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Choosing a color is not just a matter of taste but also a science since it really takes into account a lot of nuances, from the tone of the lips to the shade of the eyes.

There are also some special layout styles besides the common temperature division that help in choosing the most attractive colors for hair and skin.

Clothes Colors

The colorist learns which colors make a woman look younger or exactly older, and primarily which ones slim her figure or visually add volume to a woman. 

So, everybody should know the “enemy” shades in order to look stylish, expensive, and beautiful constantly.

As a fashion stylist, I certainly have my color list that should be out of bounds for all women, whatever the figuration or age. 

They may add pounds to your actual weight and surely do not do much good to your skin tone either. So, let’s explore what colors you should avoid!

The Impact of Colors on Your Overall Look

Clothes Colors

Colors cannot only uplift your natural beauty, but they can also mold people’s mindset on how they’re going to see you as an individual. 

An all-black ensemble might make you look strict and all in control of everything, while all-pastel tones might elicit a softer and much mellow vibe.

Similarly, even the colors can instill in a person’s diverse feelings depending upon what they are being worn.

Colors that are loud and quirky, like, for example, red or yellow, bring confidence and energy.

And the dull and plain type, such as beige or gray, gives a sweet, more composed feeling.

This is something to keep in mind when choosing your outfit, as it can impact your mood and attitude.

Clothes Color vs. Body Type: What’s the Importance?

Clothes Colors

The color of the clothes one wears can be a big factor in making one look and feel fabulous.

It could flash your good points, direct attention to one’s best features, or give an imaginative appearance that changes the shape of the body. 

Hence, a knowledge of which colors work for what would be very helpful.

Different shapes of the body need a different approach. For example:

•If you have a pear shape, choose navy or black, and it will make your body look less voluminous.

Clothes Colors

•Brighter and bolder colors can focus attention away from your midsection to the other parts of your body if you are apple-shaped.

Clothes Colors

•For an hourglass figure, try out various colors and patterns to emphasize the curves in a balanced manner.

Clothes Colors

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Skin Tone

Clothes Colors

The perfect match to your skin tone can be that color that falls in the realm of a warm undertone, cool, or neutral undertone.

And, if you are still wondering which undertone category you fall into, check out the veins on your wrist

In case they make you look kind of bluish or purplish, then you probably have a cool undertone.

If the color appears greenish or olive, then it means your undertone is likely warm. 

And in case you really can’t be able to tell, it means you have a neutral undertone.

Once you realize your skin tone, there are a few general rules that can guide the way toward flattering clothing colors:

•Warm skin tones: Earthy and rich, such as warm reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.

Clothes Colors

•Cool skin tones: Jewel-toned, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red.

Clothes Colors

•Neutral skin tones: You are so lucky! You can wear almost every color - from the cool pastels to the warm neutrals.

And if you want to add some zing, you may also play along with the contrasting colors.

Clothes Colors

Colors to Avoid for a Flattering Look 

Clothes Colors

If you want to emphasize your curves or look fuller, then wearing bright and bold colors can help achieve this effect.

However, if you want to create a slimmer and more elongated look, certain colors should be avoided.


Clothes Colors

This complex color has a strong visual power: it is considered a shade of power and self-confidence, but its brightness can inadvertently give you a few extra inches. 

Still, it’s better to play it safe and exclude clothes in orange tones, focusing on accessories.

However, if you want to try on something unique and definitely orange, then consider a cozy sweater, which should be styled with blue jeans or black trousers.


Clothes Colors

If you compare the figure in black and brown trousers, in the second case, the hips will appear wider.

The more yellow and red tones present in a brown color, the more likely it is to be fattening.

Therefore, try not to choose clothes in this range, especially those with a shiny texture; you should also not wear corduroy and velour.

Such a combo can only increase brown’s cunning.

If you are not afraid of these subtleties, try combining fashionable pink and warm brown - it looks elegant and expensive.


Clothes Colors

This tone fits perfectly into the current old-money style.

