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A long pearl necklace is made of several pearls strung together to form a single strand that usually spans at least 30 inches long. The pearls may have a wide range of dimensions and hues, or all have a single size and color. 

People frequently regard long pearl necklaces as visually stunning and traditional pieces of jewelry that can lend style and refinement to many ensembles. You may combine them with several other necklaces to achieve a more fashionable effect or wear them alone for a chic look. 

Long pearl necklaces are a versatile and preferred option for formal and informal settings since people can wear them in several ways, including doubled-up, knotted, or lariat styles. The history of the pearl necklace is rich and intriguing, dating back several thousand years. 

long pearl necklaces

In the past, people regarded pearls as highly prized and considered them a status and wealth symbol in antiquity. People used them as ornament crowns, scepters, and for other regal artifacts and saved them only for royalty. 

The Middle Ages saw an increase in the usage of pearls in jewelry, and by the Renaissance, they were a highly sought-after luxury commodity. Over the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, pearl necklaces were increasingly prevalent among affluent Europeans as a symbol of their social standing.

However, once jewelers established new techniques for pearl farming in the Victorian era, middle-class consumers had easier access to pearl necklaces. Furthermore, early in the 20th century, when the development of cultivated pearls was prominent, it further transformed the pearl jewelry market and enabled more individuals to purchase pearls. 

long pearl necklaces

In addition, long, multi-strand pearl necklaces were made popular by the Art Deco movement in the 1920s, and people wore them with flapper costumes. In the 1950s, when Audrey Hepburn donned a long, multi-strand pearl necklace in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's," she contributed to the pearl necklace's status as a classic and distinctive piece of jewelry. 

Over time, people still intently admire pearl necklaces for their beauty and refinement and still consider them timeless and exquisite jewelry pieces.

Choosing the Right Long Pearl Necklace

A long pearl necklace is a classy accessory that can elevate any look and never goes out of style. There are certain things to take into account while selecting the ideal long pearl necklace, some of which are; 

Length of the Necklace

long pearl necklaces

When selecting the ideal pearl necklace, length is a crucial aspect to consider. You can use the following recommendations to choose the length that best suits your requirements: 

Matinee Length

long pearl necklaces

Its length, usually 20 to 24 inches, ends slightly over the breast. Pearl necklaces that are matinee length may be styled up or down and are incredibly adaptable.

Opera Length

long pearl necklaces

Usually falling at or below the bust, its length ranges between 28 and 36 inches. You can style a long strand of an opera-length pearl necklace alone or wear two strands together for a layered appearance. 

Rope Length

long pearl necklaces

At least 45 inches long, this length might be worn layered, knotted, or as a single long strand. People often wear these necklaces with rope-length casually or formally.

Lariat length

long pearl necklaces

This length has a long string that may be altered to produce several appearances, sometimes with tassels or other ornamental embellishments. Furthermore, these long pearl necklaces are in style and may give any ensemble a little boho flair.

Size and Color of the Pearls

long pearl necklaces

While selecting the ideal long pearl necklace for you, it's crucial to consider the size and color of the pearls. 

From small seed pearls to enormous baroque pearls, pearls are available in various sizes. Furthermore, the size of the pearls can significantly affect how the necklace looks as a whole. Smaller pearls may appear more subtle and delicate, while larger ones can stand out and serve as the outfit's focal point.

The color of your pearl remains an additional key factor in addition to size. Traditional white pearls are a stunning option for many different ensembles and events. In addition, black, pink, gold, and lavender are also in style. 

long pearl necklaces

Furthermore, analyze your skin tone, personal style, the clothes you want to pair the necklace with, and other factors when selecting a color for your long pearl necklace. 

Considering the pearls' sheen and reflecting brilliance or luster is equally crucial. The radiance and aesthetic impact of pearls will increase with increased shine. 

Ultimately, the perfect color and size of pearls for a long pearl necklace will rely on your style, the event, and the outfits you want to pair it with. So, you should choose a reliable jeweler and carefully inspect the pearls when selecting a pearl necklace to ensure you obtain high-quality pearl jewelry.

Consideration of Personal Style

long pearl necklaces

Personal preference is a key factor when selecting a long pearl necklace. You may choose a necklace that matches your style by following these suggestions: 

Classic Style 

long pearl necklaces

Opt for a string of pearls with consistent size and shape if you have a classic fashion sense. A typical option is a single-strand necklace that hangs just or slightly below the collarbone. 

Bohemian Style

long pearl necklaces

If you prefer a bohemian allure, explore wearing a long, naturally formed pearl necklace or pearls with unusual shapes. You can layer numerous pearl necklaces with other embellished or textured ones for a bohemian-chic appearance. 

