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A pair of quality pearl bracelet, necklace, or set of stud earrings acquired at any given time continues to look the same for decades to come and are usually a classic option for future generations to adorn. 

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

However, this fact is particularly true ONLY when you acquire your pearl bracelet or other jewelry from a reliable and well-recognized manufacturer, as they only deal with items that last you for an extended period. 

Investment collectors constantly search for unique and uncommon items to add to their collections. They look out for pearl jewelry brands that not only offer high-quality items but also deliver value for the money spent – thereby making the most of your investment. 

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

While gold and silver may seem like the obvious choices when purchasing investment jewelry, pearls are a fantastic alternative. Over the past years, pearl jewelry at auction houses has pumped in more money than other gemstones, making them worthy enough to serve as investments. 

When buying pearls as an investment, it's essential to know what to look for, particularly the qualities that raise the value of the pearls and the brands you are shopping from.

Pearl Jewelry Brands Worth the Investment

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

Whether you want to splurge on jewelry that reflects current trends or purchase classic jewelry, here is a detailed list of the top six of the best jewelry brands that are, at any day and time, deserving of your hard-earned money.

1. Tiffany

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

Among the most prominent brand names in the pearl business is, without a doubt, Tiffany. Tiffany is the maker of some of the most exquisite pearl jewelry in the world, and the company has an illustrious history that dates back more than 185 years to its inception in 1837. 

This brand creates an outstanding shopping experience with its famous Blue Box, the precise artistry, and the unique design selections available nowhere else. 

Tiffany offers a variety of pearl varieties for sale, including high-quality White and Golden South Sea pearls, exquisite black Tahitian pearls from French Polynesia, Japanese Akoya, Chinese Freshwater, and of course, Freshwater pearls. 

The majority of their pearl options go toward "classics," such as the single pearl necklace, pearl stud earrings, and pearl bracelet. The Tiffany Essentials Collections and Tiffany Signature Pearls are usually where you find these items. 

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

One of their best-selling pearl necklaces is the 16-Inch Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace, which is a part of the "Essentials" Collection and is 7.0-7.5mm in size. Only saltwater Akoya pearls are used in each "Essentials" Collection piece, completed with an 18K gold lobster clasp and an inscribed oval charm. 

Tiffany creates a variety of pearl jewelry designs that are exclusively their own. Furthermore, they have expertly created clasps for pearl necklaces, diamond embellishments, and mountings. They are essentially excellent in every manner, in my opinion.

Every one of their stores boasts stunning architecture and furnishings, as well as a wealth of gorgeous jewels and an informed staff. 

Additionally, Tiffany works with some of the best bench jewelers, jewelry designers, and gemstone buyers in the business to create their exquisite jewelry and distinctive High Jewelry Collections.

2. Yoko London

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

Yoko London, among the top luxury jewelry firms in the world and a name associated with excellent pearls, creates jewelry that will set the hearts of all pearl lovers to flutter. 

Every item of jewelry created by the company is a reflection of the elegance and individuality of pearls, from sophisticated, versatile pieces that are fashion-forward to lavish masterpieces that are breathtakingly exquisite. 

There have been three generations of pearl specialists and aficionados running this family-owned jewelry company. It goes without saying that Yoko London only certifies the best pearls you can find.  

Winner of the Professional Jeweller's Pearl Collection of the Year award, the freshwater pearl and diamond stud earrings in 18ct gold is one of the exquisite and trendy piece.

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

With the utmost attention and care, they hand-select each pearl, whether freshwater, Akoya, South Sea, or Tahitian. Furthermore, the pearls at Yoko London are enchantingly glossy, spherical, and spotless—in a word, perfect— expertly crafted at the company's London factory.

They have consciously decided to work with several of the most reputable, sustainably-minded, and ethical pearl producers over the past 49 years. The bulk of their supply chain is easily trackable because of their strong cooperation with these vendors. 

In order to produce totally customized items for a customer, Yoko London offers design services. Their staff works closely with clients to keep them updated on all design-related developments. 

Customized services can entail modifying already-existing jewelry, for instance, altering the pearl's color or adjusting the length or width of a piece. Also, they urge clients to recreate their broken pearl jewelry to extend the life of the item and save waste.

