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It's no secret that bohemian fashion is having a moment. With celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth sporting the style, it's easy to see why this carefree look is so popular.

If you want to add some boho flair to your wardrobe but need help figuring out where to start, read on for our ultimate guide! As a fashion stylist, I'll show you how to dress bohemian-style without looking like a hippie and give you tips on where to find affordable pieces that will help you achieve the look.

So whether you're hitting music festivals or want to update your everyday style, keep reading for all the inspiration you need!

Defining Bohemian Style

how to dress bohemian style

Bohemian style, often called "hippie fashion," incorporates natural fabrics and retro patterns with 70s accents to create a unique statement. This style features comfortable and relaxed silhouettes like flared skirts and bell-bottom jeans.

Common Features of Bohemian Style

how to dress bohemian style

Bohemian fashion also incorporates many textures, such as lace, fringe, tassels, and embroidery. This look is about being creative and playful with pieces that mix different colors and patterns without worrying too much about matching.

Bohemian style has a distinct 'lived-in' feel that celebrates natural fabrics and casual silhouettes. The key to channeling the boho look is to mix and match prints, colors, and textures without worrying too much about matching.

Common items in this style include maxi dresses, peasant blouses, jean jackets with fur accents, wide-leg pants, and flowy skirts. In addition, accessories like feather earrings, scarves, hats, fringed bags, suede boots, and vintage jewelry are common additions to the boho style.

This fashion trend has been popular since the 70s. Still, it continues to evolve today with new colors and prints inspired by nature and culture.

Bohemian Style vs. Hippie: What's the Difference?

how to dress bohemian style

The term "bohemian" and "hippie" are often used interchangeably, but there is a distinct difference between the two. While hippie fashion is generally more extreme in its look, bohemian style is a more refined approach to the trend. Bohemian style features vintage-style clothing with a modern twist. At the same time, hippie fashion has bold colors and patterns that often clash.

Where Does the Bohemian Style Come From?

how to dress bohemian style

The Bohemian style originated in the 19th century in France, when travelers began to wear loose and colorful clothing. They borrowed from different cultures worldwide and combined them into a unique look, known as Boho-chic or bohemian fashion. 

This style was further popularized by musicians and artists of the 1960s who embraced it onstage and off.

Bohemian Fashion Today

how to dress bohemian style

Today, the modern bohemian style is still inspired by the same principles of comfort and creativity as in the 1970s. Now, it's all about mixing vintage with contemporary pieces to create a unique look that expresses your sense of style.

From the peace-loving hippies of the 70s to modern fashionistas today, bohemian style gives you the freedom to express yourself through clothing and to show off your unique personality. It's all about finding the pieces that make you feel comfortable and excited while still staying true to the defining elements of boho fashion.

Celebrities have popularized bohemian fashion styles in recent years. For example, Vanessa Hudgens is known for her love of bohemian fashion and often appears in loose, flowing dresses.

how to dress bohemian style

Jessica Alba has a more toned-down approach to the style but still looks great in long skirts and peasant tops. Sienna Miller is one of the most popular icons for bohemian style with her love of flared jeans, wide-brimmed hats, flowing maxi dresses, and chunky jewelry.

Another example of a celebrity who rocks the bohemian style is Taylor Swift. She often chooses flowing dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and florals for her red-carpet events. Bohemian fashion is all about expressing yourself and having fun with your style. These celebrities are great examples of that.

How To Dress in Bohemian Style

how to dress bohemian style

Mixing and matching different prints is the key to incorporating bohemian elements into your wardrobe. However, there are some general guidelines to follow when creating a boho-inspired look:

Choosing Colors and Patterns

When dressing in a bohemian style, paying attention to color is essential. Ditch the all-black ensembles if you're going for a bohemian look. Instead, go for vivid reds, vibrant oranges, and electric blues.

how to dress bohemian style

Opt for earthy tones such as greens, blues, and browns, or incorporate bright jewel tones like purple and magenta into your look. Still, adding a few neutral pieces helps break up the patterns, making them easier on the eye.