Modern Style 

long pearl necklaces

If your style is more modern, consider wearing a long pearl necklace with pearls in various shapes or sizes. A longer piece that hangs below the bust might give your ensemble a sleek edge.

Minimalist Style

long pearl necklaces

A plain pearl pendant necklace may give a touch of glamor to your clothing while remaining understated if you prefer a minimalist style. Alternatively, a long string of pearls of the same size might produce a refined, smooth finish.

Romantic Style

long pearl necklaces

If you prefer a romantic style, pick a necklace with small pearls and feminine accents, like a clasp with a floral design. You can also accentuate your appearance with a pearl pendant necklace.

Styling Tips for Wearing a Long Pearl Necklace

long pearl necklaces

A long pearl necklace is a functional piece of jewelry that can elevate and refine any ensemble. Here are some stylish recommendations regarding how to wear your long pearl necklace: 

Dressing up a Casual Outfit

long pearl necklaces

A simple and modest ensemble, such as jeans and a basic t-shirt, looks excellent with a long pearl necklace. The necklace gives the outfit a dash of glitz and transforms it from plain to stylish. 

Since it has a more relaxed vibe, it is ideal for a dressed-down and casual appearance. To add a touch of sophistication to your regular wardrobe, wear it with a denim jacket or a plain white tee. 

Furthermore, it gives a classic maxi dress an additional finish and intrigue.

Opt for a necklace matching the dress's color, or pick one contrasting for a striking appearance.

Layering With Other Necklaces

long pearl necklaces

To create a distinctive style and give your ensemble depth and texture, layer your long pearl necklace with additional necklaces of various lengths. Consider combining it with a pendant necklace or a shorter, more delicate chain necklace for increased impact. 

Stick to a color palette when stacking necklaces to create a unified aesthetic. For instance, you can wear your long pearl necklace with necklaces with comparable color family or complementary hues.

Pairing With Different Necklines

long pearl necklaces

Combining a sleek and coordinated appearance when dressing a long pearl necklace with the appropriate neckline is crucial. A V-neckline looks great with a long pearl necklace. Use a chain hanging over the V-neckline to achieve a tiered impression. This style may result in a more balanced and attractive appearance. 

A long pearl necklace may also lend a little chic and glitz to a high neckline. Use a longer necklace hanging just below the collarbone for an elegant, intricate appearance.

Furthermore, a boat-necked shirt or dress with a long pearl necklace might seem more elegant. Opt for a long chain to fall smoothly around the chest and dangle over the collarbone.

Mixing and Matching With Other Jewelry

long pearl necklaces

Pearls complement other materials like gold, silver, or other gemstones well. For a fashionable and distinctive style, you may mix and match your long pearl necklace with other jewelry made of various textures and materials. 

Furthermore, you could pair your long pearl necklace with statement earrings to establish a powerful and stylish appearance. Choose earrings with the same design or color as your necklace for a cohesive effect. 

It's crucial to keep things basic and avoid overdoing the appearance when combining different jewelry pieces. Maintain a balance with the look by matching it with one or two standout pieces that complement your long pearl necklace.

Care and Maintenance of Long Pearl Necklaces

long pearl necklaces

Pearls are fragile and need specific care to maintain their finest appearance. Here are a few suggestions for maintaining your long pearl necklaces: 

Keep Your Pearls in a Secure Environment

long pearl necklaces

You should store pearls carefully since they are prone to scuffs and severe harm from other jewelry. To prevent scratching, keep your long pearl necklace in a different section of the jewelry box and a soft pouch. 

Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

long pearl necklaces

Because pearls are chemically sensitive, keeping them away from things like perfume, hairspray, and other chemicals is crucial. These substances can potentially dull the pearls' brilliance and harm their surface.

Restring Pearls Regularly

long pearl necklaces

You must regularly have your pearl restrung to avoid breaking since the silk thread holding them together might weaken with time.

Wear Your Pearl Necklace Often

long pearl necklaces

Long periods without wearing pearls can cause them to lose their brilliance and become dull. You can maintain your pearls' finest appearance by wearing them frequently.

Wearing your long pearl necklace frequently is best because they are natural jewels, and the skin's natural oils can aid in maintaining the luster and beauty of these pearls.

Clean Long Pearl Necklace Regularly

long pearl necklaces

Use a clean microfiber cloth or a specific pearl cleaning solution to give your pearls proper maintenance to keep them looking their best. Avoid harsh cleaning agents or items that degrade the pearls' surface. 


Long pearl necklaces are a classy accessory that can make any outfit appear unique. It is a flexible accessory that can be dressed in various ways, whether you're setting for a casual appearance or adding refinement to a formal outfit. 

Utilizing the tips in this comprehensive guide, you can confidently wear and style a long pearl necklace, combine it with other jewelry, and take care of it for years.