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Historically, pearls have been a coveted accessory for women and the epitome of elegance. From Jackie Kennedy to Audrey Hepburn, iconic fashion figures adopted pearl jewelry as an essential piece in their signature looks.

But times have changed, and men's pearl jewelry is now a hot trend. Celebs like Harry Styles, Justin Biber, and Tyler, The Creator, have been seen wearing pearls in recent years. This turn of events has sparked a new wave of pearl-embellished jewelry for men.

As a jewelry expert, I can confidently say that pearls are the perfect addition to a man's wardrobe. Not only does pearl jewelry make a bold fashion statement, but it also helps men stand out and look sharp. Not to mention, pearls add a touch of sophistication without being too over the top or showy.

men pearls

Read on to learn more about the hottest men's pearl jewelry trends of 2023 and how you can get your hands on them. I'll cover everything from necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to cufflinks and statement pieces! 

Different Types of Men's Pearl Jewelry

men pearls

Men's pearl jewelry is abundant and varied; from classic designs to more contemporary pieces, there are many options for you to choose from. The most common types of men's pearl jewelry include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. 

However, in contrast with women's pearls, men's pearls have some unique design features. 


men pearls

Necklaces are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your look. Strands with multiple pearls are always timeless, while single-pearl pendants can help make more of a statement. 

Men prefer to choose thicker chains, usually silver or gold, to match any outfit. Regarding pearls' color and type, men usually prefer Akoya and South Sea pearls in black, metallic colors, and pastel hues. 


men pearls

Earrings are a great way to add sparkle and shine to your look. Choose from classic studs, or be bold with hoops or drops. Men prefer to choose earrings with freshwater pearls in round shapes, semi-baroque, and white or cream colors. In terms of style, men usually wear pearl studs or hoop earrings for a more subtle look. 


men pearls

Bracelets come in all shapes and sizes and can help show off your unique style. Whether it's an elegant chain with a single pearl or a bold piece with multiple pearls, there is something for everyone. 

The most common type of men's bracelet is a single-strand chain with Akoya pearls. Men also choose to combine leather and pearls for a unique style. 


men pearls

Cufflinks are the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit. Men prefer cufflinks with Akoya or Tahitian pearls, although freshwater pearls are also an option. 

The most popular sizes for men's cufflinks are 8mm or 10 mm, but you can choose any size that fits your style. Men often select unique colors, such as pastel and metallic colors, to add a pop of color. 

Statement Pieces

men pearls

If you want to make a real statement, consider investing in one of the many statement pieces available. From bold necklaces with unique designs to intricate earrings, there is something special for everyone. 

Men prefer to choose statement pieces with black South Sea pearls. These pieces help elevate your look and make a lasting impression. 

No matter what type of men's pearl jewelry you choose, it will make a lasting impression. So go ahead and embrace your inner king by investing in some stylish pearl jewelry today!

What Do Pearls Symbolize For Men?

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Pearls are not only a stylish accessory, but they also symbolize wealth and status. Wearing pearls can be an indication of power and prestige, as well as a sign of wisdom and knowledge

In addition to these qualities, pearls have long been used to signify loyalty and friendship, making them perfect for gifting or special occasions. 

Ultimately, pearls can enhance your style and reflect who you are. Whether you wear them as a statement or simply for their beauty, pearls can demonstrate good taste in men — and make a lasting impression. They reflect a classic, sophisticated style that is timeless and speaks volumes. 

Ultimately, having pearls in your wardrobe shows you take pride in your appearance and understand their significance in today's society. It also illustrates you are a man of class and distinction. 

In other words, pearls can be seen as a touch of class and refinement that will speak louder than words. They are the perfect accessory to complete any look.

Pearls have graced the catwalks and red carpets of many Hollywood elites, with an array of influential icons such as rappers, baseball players, musicians, and actors donning them in fashionable jewelry pieces. 

This popular trend is currently gaining traction amongst fashion fanatics. It looks to be a persistent style statement for years to come.

Male Celebrities Wearing Pearl Jewelry

men pearls

Some of the most famous male celebrities who prefer to wear pearl jewelry include Timothée Chalamet, A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, Tyler, The Creator, and Justin Bieber. 

These stars have adopted pearl jewelry as an essential piece in their signature looks. They wear them for special occasions such as award shows and red-carpet events.

Timothée Chalamet

men pearls

Timothée Chalamet has recently become a notable promoter of pearl jewelry. At the daytime photocall for his new film Bones and All, he donned a Vivienne Westwood sweater with an eye-catching necklace of two rows of pearls draped across his neckline. His unique fashion statement will inspire more people to adopt this elegant trend in their wardrobes.

A$AP Rocky

men pearls

Rapper A$AP Rocky has been seen sporting pearl jewelry on multiple occasions. From the Met Gala to various award shows, he always manages to make a statement with his unique style choices. His recent performance at Coachella 2019 featured an exquisite pearl necklace that perfectly complimented his all-black outfit. 

Harry Styles

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Harry Styles is a distinguished member of the pearl club, famously wearing one single pearl drop earring to the 2019 Met Gala. Similarly to Rocky, since first showcasing this style, Harry rarely appears without having at least one string of pearls around his neck.

