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Different pearl necklace lengths show a wide variation in framing the face, highlighting the collarbone, or reducing the jawline.

Due to such variations, all pearl necklace lengths won’t complement your face shape.

Pearl Necklace Length

On top of that, the wrong necklace length can widen the throat, mess up the narrower chin, and badly affect the jawline.

Besides, an improper necklace style can elongate or shrink the face, creating a mess in your looks.

If you want to frame the face properly, pick the right necklace length to balance the face shape and enhance its beauty.

How Can I Figure Out My Face Shape

Pearl Necklace Length

While measuring the face shape, make a ponytail first. Once you look straight at the mirror, take the measuring tape to assess the temple width.

According to Masterclass, use the tape to measure cheekbone distance to determine the face's width. 

Then, start with the hairline, especially from the center of the forehead, and measure till the end of the chin.

After taking the length and width, sketch the lines on paper to figure out the face shape.

Does Pearl Necklace Length Affect Face Shape?

Pearl Necklace Length

Janine states that the pearl necklace impacts the face shape by highlighting the delicate angles of the jawline and chin.

Even a proper necklace length can give the illusion of fullness and frame the face perfectly.

In addition, the short pearl necklace is preferable for a V-shaped face, whereas a long necklace extends the shape and balances the face.

Besides, short pearl necklaces are preferable for the square shape, as the length can soften face angles.

On the flip side, diamond and oval shapes are versatile and ideal for experimenting with any necklace length.

So, a variation in length affects the chin, jawline, or angles, which are necessary to beautify your face correctly.

Pearl Necklace Length For Different Face Shapes

Pearl Necklace Length

With differences in chin, jawline, length, and width, particular face shapes adopt specific necklace lengths. Let's dig into these face shapes in detail.  

Round Face Shape

Pearl Necklace Length

A round face comes with equal length and width, which suits 20" to 25" inches.

Long necklaces and pendant styles add angles that help to lower eye position and create an elongated face.

On the other hand, a short necklace, less than 20", can widen the throat and badly affect the rounded jaw.

Hence, try a matinee-length pearl necklace for a round face to get a heart-shaped face.

Square Face Shape

Pearl Necklace Length

While dealing with a square face shape, pick matinee or opera necklace lengths to suit a straight and angled jawline.

In short, the longer pearl necklace length works perfectly with minimal curves and soft lines of the shape.

On top of that, wear a shorter one like a choker or collar, as these lengths soften angles and highlight the long neck.

Just avoid plain pendants or necklaces because of their terrible triangular appearance.

Heart Face Shape

Pearl Necklace Length

Heart shapes or v-shaped faces require a short length and curvy pearl necklace to reduce chin sharpness.

Whether it's a collar, choker, or princess necklace, they can length the jaw and construct fullness at the throat to balance the face shape.

Based on Bently & Lo, the illusion of fullness with a short, curvy necklace makes your face shape attractive and alluring.

However, skip longer necklaces as these lengths can mess up with the narrower chin.

Oval Face Shape

Pearl Necklace Length

Oval shapes cover longer chins than broad faces and are flexible for any necklace length.

Compared to the other face shapes, oval suits every necklace length choice, and any length can more or less beautify the face.

Further, a princess length can frame the face, whereas a matinee creates a steering v-shape on an oval face shape.

So, experiment with different lengths to compliment your neckline.

Diamond Face Shape

Pearl Necklace Length

Due to the narrow chin and jawline, a short necklace length can balance the diamond face shapes.

Even medium necklace length works well, but check out the dramatic jawline for better balance.

Tips to Style Pearl Necklace For Face Shapes 

Pearl Necklace Length

Pearl necklace has a wide range of styling options for your face shape.

Just pick the right necklace length to balance shapes and beautify your looks.

In addition, a short pearl pendant is fantastic for a V-shaped face and helps to widen a narrow chin.

Besides, an elegant pearl matinee is excellent for a round-shaped face and elongates the round shape. 

Moreover, wear the softly curved-based pearl necklace to soften the strong jawline and balance the square-shaped face.

Choose the layered short-length pearl necklaces for a rectangular face and a gorgeous look. 

Warp Up

Pearl Necklace Length

Round face shapes require matinee necklaces to frame the face, whereas a heart shape suits short and curvy pearl necklaces to illuminate fullness and balance.

However, oval and diamond face shapes are flexible for any necklace length.

On top of that, the perfect necklace length can bring facial beauty while reducing minor flaws.

So, pick the right necklace length to get an impeccable balance and beautify your face!