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Finding the perfect pearl earrings may be challenging, particularly if you are unsure what to search for. For a long time, pearl earrings have been a popular and characteristic piece of jewelry for ladies. 

Women used to like wearing earrings to give themselves a beautiful and fashionable appearance. However, the simple beauty of pearl earrings elevates any ensemble for formal occasions and everyday use. 

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Without a doubt, you can never go wrong with classic pearl earrings, whether you're searching for a present or trying to up your style. Furthermore, pearl earrings remain one of the most sought-after and in-demand jewelry items today as a result of their popularity.

How to Choose the Ideal Pair of Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

You've definitely seen that there are a ton of alternatives to pick from with a wide variety of pricing points when it comes to purchasing pearl earrings. Pearls are the only jewels created by a living thing, which is why they are so mystical. 

Each pearl is different and creates a personal connection with the user, which imitations cannot do. Furthermore, a fake pearl of inferior grade can never match the genuine appeal and enduring beauty of a pearl of exquisite quality. 

Therefore, it's crucial that you select authentic pearl earrings of the highest quality, crafted from the finest components of gold, silver, or other precious metals. You must have an in-depth understanding of them to do this. So, I'll share all you need to know about pearls and choosing the ideal pair. 

Pearl Earring Styles

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Pearl earrings come in different beautiful styles. Some of which include:


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Classic pearl studs are always in vogue. Due to their comparatively tiny size, pearl stud earrings are a suitable alternative for practically any event or dress code. They are essential if you're searching for basic, subtle earrings that you may wear to work, a date, or a formal event.

Stud pearls are available in a range of sizes, ranging from 6mm to 20mm, and each makes a distinct statement: 

● Women who want subtle, tiny earrings will love small pearls ranging in size from 6 to 7 mm and offer a more delicate feeling. You can rely on this size for any event as it is the most adaptable. 

● The most traditional size for pearl stud earrings is about 7 and 8 mm pearls, usually considered iconic. They are the ideal accent for the workplace or any event since they accentuate your face with an instant glow and are more conspicuous than little pearls. 

● Due to their rarity and ability to convey status and elegance, pearls 8-9mm and larger are a status symbol. These large pearls are ideal for special occasions like weddings and galas but also look exquisite with casual attire.


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Pearl hoops add a fun, contemporary twist to the classic pearl. They may give your outfit a colorful touch and help distinguish you from the crowd. However, small hoop earrings are more acceptable for the office, while larger hoop earrings provide a whimsical touch to an exquisite dress. 

Due to their versatility, you may wear them wherever in between, including work, parties, and casual settings.


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Drop earrings increase the glitz if you're looking for something a bit more striking. They offer you that extra shimmer and brilliance guaranteed to catch people's attention. Furthermore, they frequently come with diamond accents or other accessories.


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

They resemble drop earrings, although they are often longer. You should consider wearing dangling earrings with just one little pearl for a casual appearance. Furthermore, a pair with several huge pearls is the perfect accessory to glam up a plain outfit.

Pearl Type

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Four basic types of pearls are available in various colors, sizes, and forms. They are; 

Freshwater Pearls

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

The most prevalent and affordable type of pearls is the freshwater pearls. They are often simple to discover and usually produced in freshwater ponds and lakes. 

However, of all the forms of pearls, freshwater pearls have the broadest diversity of shapes and colors. The most often occurring natural colors are pink, white, and various pastel shades, although they may be dyed any color for the best jewelry-making results. 

From poor quality used in budget fashion jewelry to gem grade used in pricey fine jewelry, their quality can vary greatly. They typically range from tiny 2.0 mm seed pearls up to 11.0 - 12.0 mm and are even bigger.

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Few fashion trends are as classic as freshwater pearl stud earrings, and the hook and drop earrings are just as lovely with a little more elegance.

Akoya Pearls

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Saltwater pearls known as Akoya, mostly farmed in Japan, are beautifully spherical, white, and extremely glossy. Because Akoya pearl oysters seldom ever produce over two pearls every harvest, they are scarce in comparison to freshwater pearls. 

When you consider the ideal pearl, Akoya pearls definitely come to mind. They are tiny and spherical, generally 5 to 9mm, and depending on their quality, may cost anything between $100 to over $10,000.

The spherical Akoya pearls are the industry preference for classic Akoya pearl strands, despite the increasing popularity of baroque forms for an alternate style.

Tahitian Pearls

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Tahitian pearls are a unique, enigmatic, and exotic species grown throughout the islands of French Polynesia. These pearls are not only some of the most prominent and sought-after in the world, but they are also naturally black and have stunning metallic glitter. 

Prized for their rich, pure colors, peacock, pistachio, aubergine, brown, and purple colors are the most common. Furthermore, their price ranges between $200 and $20,000 due to their uniqueness.

The collections of Tahitian pearl earrings are available in the most fashionable designs, including chic pearl dangles, baroque drops, and sleek and exquisite Tahitian stud earrings.

South Sea Pearls

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

The two primary varieties of South Sea pearls are white (mostly from Australia) and golden (from the Philippines, Burma, and Indonesia). Of all pearl varieties, they are the largest and most expensive. However, there's been the discovery of far larger white South Sea pearls. 