Tyler, The Creator

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Tyler, The Creator is another rapper who has embraced this trend and incorporated it into his style. To mark the launch of his latest album, Call Me If You Get Lost, Tyler, The Creator sought out renowned New York Jeweler Alex Moss to craft a one-of-a-kind pearl belt and chain. Additionally, he sported oversized pearl earrings during all promotional appearances for the record.

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is not one to shy away from a bold fashion statement. He often dons huge pearl necklaces and pendants to enhance his look and make a lasting impression. 

At his most recent concert in Toronto, he made a lasting impression with the captivating Magic Mushroom Necklace from Frasier Sterling. This dazzling accessory featured glass "magic" mushroom charms delicately suspended between lustrous faux pearls - an unforgettable sight to behold!

As you can see, these male celebrities have embraced pearl jewelry as a signature style and are sure to inspire more people to incorporate this timeless look into their looks. Whether it's a classic string of pearls or a unique statement piece, men's pearl jewelry is here to stay! 

10+ Men's Pearl Jewelry for You to Choose

If you are looking for some pearl jewelry inspiration, here are ten standout pieces for you to choose from:

Hatton Labs – Baroque Pearl Bracelet Silver

men pearls

Drawing inspiration from London's history and culture, the Baroque Pearl Bracelet by Hatton Labs is crafted with sterling silver and white freshwater pearls. 

Manufactured in the renowned Hatton Gardens district - which gave rise to their name - this timeless piece of jewelry will enhance any look. Wear it day after day for a touch of class that never goes out of style!

Polite Worldwide – Wavy Pearl Necklace Multi

men pearls

The Wavy Necklace is a timeless, fashionable accessory crafted with ethically-sourced freshwater pearls in an eye-catching multicolor design. 

Each necklace measures 18 inches (45.7 cm) long and features a sterling silver spring ring clasp for secure closure. An ideal piece to add to your wardrobe, the Wavy Necklace flatters any ensemble, regardless of age or gender!

Men's Pearl Wristband with Hand-Painted Glass Beads

men pearls

Crafted and carefully strung by hand in a sunny Los Angeles studio, this piece features exquisite baroque pearls accompanied by vibrant glass beads - perfect for adding a bold touch to any outfit. 

Boasting a simple elastic strand, this bracelet is designed to fit comfortably on your wrist with ease. Layer it up with other bracelets for the ultimate look! 

Hatton Labs – Baroque Pearl Chain Silver

men pearls

Take your style to the next level with this sterling silver necklace from Hatton Labs. With its ornate design and baroque pearls, this piece will turn heads and add a touch of class to any ensemble. It's the perfect accessory for special occasions or everyday wear - whichever you prefer.

Dhin Long Necklace

men pearls

Crafted with textured gold and an exquisite Keshi pearl pendant, this long chain necklace speaks volumes about your style. 

Each piece is unique in shape, making it a truly one-of-a-kind treasure that can be adjusted into three different lengths for optimal versatility. A perfect accessory to elevate any look - great for layering or wearing every day!

M Code Liberté Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

men pearls

This Akoya pearl necklace from M Code Liberté will make a great addition to your wardrobe. This necklace is designed for timeless elegance, featuring pristine-white, round pearls that measure 8 mm each and are strung on a delicate silver-filled chain. 

A perfect piece of jewelry to compliment any ensemble - wear it with a suit or casual day look! 

Direction Freshwater Pearl Necklace - Black

men pearls

Let this talisman, with its compass, rise to lead you to your heart's truest yearnings and keep you right on course. 

Crafted with freshwater pearls in black, this necklace is perfect for any man who wishes to add an edge to his look. A unique piece of jewelry that will last you a lifetime!

Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Acorn Cuff Links

men pearls

This iconic set of cufflinks from Tiffany and Co. is the perfect addition to any formal look. 

Crafted in durable 18k gold with hematite and freshwater pearls, these cufflinks are sure to add a touch of sophistication. So dress up your shirt and blazer with this timeless accessory - it's a great conversation starter!

Men's Pearl Earrings Stud-S925, Mother of Pearl

men pearls

This exquisite men's pearl earring stud is a one-of-a-kind design crafted with 925 silver and featuring natural mother-of-pearl. 

It also bears the positive motto "THE PRESENT IS A GIFT" engraved on its border for a special personal touch. With a diameter of 10mm each, no earrings are alike due to the uncontrollable nature of the mother of pearl's texture!

Pearl Stone Silver Men Ring

men pearls

This men's ring from Pearl Stone is designed for the modern, fashionable man. Crafted with sterling silver and moth-of-pearl, this eye-catching ring is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and class to any look. So make it yours, and let it be your signature accessory! 

Bottom Line

men pearls

Pearls are timeless and sophisticated, with a regalness that speaks to all generations. Today, many men are taking advantage of this beautiful gemstone, adding pieces to their wardrobes that they can wear any day of the week. 

From necklaces and bracelets to cufflinks and rings – there is something special for everyone, regardless of age or gender! So take the leap today and add some pearl pieces to your wardrobe – you won't regret it!