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The fashion from the 1980s is distinct from that of preceding decades. It's all about going above and beyond. People in the 1980s went to great lengths to express who they were, making it an era for self-expression. 

It was a magnificent time of extravagant designs, teased perms, and bright hues, and they may have been the most daring decade in the history of modern fashion. The 80s showed us years of bright skirts, spandex tights, puffed shoulders and power suits, and several other outstanding styles. 

summer fashion

In terms of fashion in the 1980s, there were no restrictions; you could wear whatever you wanted. People who enjoy dressing extravagantly in large shoulder pads and stylish trousers did their thing. Then there are some who feel comfortable dressing in graphic t-shirts and tattered jeans.

Although minimalism has always been the chosen look in clothing, this era experienced some notable changes regarding fashion. Even in the summer, people looked hot and captivating. This article will discuss some of the easy 80s summer fashion and the perfect style guide to rock these outfits. 

The 80s Summer Outfits

summer fashion

There are simply too many incredible things that emerged from the 1980s. Particularly in the summer, fashion gave rise to numerous iconic styles for both men and women. Here is a list of the top 80s summer fashion

Jean Shorts

summer fashion

Jean shorts are a fantastic 80s summer fashion item that you should know. In the 1980s, jeans and jean shorts were trendy and had high waistlines. These shorts go with almost any outfit and are ideal for hot weather. 

To complete the outfit, put on some tube socks, or pair them with an oversized shirt for a casual vibe. However, a crop tube is best if you are going for an elegant and sophisticated appearance. 

In the 80s, jean shorts definitely passed for being a classic in one's summer collection, regardless of how one decided to wear them.


summer fashion

The 80s was an era of spandex obsession. Wearing tight, stretchy Lycra or spandex-made apparel was highly fashionable at that time. The 80s made sure everyone understood that Lycra had transformed the world. 

There was spandex on everyone, and it didn't matter their gender or age group. Everyone was on board with the concept that spandex was the textile of the future. This obsession often meant that males had to dress in tight-fitting t-shirts and shorts. 

For women, it frequently meant wearing fashionable biker shorts or leggings. It was usual to see people wearing skin-tight clothing that left little room for interpretation because the fabric's tightness highlighted every contour.

Acid Wash Jeans

summer fashion

In the middle to late 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, distressed, acid-washed jeans were in style. Invented in Italy by the Rifle Jeans brand, they involve washing denim with chlorine and distressing it with a pumice stone. 

There's no doubt that fashion in the 1980s was quite outlandish. Acid-wash jeans were among the most prevalent summer trends, and men and women wore rather adventurous outfits. 

Even non-rock artists like Bros and Salt N' Pepa joined in on the acid-washed denim trend, which led companies like Jordache, Guess, Wrangler, Levi's, and Gitano to release limited edition collections and collaboration merchandise. 

This style indeed took off, and both sexes embraced the edgy, punk rock vibe that acid-wash jeans lent to their wardrobes. The 80s summer saw people constantly rocking this comfortable outfit without restraints.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

summer fashion

A decent pair of sunglasses is a must-have summer item, especially during the 80s fashion era. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is one of the models that were in vogue at that time. 

This pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses are a timeless 80s style still in high demand today. These sunglasses were made popular in the 80s because the entertainment industry showed them off in movies like The Blues Brothers and Top Gun. 

These glasses were especially perfect for this era as they were famous for keeping the sun out of your eyes and maintaining the cool and chic appearance they strived to achieve. 

Big Hair

summer fashion

The 80s was an era that showed off enormous hairstyles, regardless of the weather condition. Even in the summer, people applied perms, perms, and more perms, causing some flows to be long enough to sail the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. 

Both men and women were sporting big hair in style, and they'd go to any length to get products that matched their needs. Furthermore, to get the ideal "helmet head" look, they would backcomb their hair to within an inch of its life and tease it to extremes. 

Big hair was among the most recognizable summer fads of the 1980s, and no one was letting any other person outdo them as regards this trend. 

Short Skirts

summer fashion

In the 1980s, wearing short skirts to bare your legs was highly fashionable and it was best for the hot weather.  For a more natural appearance, transparent tights used to come in neutral hues like brown in the daytime and black at night. 

However, in the middle of the 1980s, sheer colored tights were popular due to the expanding fitness obsession, and several leading fashion labels produced colored stockings. Furthermore, the 90s saw a continuation of the colored translucent tights trend, worn to work and even to formal dinners.

Ripped Jeans

summer fashion

Ripped jeans were a major fashion trend in the 80s. In the summer, people needed not to wear a lot; however, they wanted to maintain the perfect endearing looks. So, to expose their naked skin and enjoy some fresh air, men and women would purposefully rip their pants. 

This outfit was especially common among those who desired to stand out from the crowd, and people viewed them as an item of defiance. However, some people didn't need to rip their jeans as it was possible to buy jeans with holes already in them.

Crop Tops

In the 80s, a stylish method to remain cool in summer was wearing a fantastic crop top that bares your stomach. Because they were sensual and fashionable, crop tops gained popularity in the 1980s. 

Crop tops were more than just a t-shirt, and the styling basically depended on your fashion sense. They are excellent to wear when exercising or simply relaxing at home. Furthermore, they pair excellently with denim shorts or dolphin shorts, and a decent crop top gave off a subtle badass look. 


summer fashion

It's important to give your feet some breathing space during the summer. A terrific pair of huaraches come in handy for your summer strolls and beach outfits. 

They were a terrific way to give your clothing a subtle flair while keeping the entire outfit attractive and comfy. Furthermore, they were quite popular as they were inexpensive and easy to acquire.

Wide Brim Hats

summer fashion

You'll likely need a lovely hat to remain cool throughout the summer heat, and the 80s wide-brim hats were usually ideal for the job! These elegant hats have broad brims that are ideal for blocking the sun's rays while appearing attractive.

Rah-rah Skirts

summer fashion

Unquestionably, the 1980s saw some genuinely insane fashion. When self-expression reigned supreme, everything from acid-wash denim to shoulder pads was fashionable. And rah-rah skirts were among the most common methods to express oneself. 

These modest, frilly skirts were ideal for an evening on the town since they were frequently vividly colored and embellished with sequins. But rah-rah skirts weren't only for partying; young ladies who wanted to showcase their dancing prowess also liked to wear them. 

Rah-rah skirts made it easier for you to carry yourself stylishly, whether dancing on the dance floor or simply strolling down the street.


summer fashion

Scrunchies were among the most widely worn fashion styles in the 1980s. Scrunchies were essentially hair ties with a silky fabric covering. When not used to tie up hair, they came in various hues and designs, and people frequently wore them as bracelets. Self-expression in its best form!

Statement Tees

summer fashion

Another 80s fashion-defining landmark was the introduction of statement tees, sometimes known as slogan t-shirts, which Katharine Hamnett's designs eloquently exemplify. They were exceptionally perfect for summer outings. 

When the designer met Margaret Thatcher in 1984, she was wearing a T-shirt opposing nuclear weapons, which has since become a landmark of 80s fashion history. After discovering the promotional potential of their printed logos on T-shirts, Nike, Guess, Pepsi, and Adidas immediately embraced the trend of phrases printed on t-shirts.


summer fashion

The 80s summer fashion was exceptional. It was simple to pull together a stunning and cozy ensemble without exerting too much effort. Furthermore, It's not surprising how these trends are still in vogue, even in recent times.