Viktoriya Sus

·Smith College, BA in History and Economics

·Parsons School of Design - The New School, Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising

·Assistant Buyer for a high-end jewelry retailer (2008-2012)

·Sales Manager for a luxury jewelry brand (2012-2014)

·VP of Sales and Buyer for various companies in the jewelry industry, specializing in precious jewelry (2015 - present)

·Regular Contributor, White Victoria Fashion and Lifestyle Blog (2019-present)

·Excellent communication and writing abilities, with a keen eye for fashion and lifestyle trends

All women love accessories - even those who do not consider themselves fashion pros.

The world of small items, each of which can powerfully dictate an entire wardrobe, is so large that everyone will find something to their liking in it - regardless of style, age, and even budget.

A seemingly inexpressive dress turns into a stunning find when combined with the right handbag, a matching necklace completely corrects a bad neckline, and a tiny brooch adds zest to the whole look.

As a fashion stylist, I can assure you that the world of accessories is like a huge magic shop.

Therefore, I have compiled a guide that will help you navigate the ten accessories that every woman needs and that enhance their style.

1. Stylish Shoes


There should be a lot of shoes in your wardrobe. But among the styles you’ve chosen for their practicality, because you love a color, or for a particular outfit, there must be “that pair” - more than just shoes, a killer stylish item.

These could be pumps with a snake print - an accessory that is not so easy to choose and that will turn a simple white dress into a real fashion candy.

Or black shoes with miniature heels that are fashionable this year.

Or pumps with a red instep, which will only flash when you walk and tease anyone who decides to look at your legs...

In a word, your wardrobe should have something special.

2. Diamonds


It doesn’t really matter in what form the diamonds will be present: these sparkling stones add charm and sophistication to any look. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets...

Real diamonds are hard on your budget, but it’s worth it: even if you have to save money or can buy small earrings, you must have diamonds at your disposal.

By the way, the small size of the jewelry is only for the better when it comes to such dazzling stones.

Even the smallest diamond will add genuine chic to any outfit, even if it consists of faded jeans and a T-shirt.

The main thing is not to spoil the look with cheap rhinestones!

3. Pearl Strand Necklace


At first glance, pearls are simpler than diamonds. In fact, their charm is simply completely different but no less attractive than sparkling stones.

Delicate, sophisticated femininity - and it’s all in a small string of pearls! Pearls come in different colors and shine, and each variety will add something different to your look.

A pearl strand necklace is a basic piece of jewelry that will allow your wardrobe to sparkle with new colors and allow you to change your look every day. 

Whether paired with jeans or a wedding dress, a pearl strand will not look out of place.

On the contrary, just put it on - pearls will instantly add femininity and tenderness to your look.

4. Shopper Bag


As a stylist, I can assure you that a bag is one of the most important accessories in your wardrobe.

It is this product that can increase the degree of completeness of the image, add texture, and also show your character.

The shopper bag is the trend of the current year. This is a voluminous and roomy accessory which has recently been in great demand.

This bag has become a basic wardrobe item; it fits perfectly into different clothing styles.

The shopper can be made of textile or nylon, suede, or soft leather.

Thanks to its large size, the bag will fit everything you need for work, walking, and even short trips.

This is also a great option for studying.

5. Scarf


The scarf itself is an eye-catching decoration of the image.

But, as with any item, it all depends on the color scheme and print.

This accessory can be made in any interpretation that will be closer to you: a flashy, bright accent with a logo in combination with a basic outfit or an addition to a romantic image in silk.

Everything is to your taste.

The main feature of scarves is their neutral style.

Depending on the combinations, it changes the total mood and fashionable message.


The mix of a scarf and a romantic dress with a floral print is feminine and delicate.

In this combination, there is no place for brutality and drive, which can appear when styling a trendy accessory with a defiant biker jacket and loose-fitting jeans.

This means only one thing - no matter what your signature style is, a scarf will be the perfect complement to your look.

6. Eye-Catching Glasses


Creating a complete and complete image is the task of any fashionista, and not only that. Most of us try to look harmonious and tasteful.

An accessory such as sunglasses can unobtrusively emphasize the overall style, or it can stand out pretentiously.

It’s easy to guess that a person’s different clothing style requires appropriate accessories.

A strict business look requires choosing a discreet accessory; bright and flashy glasses are not suitable in this case.

