800. Besides, the variation in color of the white and golden South Sea pearl ring shows a vast difference in the price range.

In addition, a white South Sea pearl ring costs $300 to $1500, whereas a golden South Sea pearl ring can cost around $450 to $2000. Some statement ring pieces with handcrafted diamond work cost up to $10000.

Akoya Pearl Rings

Pearl Ring

With the essence of love and emotion, the Akoya pearl ring creates memories of romantic moments on a special occasion. Even a simple Akoya rings cost $100 to $300, whereas an Akoya balance ring costs around $200 to $600.

On top of that, a regular chain pearl ring costs $150 to $400, while some statement Akoya pearl rings can cost up to $800. So, the variation in antique, classic, or vintage settings may vary the price of shiny akoya pearl rings.

Tahitian Pearl Ring

Pearl Ring

While giving a mysterious shine with a full-color spectrum, Tahitian pearl rings can cost around $250 to $1200.

Classic diamond work on Black Tahitian pearl rings may cost $500 to $1500, while a peacock green ring with eye-catching metalwork costs $300 to $800. In short, only color variation and ring setting widely make a difference in Tahitian pearl ring price.

Freshwater Pearl Rings

Pearl Ring

Freshwater pearls are less costly and ideal for casual wear than South Sea, Akoya, or Tahitian ones.

Due to easy access, wide availability, and soft luster, simple Freshwater pearl rings cost around $50 to $200. On the other hand, an intricate handmade Freshwater statement pearl ring may cost $100 to $450.

Mabe Pearl Ring

Pearl Ring

If you’re looking for a unique size and luster on a pearl ring, an elegant Mabe pearl ring adds beauty to any outfit. So, an exquisite piece of Mabe pearl ring can cost only $200 to $500 to evoke elegance on daily wear to special occasions.

Factor Decide Pearl Ring Prices

Pearl Ring

Price variations of pearl rings depend on the pearl type, color, size, luster, and ring setting. Let's have a look at these factors in detail.

Pearl Color

Pearl Ring

Pearl rings with vibrant or rarest pearl shades cost 4 to 5 times more than regular ones.

Based on Pearl Lang, Green or purple shades ensure dramatic hues, whereas gold or white bring an elite vibe. So, check out the sparking shine for statement pieces and soft luster for casual rings.

Pearl Size

Pearl Ring

Rare pearl sizes create demanding pieces that cost up to a thousand bucks as this jewelry becomes a preppy part of engagements or weddings.

Round or circular shapes on rings give elite checks, but irregular ones can offer space for new jewelry trends. Even medium to small pearl rings become a part of daily wear with creative settings.

Pearl Luster

Pearl Ring

While picking pearls with crisp and clean reflections, a lustrous ring costs 3 to 4 times more than regular ones.

On top of that, a charming pearl ring with an intense glow costs up to a thousand bucks on any metal setting. In short, imperfections on the surface decrease the price of the pearl.

Ring Settings

Pearl Ring

Various ring settings show price differences as prongs feature a single and pave cover of multiple pearls. Whether it’s silver, gold, platinum, or titanium band works, the price of the ring varies with the metal cost.

Is Pearl Ring A Perfect Love Gift?

Pearl Ring

Over a century, pearls symbolize love, emotions, and loyalty towards a person. As a result, pearl rings become a perfect love gift for valentines, engagements, weddings, or anniversaries.

According to Pearl Faclco, pearl rings represent the purity of love and show true feelings that create lovely moments. So, a beautiful pearl ring can value special occasions and fulfill all aspects of gifting.

Warp Up

A Pearl

Regular South Sea pearl rings cost $300 to $1800, whereas an intricate Freshwater Statement pearl ring costs only $100 to $450. So, pearl type, color, shape, and rarity influence the cost of pearl rings in the jewelry market.

Due to the wide variation in pearl ring price, take a professional's advice to get the correct worth. Visit our White Victoria store to gift a stunning pearl ring for your loved one at an accurate cost!