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Pearl chokers are here to stay! Recently, a lot of fashion trends have been hovering around pearl jewelry, and many have found a new love for wearing these on various occasions.

If you want to add another type of pearl jewelry to your collection or some cool girly vibes to your outfits, then pearl chokers are your best bet. 

Style a Pearl Choker

In this complete guide, we will talk about why pearl chokers are an excellent choice for you and how to wear them elegantly.

With these new style tips, you will be ready to take your style to the next level. 

Ready to learn about it? Let's get right to it immediately. 

Lengths of Pearl Necklaces

Style a Pearl Choker

The lengths of pearl necklaces determine their match with your outfit- which is why they may sometimes look off when paired wrongly.

The neckline outfit helps accentuate your pearl necklace. So, here are the common lengths and how to match them. 

14" -16" Pearl Choker

Style a Pearl Choker

This timeless piece rests perfectly on the neckline and is suitable to go with any style of dressing, from formal evening wear to casual outfits.

The length of the pearl choker adds a cute elegance when paired with a button-down shirt, but equally stunning with an evening dress.

17 - 18" Pearl Necklace

Style a Pearl Choker

These are the most common lengths of pearl necklace and they are an excellent match for round and high necklines.

They also suit low, plunging necklines pretty well.

The 18 inches is the traditional pearl necklace length, so if you're not sure which strand length to purchase, this is a great option. 

24" Pearl Necklace

Style a Pearl Choker

This is longer than the above types and is often paired with business casuals and dresses.

If you are looking for a perfect match for your next business outfit, this pearl length should be your main target. 

34" Pearl Necklace

Style a Pearl Choker

This is one versatile pearl necklace length. You can wear this as long jewelry on your outfit or double them for a shorter length.

Either way, they are perfect and add more beauty to your look.

Pearl Chokers: What You Need to Know

Style a Pearl Choker

One thing that makes pearls distinct is the availability of different types you can get for your jewelry.

However, when it comes to classifying pearls, there are two major types - cultured and natural pearls.

There are over ten types of pearls, with each exhibiting unique characteristics in shape, color, and texture.

Akoya, Baroque, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls are some of the common pearl types for making pearl chokers. 

Pearl chokers are elegant, timeless pieces that perfectly complement any outfit.

Recently, they have made a comeback in the fashion space, and their timeless beauty cannot be explained. 

The pearl choker is a classic necklace-type with a length that sits pretty on the neck.

It comes in varying lengths from 14 to 16 inches and will fall just a little above the collarbone.

Another beautiful thing about this statement piece is the fact that you can wear them for any occasion and at any time of the day.

That's not all you need to know about pearl chokers; let's discuss their various features and characteristics. 

Features of Pearl Chokers

Style a Pearl Choker

One common challenge people face when selecting jewelry is finding the right color to match their outfits.

This issue also applies to pearl chokers, but the good news is that they come in various colors.

So, if you have a specific color in mind, you can always find a pearl choker to match it.

The most popular colors of pearl necklaces are white, black, gold, silver, yellow, pink, and other beautiful colors you may want. 

Let's talk about availability and ease of buying. Pearl chokers are always available for you anywhere, online and offline.

Brands like White Victoria specialize in selling quality pearl chokers that are affordable and serve as the final piece for your outfits.

They are also very durable.

Pearl chokers are known and popular for their durability as many families pass them down from one generation to another.

So, your pearl choker can never run out of time because they are timeless and always stunning.  

How to Choose the Right Pearl Choker

Style a Pearl Choker


Style a Pearl Choker

When shopping, your budget plays a vital role in determining what you can buy.

The first thing you need to consider is the price of the jewelry you're interested in.

While high-end options can cost thousands of dollars, there are also more affordable pieces.

Having a clear idea of your budget can help you save time and make decisions more quickly. 

Pearl chokers prices range from less than $20 to $150 for the affordable range.

The major determinant of the price is the type of pearl.

As discussed above, natural pearls are more expensive than cultured ones. 


Style a Pearl Choker

Another thing you want to consider before the final selection of the jewelry is the color.

What color will match your outfit perfectly, especially when shopping for just one pearl choker?

White pearl chokers are common and, being a universal color, match all outfits perfectly. 

★Neckline Shape

Style a Pearl Choker

Aside from the color of your outfit, you have to consider the neckline shape, too.

There are different necklines; however, matching them with your pearl will give the best results.

Selecting a pearl choker that follows a similar pattern works better for your V-necked outfit. 

On the other hand, a scoop neckline outfit will look better with a roundish pearl choker that rests on your neck perfectly.

6 Chic Ways to Style Your Pearl Choker

Style a Pearl Choker

After the factors to consider, it is also very important to discuss the various ways of styling your outfit with your pearl choker.

This is extremely necessary because, without the right tips, your look will be all shades of wrong. So, how do you style pearl chokers?

Casual look

Style a Pearl Choker

On days when all you want to do is wear something without looking any 'extra,' pearl chokers will perfect this, too.

If you feel incomplete with your outfit, add your pearl choker for the switch.

This brings some magic to the appearance and helps you gain your confidence.

Do you know pearls are symbols of power and courage?

Yes, they are, and you can gain yours back on days you feel down. 

Gen Z 

Style a Pearl Choker

If you are a Gen Z and wondering how to pair pearl chokers with your next outfit, we have something for you.

Your pearl chokers will fit well with your short skirt or gown and high-length boots.

Throw a pair of glasses and pearl bracelets in, and you're good to go. 

Beach Day

Style a Pearl Choker

Having a beach outing soon? Your pearl chokers are the best to slay alongside your bikini.

A lot of people have slayed effortlessly to the beach with their pearl chokers, and this seems to be a trend today.

So, get yours and switch your look to a 10/10. 

Boho Chic

Style a Pearl Choker

For a Boho Chic look, your pearl chokers can switch the fashion game for you.

With a simple dress with colorful prints and slippers, step out with your pearl choker for that perfect slay.

You can choose to play with colors as well, and your final look will be the perfect definition of simple yet classy. 

Evening Dresses

Style a Pearl Choker

Going for an evening event? Let your pearl choker do the talking.

Regardless of your look - simple or sophisticated, your pearl choker will definitely add that special touch to your outfit. 

Layer them up

Style a Pearl Choker

Who says you can't layer with pearl chokers? Well, you can, and it's the best way to show how up-to-date you are with the latest fashion.

Depending on the length of your pearl choker, you can layer them perfectly with other shorter or longer necklaces for the perfect look.

It does not have to be solely pearl necklaces. You can have other stones in your layering. 

For example, you can layer your 18-inch pearl choker with a slightly longer diamond necklace.

Layering also has to do with ensuring the right colors are selected to avoid clumsiness. 

You can always play around with your pearl choker layering; don't add so many jewelry pieces.

It will not only make you appear funny, but you continue carrying heavy jewelry around the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Style a Pearl Choker

Are pearl chokers in style 2024?

Yes, they are. Pearl chokers are the best way to appear exquisite, elegant, and classy. It's an all-in-one piece that you should own. 

Can I wear my pearl choker every day?

Yes, you can. It's a perfect choice with your evening gown or business outfit for a casual meeting with friends. 

How do I clean my pearl choker?

Wipe gently with a slightly wet soft cloth and visit the jeweler bi-annually for a professional cleaning.  


Style a Pearl Choker

Ready to step up your fashion game with pearl chokers?

Either for an everyday, formal, or casual look, you will definitely turn heads as you walk around with these pieces.

Remember the factors to consider: check for style, neckline fit, price, colors, and comfort.