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Unlike gold, silver, diamonds, or rubies, pearl jewelry is soft and smooth.

Though it offers a natural rigidity with a nacre core, pearls can’t stand with hard contact or chemical use.

Damage Pearl Jewelry

Now, extreme wet or dry conditions can also damage the luster of the sensitive gemstone.

Besides, the body oil and sweat deteriorate the surface and shine of pearl jewelry.

Even improper storing can break or crack the pearl surface.

If you want to keep your jewelry lustrous for years, go through the reasons behind damage and use our tips while handling, cleaning, or storing.

Reason Behind Damage To Pearl Jewelry

Damage Pearl Jewelry

Due to improper handling, careless use, and chemical cleaning, pearl jewelry face damage quickly. Let's have a look at these reasons in detail.

Improper Handling

Damage Pearl Jewelry

Compared to other gemstones or metal ones, pearl jewelry is very soft.

Hence, it can get scratched and abraded easily in close contact with other jewelry.

If you’re wearing multiple chains, avoid the contact of pearl strands with gold or silver chains.

On top of that, a substantial bump can damage the surface of your pearl ring.

Even avoid any accidental drop of the pearl jewelry on the hard surface.

Hence, keep the pearl chain, ring, or necklace on a soft material after use.

Careless Uses

Damage Pearl Jewelry

Personal care products, cosmetics, perfume, and hairspray contain chemicals that can dissolve pearls.

If you wear pearl jewelry after using these products, it can quickly dull the luster of the pearl.

Hence, Pearlparadise suggests using jewelry after 30 minutes of applying beauty products to avoid the side effects.

Moreover, household cleaning products and cooking ingredients contain harmful compounds.

As a result, these chemicals can damage the pearl nacre and luster.

Before cooking or housework, it is better to take off your pearl jewelry.

Use of Chemicals

Damage Pearl Jewelry

Some video trends on TikTok or Instagram show the use of chemicals like chlorine bleach, vinegar, and baking soda to clean the pearls.

But these harmful chemicals of fake videos can dissolve the pearls and damage the shine of your jewelry. 

Even chemical solutions safe for gold or silver jewelry can ruin the pearls.So, use water rather than chemicals for cleaning your pearl jewelry.

Does Sweat Damage Pearl Jewellery?

Damage Pearl Jewelry

As per MikiMoto, sweat and body oil can damage the pearl.

Actually, the deterioration happens quickly as the body oil or sweat contains natural acids that can dull the luster of pearls.

If you keep wearing the pearl jewelry during tough work or after returning home, perspiration can decrease the shine and fade the color.

Hence, gently wipe your pearl jewelry with a soft cloth once you take them off.

How Can I Avoid Damaging Pearl Jewelry

Damage Pearl Jewelry

Some tips and tricks can prevent damage to pearl jewelry and keep them shiny for years. Let's scroll through these tips in detail.

Handle With Care

Damage Pearl Jewelry

While wearing multiple chains, avoid the contact of pearl strands with gold or silver chains.

Besides, avoid contact with any hard surface to keep the pearl away from damage.

Also, remove your pearl jewelry before household chores, as cleaning products and cooking ingredients can damage the luster.

So, proper care can maintain the shine of pearl jewelry and extend its lifespan for years. 

Safe Uses

Damage Pearl Jewelry

While taking off a pearl ring or necklace, grasp on the metal parts to avoid damage to the pearls.

If the pearls come in contact with the sweet or skin oil, it can dull the jewelry's luster.

Based on Purepearls, remove the pearl jewelry before showering or swimming.

In short, the jewelry can stretch and break quickly once the pearl gets regular soaking water.

Regular Maintenance

Damage Pearl Jewelry

Once you return home, remove the jewelry and clean it with a damp cloth. Just softly wipe the pearls to clean the sweat, body oils, or other substances.

Otherwise, these substances can damage the pearls.

However, avoid scrubbing your pearl jewelry too hard to prevent the loss of beautiful luster.

Further, try using distilled water for cleaning, as tape water may contain chlorine and other chemicals.

Proper Storing

Damage Pearl Jewelry

To avoid damage to pearls, never store them in a locker with gold or silver jewelry.

In short, use a soft-silk pouch or soft-lined jewelry box to keep the pearl strand in place.

On the other hand, avoid storing pearls in plastic bags as the plastic emits chemicals that deteriorate the luster of pearls.

Further, never keep your jewelry in an airtight bag. Even dry conditions develop fractures on the pearl surface, resulting in a break or crack.

Warp Up

Damage Pearl Jewelry

Contact with metal or hard surface scratches and abrades pearl jewelry easily.

Besides,  using a rough cleaning solution impacts the luster of the pearls.

Hence, proper care or safety is required to maintain the fluorescent glow.

Moreover, gently wipe your pearl jewelry with a soft cloth or cotton swab after daily use.

In short, regular maintenance can extend the pearl's lifespan for years.

So, your delicate and proper care keeps the jewelry shining, colorful, and lustrous.