Viktoriya Sus

·Smith College, BA in History and Economics

·Parsons School of Design - The New School, Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising

·Assistant Buyer for a high-end jewelry retailer (2008-2012)

·Sales Manager for a luxury jewelry brand (2012-2014)

·VP of Sales and Buyer for various companies in the jewelry industry, specializing in precious jewelry (2015 - present)

·Regular Contributor, White Victoria Fashion and Lifestyle Blog (2019-present)

·Excellent communication and writing abilities, with a keen eye for fashion and lifestyle trends

We are all, to one degree or another, mired in “fast fashion”: trends quickly appear on sale, are instantly replaced by others, and somewhere between these two stages, they end up in our closets.

Is it convenient? In general, yes. But there are many disadvantages.

As a stylist, I understand that in pursuit of hot trends, manufacturers often disregard quality, and sometimes, basic clothing ends up on a display that will barely survive until the end of the current season.

The Eternal Wardrobe

I sincerely believe that in such cases it is better to buy a thing once, but for a long time - and therefore we have put together for you a small list of the “base” that is really worth spending money on.

Therefore, here I have compiled a list of 10 basic things that should definitely be in your wardrobe! So, let’s check them out together!

Cashmere Jumper

The Eternal Wardrobe

Cashmere is the warmest and the coziest fabric for the cold season.

A warm jumper will walk with you all along the autumn-winter period and, to be honest, have a status-worthy look for years.

It will never go out of fashion, and the quality of cashmere is always high. Plus, with proper care, this jumper can last you for years.

Cashmere that is well made doesn’t make you feel like you “itch,” and is warm — and yes, it’s actually pricier than synthetic alternatives.

For instance, Ralph Lauren women’s sweaters range with a few options in high-quality cashmere.

Yes, the prices might be a bit higher, but keep in mind that you buy something classic to last quite long and stay fashionable many years ahead!

Set of Linen

The Eternal Wardrobe

Normal underwear is a guarantee of self-confidence for any girl.

Of course, the bra may not be visible under clothing (for classic bras, this is necessary), but still, the size should be comfortable, support the mammary glands, and not rub anywhere. 

Besides, proper underwear can help your dress look perfect by adding beautiful lines to it and giving you a sense of ease for the whole day.

Therefore, the purchase of one pair of good underclothes is definitely worth it.

Try Victoria’s Secret or Savage x Fenty for some amazing options.

No matter how much one tries to cut down on expenses while shopping, a great set of innerwear has to be present in every wardrobe!

What is more important than buying on one of your date nights, as the pretty piece can make you feel confident and sexy?

So do not hesitate to invest in the good quality set – it is worth its money!

Leather Belt

The Eternal Wardrobe

Another thing that everyone should literally have is a leather belt.

Why leather? Because with daily usage, it will not crack and, after several outings, will not wear out.

And thanks to a high-quality material, the accessory will last longer - consider it as an investment.

One type of belt that can transform from casual to formal in an instant is the leather belt.

The best thing about this belt is you can wear it with jeans or pants for a simple, no-nonsense look and also don one with your coat or dress to give it added structure during formal events.

Moreover, you never know when you might be in need of it for practical purposes like pulling up your trousers!

Buy a belt from good quality leather, and it will not wear out all the time.

The Eternal Wardrobe

You can try somewhere like a Louis Vuitton or Gucci shop for some high-end options and H&M or Zara for a more affordable one.

Just make sure to pick a more classic, never goes out of style kind of looking one.

Suede Boots

The Eternal Wardrobe

In autumn and winter, we regularly walk our boots, and in order for them to survive this very regularity, it is important to choose shoes from quality materials. 

In principle, a suede model should be expensive, at least in an a priori order, as the material cannot cost little.

And yes, natural suede looks “expensive” – it’s worth every penny!

Boots made of suede will give a touch of elegance to the personality and look of the wearer.

They not only add style to a random pair of jeans but can also do wonders with a dress.

For example, Christian Louboutin offers luxurious suede boots with red soles exclusive for making a statement.

But if you don’t have a lot of budget to spend, then there are plenty of choices that are pocket-friendly. 

The Eternal Wardrobe

Just remember to use a protective spray on your suede boots and store them properly so they don’t get damaged or fade away so soon.

Classic Jeans

The Eternal Wardrobe

Without good classic jeans, no wardrobe can do. They are versatile, comfortable, and will never go out of fashion.

Invest in a quality and well-fitting pair, and you’ll keep them for many years to come.

Look for a timeless straight-leg or slim-fit style that comes in a dark wash — it has the most versatility and wearability.

