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One of the simplest ways to make a huge impression on any outfit is by adding a touch of pearl necklace. 

From fashion icons to celebrities, everyone is hopping on this train, and that's because the classic style, elegance, and sophistication of a pearl necklace, most especially a white freshwater pearl, can never fade.

It's the red siren that turns all the attention of the room on you. 

In this article, we dive into the world of pearl necklaces, ways to style them, and what to do when shopping.

Let's discover the different types of pearls. Shall we?


Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

There are different types of pearls in the world, but there are four major pearls to look out for when shopping for a pearl necklace: Freshwater Pearl, Tahitian Pearl, South Sea Cultured Pearl, and Akoya Pearl.

Freshwater Pearls are in a league of their own, such that collectors and jewelry designers call them the "dazzling addition to your jewelry box."

Made in freshwater environments, they are highly cherished and passed down from generation to generation.

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

If you are looking for a simple, chic, and very classy recommendation, the best option is the white freshwater pearl that accentuates your looks while giving you a boost of self-confidence.

There are different styles to pick from, from chokers, pendants, earrings, etc.;

With colors such as lavender, peach, white, cream, and silver, you can decide on one that suits your skin tone and adequately complements your beauty.

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Tahitian Pearls ooze a sense of mystery and appeal with their dark, exotic colors.

From charcoal black to dove gray, these pearls come in dark overtones that possess a charming attribute to your clothing ensemble.

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

Akoya Pearls are small-sized pearls that possess perfect symmetrical shapes and beautiful bright colors that add versatility to your casual or everyday looks.

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

South Sea Cultured Pearls are the glitz and glamor of the party!

From their dazzling looks to their perfect roundness, South Sea cultured pearls are highly esteemed amongst the different classes of pearls, which is why they are very valuable and expensive.

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

That aside, it is important for you to consider certain factors before shopping for a pearl necklace, such as the pearl's quality, shape, size, color, surface, etc. 


Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

There is a dash of excitement and anticipation that you get when you want to choose your first pearl necklace, but you must take note of these tips before you grab that pearl necklace from the counter. 

Assess your style

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

Are you the type that goes for the edgy look? Or are you more of a minimalist?

All these should be considered before you shop for your pearl necklace.

It gives you a sense of purpose for what to choose, as you have an ensemble of clothing to match it with. 

Occasion and Purpose

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

Imagine being in a formal business meeting, and someone shows up wearing ripped jeans and a tank top.

That would be odd. The same goes when you are scouting for your pearl necklace.

You have to consider the type of event or occasion you want to wear it to avoid looking awkward.

Set your Budget

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

Ever heard of the term "shopaholic"? Well, it started somewhere.

To avoid overspending, ensure you have a budget for the amount you want to spend on a pearl necklace.

For every necklace you want to purchase, you have to consider if the pearl necklace is worth the amount.

If your budget is $100, stick to the ones within that price range.

Observe the quality

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

Often, this factor is overlooked because of the excitement of buying a new pearl necklace.

Still, it is very significant to study the quality, such as the size, shape, color, and luster. This helps you evaluate its longevity.

Choose something Comfortable 

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

As much as you want to look gorgeous, you won't want to feel uncomfortable.

Ensure you study the weight and length of the necklace before purchasing.

If possible, try it on to see how it feels on your neckline so you won't have to nurse any discomfort or pain later on.

Seek out trusted retailers.

Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

The worst heartbreak to ever experience is buying a fake product that doesn't last long.

Look out for trusted and reputable retailers before making your purchase.

If possible, check out the customer reviews, their mode of service, and their operations.

It is vital to look out for the right seller before you purchase.


Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

●Can I wear a pearl necklace with a casual outfit?

Definitely, in fact, wearing a pearl necklace adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your casual outfits.

●How do I care for and maintain my pearl necklace?

Ensure you clean with a damp cloth and avoid layering your pearl necklace with other necklaces that can cause scratches.

●What is the best way to store pearl necklaces?

Safeguarding it in a softbox or pouch is the best way to store pearl necklaces.

●Can I wear a pearl necklace with other jewelry?

It is best to wear a pearl necklace alone, but you can style it with beautiful stud earrings or bangles.

●What are the benefits of purchasing a pearl necklace online? 

People buy their necklaces online because of convenience, customer reviews, pricing, etc. It saves time and energy.


Choosing Your First Pearl Necklace

There is an excitement that comes with purchasing your first pearl necklace, but you must know which pearls to look out for when shopping, how to style them, and how to maintain them for the long run.

With all these tips, you are headed on the right track when shopping for your pearl necklace.