Conversely, a summer look consisting of light shorts, dresses, and sandals will look good with bright cat-eye lenses and aviators.

This accessory will add playfulness and carefreeness to your chosen look.


Massive and rough frames do not accept light and airy outfits.

Wide plastic frames will look best with heavy suit fabrics: trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets, and jackets.

For example, a clothing style with aviator glasses may contain chiffon, satin, or silk fabrics.

7. Earrings


Earrings are the oldest women’s jewelry, dating back to the Stone Age.

In those days, earrings were made from scrap materials - feathers, shells, twigs, wooden sticks. 

Neanderthals wore jewelry of this kind when they learned to pierce their earlobes with long, thin bones.

The modern variety of earring models is an indicator that this accessory will never go out of fashion. 


Undoubtedly, this is the most beloved and widespread decoration of women these days, which fits perfectly into a variety of looks: romantic, evening, and business.

You need to choose women’s earrings according to the type of appearance - then they will best decorate and complement your style, highlight the beauty of your face and hair, and draw attention to the line of your neck and shoulders.

Skillfully selected earrings can completely change the appearance - they make a woman’s appearance more vibrant, noticeable, and expressive.

8. Timeless Watch


Wristwatches for women are a sign of status and a sense of style.

It is practical, impressive, and stylish if you choose a branded model.

Why do women’s watches remain at the peak of popularity, although there are dozens of devices around us that allow us to find out the exact time?

Because they are an accessory that successfully combines aesthetics and functionality.

After all, instead of a bracelet, which can only complement the look, you can use an elegant watch in a classic style.

It is practical, impressive, and stylish if you choose a branded model. Wristwatches for women are a sign of status and a sense of style.


For example, exquisite women’s watches from Chanel are ideal for elegant ladies.

The Les Intomporelles de Chanel timepiece takes its name from the Place Vendôme, which Coco Chanel often visited.

Or the exquisite Chopard Happy Sport wristwatch imbued with femininity and charm. The model is made in a classic style. 

A high-precision modern quartz clock mechanism operates inside the timepiece.

The bright blue strap made of genuine leather emphasizes the classic design of the model.

9. Nice Hat


A hat is one of the few accessories that can easily transform any woman into a stunning lady. 

At the beginning of the last century, it was impossible to meet a lady on the street without a hat.

Still, today, a lady in a hat is a rare occurrence that invariably attracts attention and arouses the admiration of others if the headdress is chosen correctly.

The hat can be worn to the office, for a walk, on a trip, to a party, a romantic meeting, and friendly gatherings. 

The main thing is to choose the right style and color of the product.

This magnificent headdress is suitable for summer, cool off-season, and frosty days, provided that the model is chosen correctly.


Modern manufacturers produce a variety of hat models: hard and soft, with narrow and wide, straight and curved brims, a plain ribbon and elegant decor, and high, low, round, or square crowns.

A hat is a special headdress that can completely change a woman’s image.

World fashion designers consider a woman’s “look” to be unfinished if a hat does not complement it.

Modern designers have provided elegant casual and laconic walking, as well as elegant models of hats.

The choice is great, and it depends only on the taste and personal preferences of the lady which hat will settle in her wardrobe.

10. Tiny Bag


Size matters, and large sizes are not always a priority. Especially when it comes to women’s handbags, microbags have become a real global trend, which has been conquering the fashion Olympus for several seasons now.

Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino - all these luminaries of the world of high fashion considered it their duty to decorate their recent collections with miniature women’s bags. 

They only hold a smartphone, keys, and a credit card. Everything else automatically becomes superfluous.


The advantage of such handbags is that every day, you can experiment with options for wearing them. At the same time, I get new, unusual images. 

By the way, a trend from world catwalks is to carry two handbags at once: one micro-bag and another larger one.

Bottom Line


When it comes to fashion, accessories are the ultimate showstoppers that refine and define our style.

From dazzling diamonds to a perfectly picked hat, these pieces add the final touches of flair that make any woman truly irresistible. 

As you explore this world of creativity, keep in mind it’s not just what we wear but how we wear it! The ten essential accessories outlined here serve as your passport into self-expression – one with sophistication and timeless allure. 

With them on hand, you’ll be ready for anything - turning heads everywhere with poise and confidence like never before! 

So take center stage and let your look shine brighter than ever - because trust us: You’re more attractive than ever!