3. Tasaki

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

In 1954, Tasaki, a well-known jewelry company, launched in Japan. Recognized for their exceptional pearl quality and distinctive design, they intently use only the finest pearls, widely prized and adored by ladies worldwide. Furthermore, there is no shaping or grinding involved in their creation. 

The premium company currently runs three pearl farms in addition to a design and manufacturing base in Kobe and a flagship store in Tokyo. At Tasaki, they use prime pearl specimens to create the Tasaki jewelry.

When the first Tasaki shop opened in Kobe in 1967, the company—which had first operated as a specialized supplier for several international luxury brands—started developing its original designs.

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

The debut collection by Prabal Gurung, the company's global creative director, featured pieces influenced by surrealism, fantasy, contemporary woman, and asymmetrical characteristics. 

Tasaki is a classic pearl and diamond fine jewelry firm, having demonstrated throughout the years that they are not hesitant to stray from that heritage. With their partnerships, they have consistently used their high-quality materials to present a diverse and distinctive range of collections.

The Waterfall Ear Cuff is one of their unique pieces made with South Sea pearls, diamonds, and white gold. 

4. Mikimoto

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

There are several types of pearls. It doesn't get more traditional than Mikimoto pearls, despite several manufacturers having created strands of the marine orbs.

The brand, established by businessman Mikimoto Kōkichi, credited with inventing the first cultivated pearls and launching the sector. Mikimoto mainly sells jewelry, such as pearls, diamonds, gold, and other pieces, as it offers the best pearls with strict standards for color and shine.

Despite being known for their Japanese Akoya pearls, Mikimoto Pearls also uses other premium pearl varieties to make beautiful jewelry. Additionally, they notably display the classy black Tahitian pearls, usually referred to as black South Sea pearls, as well as the golden and white south sea pearls in their collections.

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

Depending on the pearls and collections you are looking at, Mikimoto Akoya pearls can cost as little as $300 for a pair of 7.0mm Akoya pearl stud earrings or as much as $500,000 or more. 

If you want pearls that are truly luxurious and include the renowned Mikimoto label, you can be certain that it is a worthy investment, and you will be overly pleased with the amount you spend. 

The stunning Mikimoto Feather Collection epitomizes elegance and splendor. For instance, the Mikimoto Feather Collection Akoya Cultured Pearl is an exquisite piece worth every dime.

5. Autore

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

One of nature's finest treasures is the pearl from the South Sea. Their captivating luminance accurately reflects the light emanating from the sun, the shimmer of the moon, and the allure of the waters that nurtured them into being. 

The Autore Group, one of the biggest South Sea pearl businesses in the world, established in 1991, guarantees quality South Sea pearls and premium jewelry to their customers. 

Autore is a dynamic, cutting-edge, vertically integrated pearling group with operations in farming, grading, valuing, wholesaling, jewelry design and manufacture, and marketing. They obtain their pearls directly from two South Sea pearl growers, which whom they share ownership.

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

Their timeless collection's timeless aesthetic encompasses simplicity, elegance, and refinement while yet being in style. Every year, you can find Autore's most well-liked items that cross time, culture, and age in the Timeless collection, which includes the Shepherd Hook Diamond Earrings, an eye-catching best-selling is worth every dime. 

6. Mizuki

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

At Mizuki, expert hands alter nature's priceless orbs using contemporary and sculptural ways into priceless and exquisite jewelry pieces. Every design by Mizuki features Tahitian or cultivated pearls as the point of focus. 

The natural shape and exquisite luster of these priceless saltwater jewels distinguish them. Furthermore, they have vibrant colors ranging from flawless white to dark and metallic tones, and they appear to string them on gold hoops earrings, chic single pearl necklaces, and open-ended cuffs. 

Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

There is a frequent use of diamonds in her castings, and silver or white pearls adorn the unique leather wristbands. As a result, each item is unique, and no pairs are the same.

The 14ct Gold Diamond and Pearl Open Ring, an exquisite piece featuring a Small freshwater pearl and a tiny claw-set white diamond, is one of Mizuki's best sellers. Furthermore, the Pearl and Black Diamond Earrings, from the Prive Collection, is among Mizuki's one-of-a-kind stunning earrings. 


Six Pearl Jewelry Brands That Are Worth the Investment

In addition to offering several meanings, pearl jewelry is a wise investment. With the six brands indicated above, you can acquire affordable pearls that will last for many generations.