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Pearl jewelry emphasizes natural beauty and makes your looks appealing for starting a conversation.

But, improper color, heavy sets, and longer chains can create the opposite effect on people.

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

In the 80s, the style statement declined pearl use, but its timeless beauty made these gemstones trend again.

If you wear pearl jewelry modernly, forget the traditional rules and try different color fusions, layering, and a wild mix of shapes.

Even the unique fashion sense adds a creative touch to your latest outfits.

Looking more at pearl jewelry? Scroll down to meet the modern look and add a perfect touch of elegance.

Why Wearing Pearls Jewelry Looks Old Fashioned?

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

If you pick an improper color combo, long chains, and heavy pearl earrings with theme matching, pearl jewelry may look old-fashioned.

Let's have a look at these reasons in detail.

Improper Color

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

When it comes to color, pearl jewelry requires a premium quality of nacre to maintain the shine.

Sometimes, the layers of nacre flake off, which results in discoloration.

On top of that, crooked lines or heavy scratches damage the luster of the pearl.

If you wear a discolored or dull necklace, it will impact your looks and appearance.

So, pick a colorful pearl to enhance the beauty of your outfit.

Big and Heavy Earrings

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

Extensive and heavy pearl earrings can pull down and stretch the earlobes.

As a result, these earrings draw attention to the neck and change the desired look. 

In addition, heavy earrings cause signs like wrinkles or saggy skin.

If you wear a heavy one with formal or evening attire, it can notoriously show your age.

So, Olivia & Pearl suggest trying stud-size earrings to add a stylish touch to your outfit.

Long Chain Necklaces

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

While matching the length of pearl jewelry, a choker length can go with a suit or dress.

But if you try the princess or rope length with a suit or dress, it looks a little old or flimsy.

On the other hand, a proper princess or rope-length pearl necklace is perfect for crop tops or skirts.

But an opera length may look like hanging tears with the skirts. That's why a long chain pearl necklace with a short outfit can attenuate your looks.

Lack of Matching

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

Though pearl jewelry is classic and timeless, lack of matching can ruin the rhythm or balance of any outfit.

Even an urban-chic look can't go away with vibrant colors.

Also, an opera-length necklace may look like an old pick for a casual top or a basic tee with jeans.

How To Wear Pearl Jewelry In a Modern Way

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

To deal with the modern way, try creative ways like color combos, proper layering, irregular shapes, and exotic overtones.

Let's dig into these fashion senses in detail.

Proper Layering

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

Layering multiple lengths of pearl strands is on trend, which adds a unique touch to the outfit.

According to Kyotopearl, layering helps you to mix pearls with gold, silver, or platinum chains to get an impactful eclectic style.

Try chunky necklaces with shells, beads, and chains during the edgy and fashion-forward spikes.

It can create layers and improve the contrast of jewelry.

Further, check for the collar effect with different lengths and textures for a stylish, modern look.

Color Combos

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

While white or cream-colored pearls dominate, a perfect black, pink, or rose-colored pearl can add exotic beauty to your jewelry section.

Besides, the explosion of colors can meet the trend craves and springily your looks.

Moreover, pearl jewelry offers beads and charms in every hue to give a contemporary look.

Start with multicolor pearls from both ends and finish with a black, gold, or pink pearl.

As a result, these color combos add a unique twist with modern flair.

Try Irregular Shapes

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

From the ancient time, classy and perfectly round pearls became a sign of luxurious taste.

In modern times, the wild mix of shapes is trendy enough to elevate the look and add effortless chic.

As per CultofSun, fashion enthusiasts use irregular, unique, and funky shapes of pearl jewelry to create an on-trend look.

So, the correct dose of baroque shapes can infuse your outfit with a modern theme.

Customize With Codes

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

Despite layering, shapes, and color, proper customization can take the outfit to another level.

Why not avoid the traditional flow? Formal, casual, or evening attire, perfect pearl strands with dress codes, can add a touch of luxury.

Also, customize your pearl jewelry by meaning the trend to match the right outfit.

Hence, enjoy the elegance and beauty of pearls with your fashion sense.

Warp Up

Wearing Pearls Jewelry

Opera-length necklaces and heavy pearl earrings can give an old-fashioned vibe and attenuate your looks.

Besides, using a discolored or dull necklace can ruin the rhythm or balance of any outfit.

However, proper layering with a color fusion of pearl strands meets the modern look and gives an impactful eclectic style.

If you try irregular shapes of pearls with different explosions of colors, it adds a unique twist to elevate the look of your outfits.