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Pearl contains around 2% water, which impacts the luster.

Now, pearl jewelry can lose its shine quickly once the water content faces extreme dryness or wetness.

Restore Pearl Jewelry

Due to regular use or long storage, pearl jewelry becomes yellowish, dull, and dirty.

In such cases, a soapy cleaning, olive coating, or acetone treatment can help to restore the shine.

Besides, careful handling with routine cleaning keeps your pearl jewelry shiny for years.

Want more about restoring pearls? Go through our detailed guide to restore the luster and extend its lifespan.

Ways To Restore Pearl Jewelry

Restore Pearl Jewelry

To restore the shine of pearl jewelry, let's look at some quick and effective ways in detail.

Soapy Cleaning

Restore Pearl Jewelry

In regular use, body oil, sweat, and dirt can dull the luster of pearls.

Leaf suggests using a soapy cleaning if you’re dealing with a piece of dirty pearl jewelry. 

First, prepare a mild soap solution in lukewarm water. Next, wet a clean, soft cloth on the soap solution.

Then, wipe down the pearls with a damp cloth. Keep sure you remove the soap residue to avoid side effects.

After cleaning the soap residue, use another towel to dry the jewelry.

Once the jewelry becomes dry, it starts to shine again. 

Olive Coating

Restore Pearl Jewelry

While storing the pearl jewelry for longer, the dry condition results in cracks and loss of shine.

But a light coat of olive oil once a year can enhance the luster of your jewelry.

Let's start with a small amount of olive oil in a bowl. Then, lightly coat the pearls with olive oil using a clean, dry cloth.

After that, wait a few minutes to watch out for the shining.

Finally, use a little oil to wipe the pearls again to maximize the shine.

Acetone Treatment

Restore Pearl Jewelry

If the pearls remain yellowish after soapy cleaning, it is wise to try the acetone treatment.

It whitens the pearls quickly as acetone breaks down and dissolves the specks of dirt on the surface.

On top of that, It won’t harm genuine pearls and can restore their shine. First, wipe down the pearls with the acetone solution.

Then, rinse the jewelry in clean water after a few minutes.

Finally, use a towel to dry the jewelry and get the luster back. 

Do Pearls Require Special Care?

Restore Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are softer than other gemstones or metal jewelry, which require special care while wearing, cleaning, and storing. 

Moreover, the soft nacre coating of pearl can’t deal with a hard impact, body oil, and chemical exposure.

If you’re careless during handling, it causes gaps, chips, or cracks quickly.

As a result, pearls need special care to maintain their shine for longer.

Tips To Keep Pearl Jewellery Lustrous

Restore Pearl Jewelry

Let's go through some tips to keep your pearls shiny for years.

Avoid Chemicals

Restore Pearl Jewelry

Makeup, perfume, and sprays contain chemicals that lead to cracks or dullness.

Even body care products contain harmful chemicals for pearl jewelry.

We suggest wearing jewelry after a few minutes of using these beauty products to avoid damage and keep the pearl lustrous.

In addition, the cleaning solution must be free of chemicals like ammonia, vinegar, or chlorine.

In short, these chemicals can cloud or dull the luster of a pearl on contact.

Routine Cleaning

Restore Pearl Jewelry

If you’re sweating too much, the grime buildup can decrease the shine of pearl jewelry.

Timeless Pearl says routine cleaning prevents grime buildup and keeps the pearl lustrous for years.

Once you return home, remove the jewelry and wipe out the sweat or body oil with distilled water.

It helps in the cleaning of dirt or grime and enhances the shine.

But, avoid pulling the silk thread while cleaning to escape the stretching of the strand.

Deep Clean and Polish

Restore Pearl Jewelry

Sometimes, pearl jewelry becomes dry or dusty because of regular use or chemical exposure.

Once pearls become yellowish, use a deep cleaning with mild soap or acetone solution.

Further, try to polish the pearl jewelry with olive oil. Even the oil coating can deal with the dryness and enhance the shine. 

How Often Should I Clean Pearl Jewelry?

Restore Pearl Jewelry

As per The Spruce, clean pearl jewelry gently after you take off.

It helps to prevent dirt, oil, or grime buildup on the surface of pearls.

As a result, these pearl jewelry can maintain the luster for years.

When you’re not using the jewelry, it can get dry in the locker or pouch.

To deal with the extreme dryness, use a light coat of olive or coconut oil once a year to avoid drying and enhance the luster.

Warp Up

Restore Pearl Jewelry

Proper soapy cleaning, olive coating, or acetone treatment can restore the shine of your faded or discolored pearl jewelry.

Besides, stay careful while wearing pearl jewelry to avoid gaps, chips, or cracks.

However, routine cleaning and regular polish can keep pearls shiny for decades.

But wipe out the water properly after cleaning, as wetness can damage the pearl jewelry.

So, properly care for your pearl jewelry to maintain its luster for years.