Dress them up with a blazer and stilettos for an evening elegant dinner look, or dress them down with tennis shoes and a t-shirt for days out chilling.

The Eternal Wardrobe

Those that I would recommend for you to buy are jeans from Levis, the pioneers of denim.

The jeans 501 Original Fit come in handy when pairing up or down depending on an occasion.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also opt for different washes, such as black or distressed, for a more edgy look.

Pearl Necklace 

The Eternal Wardrobe

Among accessories, a pearl necklace is the most classic and elegant that could make a woman fancy and young.

Once used as a family heirloom, this accessory can be given to descendants throughout generations.

Investment for a pearl necklace should be of good quality with lustrous pearls.

The clasp must be robust enough that the pearls should not break.

Choose from chocker, princess, or feminine matinee to suit your style.

A simple strand of pearls is a great way to add sophistication to a little black dress that is also fantastic for layering for a more statement look.

White Victoria features different classic designs under affordable price ranges, just like this White Freshwater Pearl Necklace, which measures 4.0-5.0mm. Perfect timeless option!


The Eternal Wardrobe

One such timeless accessory to keep you warm and add style to your outfit is a scarf.

So, get a lightweight silk or cashmere scarf in shades like black, beige, gray, or other neutral colors.

You can wrap it around your neck, wear it as a shawl, or you may even fold it over your purse for a dash of panache.

A scarf that’s designed well will last you many years due to its superb quality, hence making it a great investment piece.

For something really luxurious - you may have a glance at Louis Vuitton scarves, executed in diverse sizes and patterns as well as materials.

According to your preferences, it can be the classic monogram design or chic and striking prints and even gracious and less apparent patterns.

Leather Bag

The Eternal Wardrobe

Well, a leather bag would undoubtedly cost you more, but it’s definitely an investment piece that will last you years.

Choose one in quality leather and a classic color such as black, brown, or tan.

A structured tote or satchel bag should be a perfect pick for work and can hold all your essentials, while a crossbody bag will be effectively suitable for running errands or a night out. 

Do not forget to take proper care of your leather bag in terms of cleaning and conditioning it regularly.

The Eternal Wardrobe

Brands like Coach, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade have a variety of quality leather bags in different styles and sizes that best matches your need.

And if you feel like pampering yourself with something way more exquisite, opt for a Chanel, Gucci, or Hermès leather bag that’s going to take every single look straight up, and it is never going out of style.

So whether you are a classy vintage type or maybe the kind of person who enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends, such types of fashion investments will surely save you time and money in the long run.

Leather Blazer

The Eternal Wardrobe

A leather blazer is a staple item in anyone’s wardrobe which can be worn either casually or more formally.

It brings out that edgy, sophisticated look when teamed with jeans and a t-shirt, or it even would look classy wearing it with dresses.

Purchase a classic black or brown leather blazer, or get something as outstanding as a colored leather one.

Luxurious brands Saint Laurent, Balmain, and Prada offer high-quality leather blazers that will serve their owners for several seasons.

If not in use for wearing your leather, always ensure that it is stored in a cool, dry place so as to keep its quality and longevity functional. 

Any dirty or stained spots require special cleaning, so get your leather jacket to a professional cleaner who knows how to clean leather best.

With proper care, a leather blazer can be a staple in your wardrobe for many years.


The Eternal Wardrobe

A classic pair of pumps is every woman’s must-have.

Very classic, they have always found a spot in every fashionista’s heart and are good to go to any occasion, from a day out to official duties.

Spend on the high-quality leather pair from the likes of Christian Louboutin, and they’ll last an age. 

Maintain them properly in terms of always being clean and well-polished, and there’s no reason why they do not look as stylish as ever for several seasons to come.

For a more affordable option, check out stores like Zara, which offer a variety of stylish and budget-friendly pumps.

Pair your pumps with classic jeans and a white button-up for chic but effortless looks, or pair it with a little black dress for timeless, sophisticated outfits.

Bottom Line

The Eternal Wardrobe

Creating a timeless wardrobe is an investment that’s not going to pay dividends anytime but is stylish, versatile, and sustainable. 

It is about encouraging quality rather than quantity - with key pieces, like a well-cut jumper, the perfect leather bag, or some reliable pumps.

With care and attention, these pieces can last for years, continually adding value to your style statement.

Remember, it’s not about chasing trends but finding your very own unique style and expressing it through the many wardrobe choices there are to create. 

And with these building blocks of your wardrobe, you’ll for sure be ready for whatever life throws at you!