Prints are also crucial when it comes to bohemian style. Tribal prints, paisleys, and florals are common motifs that you often see in this fashion trend. Floral prints are the most common and versatile option, so they're a great place to start if you're getting into bohemian style.

Mix different prints, or opt for a single, bold pattern. Remember to keep the colors coordinated so your look is manageable.

Bohemian Silhouette

how to dress bohemian style

When it comes to the silhouette of your clothes, think relaxed and comfortable. Bohemian style often includes flowy skirts, bell-bottom jeans, and maxi dresses that allow you to move freely throughout the day. It also includes loose-fitting tops such as peasant blouses or vintage tees that give you plenty of room to breathe.

For a bohemian look, ladies should aim for billowing dresses and softer, Flowy tops. However, if you could comfortably frolic through a field of wildflowers in it, it's likely a great piece.

how to dress bohemian style

For gentlemen looking to jump on the trend, go for tunics, relaxed-fitting outerwear options like jackets or cardigans, and slouchy sweaters. Even if you find an article of clothing that seems authentically boho but is slightly more fitted than desired, pair it with other gentle items that are loose fitting.

Shoes like sandals or cowboy boots should also be comfortable and casual. You can also mix things with wedges or mules for a more dressed-up look.

Accessorizing and Styling

how to dress bohemian style

Accessories are a great way to finish off your bohemian look. Woven bags, chunky jewelry, and colorful scarves add a finishing touch that will help you stand out from the crowd. Don't be afraid to try new things - mix and match different colors, patterns, and textures for an eclectic style that's all your own.

Following these simple tips, you can easily incorporate bohemian style into your wardrobe and express yourself through fashion. Keep it comfortable and creative, and don't be afraid to mix things up with bold colors and patterns!

Styling Tips to Keep in Mind

If you're looking to get the bohemian look, here are some styling tips to keep in mind:

Layer Your Clothes

how to dress bohemian style

Layering your clothes is another excellent way to achieve a boho look. For example, you can layer a long-sleeved top over a tank top or pair a kimono with jeans and a t-shirt. But layering it's not only about clothes but accessories as well. For example, try wearing several necklaces of different lengths or adding a few rings and bracelets.

Mix Different Prints Together

how to dress bohemian style

Tribal prints, paisleys, and florals are all common motifs in bohemian fashion. Mix and match different patterns for an eclectic look that's all your own. For example, you could pair a floral skirt with a striped top or animal print accessories.

Incorporate Natural Elements

how to dress bohemian style

To make your boho look even more authentic, incorporate natural elements such as feathers and stones. You can also accessorize with vintage sunglasses or stackable cuffs to add a unique touch to your look.

Add Accessories with Tassels, Embroidery, or Fringe

how to dress bohemian style

Accessories such as bags, scarves, and jewelry with tassels or fringe will give your look a boho-inspired touch. For example, you could opt for a woven bag or chunky jewelry with an embroidered pattern. You can add a few red touches to your wardrobe in a pinch to give it an extra punch.

Try Loose Braid Hairstyles or Beachy Waves

how to dress bohemian style

Keep your hairstyle relaxed and comfortable with a loose braid or beachy waves. Add a flower crown or headscarf in the summer for extra fun. It will give you that perfect boho-chic vibe while also protecting your hair.

With these styling tips in mind, you can easily incorporate bohemian style into your wardrobe and express your unique fashion. So, go out and show off your creative boho-inspired looks!

Bottom Line

how to dress bohemian style

Bohemian fashion is all about comfort and creativity. Playing around with different colors, patterns, and textures allows you to create a unique look that expresses your individuality. Try pairing earthy tones with brighter jewel tones and mixing other prints for an eclectic style.

Be sure to choose relaxed silhouettes and add accessories with tassels or fringe for a fun and boho-inspired look. Finally, remember to complete the look with your favorite sandals, wedges, boots, and a loose braided hairstyle or beachy waves. Now go out and show off your bohemian style!

The trend's versatility is one of its biggest advantages - no matter how you wear it, you can be sure that your bohemian look will make a statement. So, go ahead and experiment with different items! With a bit of creativity, you can find your perfect boho look. Good luck!