It can be either in a light range (almost white or with yellow notes) or gray tones, and in both cases, pearl color can add unnecessary centimeters to a woman, especially if the product is made of plastic fabrics.

It would be best if you did not build monochromatic sets from it, but it is better to use it in shoulder clothing and complement it with slimming colors, for example, dark blue, burgundy, or classic gray shades.


Clothes Colors

This delicate and rich shade suits all color types, but at the same time, if chosen poorly, it can plump up even the slenderest figure.

The insidiousness of color lies in red tones, so try not to mix it with scarlet, pink, or burgundy things, and also avoid combinations with warm tones.

The ideal companion for lilac can be classic blue and calm green.

Lime and Mint

Clothes Colors

In addition to calmness and freshness, these shades of green add volume, so you shouldn’t use them in large quantities in your looks.

They are good as a complement to primary colors, such as pine green or wine. 

Add a juicy blue jacket to a dress in a mint shade and trousers in malachite tones to a lime blouse.

Be bold in your combinations, but don’t forget about moderation.


Clothes Colors

White is the ultimate color of elegance and freshness, but it can also increase your size if used improperly.

Do not mix white with bright colors - in this case, the most suitable combination option will be quiet pastel tones.

Beige or light gray, for example, will do just fine to dilute the white color of your clothes without adding extra volume to your figure.

If you want to add white as a monochrome outfit, remember it will look best when worn with slimming accessories and shoes.

Ever spice it up a bit by mixing it with metallic tones such as silver or gold in more of an elegant look.

White can also be used to enhance other color combinations - for example, put on a white dress and add red and navy blue colors to it.

Always ensure your outfit using white is balanced by adding slimming or dark elements to it.

How to Make You Look Slimmer?

Clothes Colors

Choosing the right colors for your outfits can change the perception of your slim or full figure greatly.

With the following few simple tips, a color will be your best tool in creating the most flattering silhouettes. 

Here are some suggestions for using color to make you look slimmer:

•Opt for Darker Hues: Dark shades, such as black, navy blue, and dark gray, have a slimming effect because they create an optical illusion of a smaller silhouette.

  Typically, these hues also absorb light instead of reflecting it, which tends to make any extra weight or curves less conspicuous.

Clothes Colors

•Stick to Monochrome Looks: Wearing an outfit with all of one color tone makes your frame look long; hence, the body looks long, having a slimming effect.

  So try an all-black or navy blue with some gorgeous monochrome.

Clothes Colors

•Avoid Horizontal Stripes: Do not go for horizontal stripes as they may give an illusion of width.

 When you take pains to look slim, please avoid this type of striping. Vertical stripes or any striping with an elongated pattern will look nice on your body.

Clothes Colors

•Use Bright Colors Strategically: Though bright colors can add a pop of zest to your outfit, they can also highlight areas you might want to downplay.

 Use bright colors sparingly and strategically, focusing on one area of your outfit rather than all over.

Clothes Colors

•Add White Accents: As stated above, contrasting to an outfit, white can bring attention away from the focus of a few areas that you wish to minimize.

  You may put on a white scarf or belt, bringing apart a dark outfit and breaking up a coordinated slimmer effect.

Clothes Colors

•Play with Different Shades: Feeling like you would want to wear something dark does not mean that it has to be black.

 Navy blue, charcoal gray, and dark purple could be good alternatives that may also give a narrowing appearance.

Clothes Colors

These are just some instances of how colors could be implemented to give an illusion of a slimmer look for any person. 

However, in the end, the most important thing is to wear clothing in which one feels confident and comfortable. 

Changes in styles and colors and even trying new textures and cuts will undoubtedly help in finding the perfect style that best suits one’s body type.

Bottom Line

Clothes Colors

Some colors can help enhance your figure and make you look slimmer.

But it is more important how your clothes fit you and how good you feel with them. 

Try some options combining different styles and colors, and will see what better suits you.

Remember - fashion is our way to express ourselves and to be comfortable in our skin.

Thus, embrace your style, trendy or not, original or borrowed, and give this world a piece of your aura of confidence!