South Sea pearls are often up to 17mm in size. Furthermore, these pearls mature over two to four years and are typically not exactly spherical. Rare and expensive, perfectly matched pieces can sell for up to $300,000. 

The golden South Sea pearls are the most expensive, and the deeper the gold color, the more costly it is. That is, the value rises with the natural golden color. South Sea pearls are majorly found in the Baroque style giving off a radiant and exquisite look.

Pearl Shape

Pearl earrings come in a variety of distinct shapes. Some of these shapes include;


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

The most recognizable and scarcest pearl shape is round. Less than 5% of the pearls harvested from a farm are flawlessly round. Often, they are the most valuable, and the Akoya pearl has the most perfectly round pearls. 


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Oval pearls, also known as drop pearls, have a teardrop shape and are usually uniformly stretched. Because they complement all face forms, they are among the most often used earrings. 

They are the second most prominent pearl shape and can account for about 15-20% of a pearl harvest. 


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Baroque pearls, among the most astonishingly shaped pearls, have no two precisely alike pearls. They are always uneven and come in various forms, from virtually spherical to bent or lumpy. Furthermore, they account for about 40-50% of any pearl harvest.


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

As their name implies, button pearls resemble buttons, given that they exhibit a crushed appearance. Freshwater pearls tend to have this form more frequently.


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Keshi-shaped pearls, formed from firm nacre, frequently have a unique shape and a brilliant shine. This pearl shape makes some of the most creative jewelry due to its uneven shape, which usually inspires and challenges jewelry makers.

Pearls and Precious Metals

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

There are certain pearls matched with precious metals, which gives them additional attractiveness and durability. Some of these options include:

Sterling Silver or 925 Silver

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

This precious metal for jewelry is exceptionally inexpensive and long-lasting. The only drawback of simple sterling silver is that it tends to corrode over time, requiring frequent polishing to maintain its bright sheen. 

Consequently, you should choose sterling silver with a rhodium finish if you do not really fancy silver. This platinum class of precious metals includes rhodium, frequently combined with sterling silver because of its longevity to ensure that the piece is highly glossy and tarnish-free. 

The best sterling silver jewelry to purchase is rhodium-plated sterling silver jewelry since it never tarnishes and stays bright for many years. Furthermore, it heightens the durability of your pearl, ensuring it lasts for a very long time. 

Sterling silver and pearl jewelry is an incredibly popular trend. To further highlight the difference between the two, you may also combine silver-pearl necklaces and earrings.

Vermeil Gold

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Vermeil gold is a terrific alternative to pure gold without the expensive cost. It is a thick coating of gold plated on sterling silver. For the product to be deemed vermeil in the United States, the gold component must be at least 10 karats thick; however, the majority of fine jewelry is 14, 18, or 24 karats thick.

Vermeil gold is more durable than other types of gold plating, making it perfect for making classic pearl necklaces and bracelets for everyday use.

18ct Yellow Gold

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

If you want to opt for a traditional, antique style, among the most preferred precious metals is 18ct yellow gold, which is 75% pure gold. Pearls and 18ct yellow gold provide a charming and classic aura. 

They have an exceptionally high wearability factor and a gorgeous, brilliant yellow color and sheen that is so incredibly alluring, which is why jewelers frequently use them in expensive jewelry. Pairing yellow gold with a pearl with white overtones offers a terrific contrast. 


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Platinum is another superb option that meets all of your requirements. It is among the most valuable metals in use and is tougher than gold. Platinum has a beautiful, long-lasting silver sheen and is far more expensive than gold due to its uncommonness.

Due to its purity, it is hypoallergenic and the best choice for people with sensitive skin.

Pearl Earrings for Your Face Shape

Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Your ability to select the pair that is ideal for your face shape depends significantly on the design, size, and color. However, pearl earrings should accentuate facial characteristics and enhance the wearer's inherent beauty. The following are some ideal choices based on facial shape:


Peculiarities: The face is unique because it is the largest at the forehead and has a pointed, thin chin. 

Triangular-faced Celebrities: Minnie Driver, Billie Piper, Geena Davis.

The best style is a pair of chandelier or teardrop-shaped pearl earrings, which give the impression that the jawline is wider.


Peculiarities: Circular face, rounded chin line, and broadest cheekbones.

Celebrities With Round Faces: Leo Dicaprio, Beyoncé, Isla Fisher.

The ideal option would be dropped or dangle pearl earrings, which would lengthen and slim down the face. However, they should avoid hoops or large pearl studs because they elongate the face.


Peculiarities: They have a straight or square chin, and the forehead and jawline are both of comparable width. 

Celebrities With Square Faces: Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Zendaya

The perfect earrings would be oval pearls and pearl hoops to soften the shape of the face. 


Peculiarities: Pointed chin with forehead larger than the jawline. 

Diamond-faced Celebrities: Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, and Viola Davis. 

The perfect pearl earring option is hanging or chandelier pearl earrings that balance the angles around the chin.


Pearl Earrings- How to Choose the Perfect Pair

Wearing pearl earrings is a classic fashion choice appropriate for everyday wear and special occasions. So, it's crucial to have specific knowledge to help make a better choice of the perfect pair for you.