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When deciding what to buy, have you ever considered the best gifts for women? It depends on the woman you buy for; each has a unique fondness and taste. 

Jewelry in no way offends and is always an excellent gift for women. Most women adore a jewelry gift set; because it will always surprise, amaze, cheer up and eventually enhance womanliness fittingly. 

Why not consider buying a great gift of pearls this holiday season? Pearl jewelry is classic and elegant; it is the choice of many actresses.

Let's take a look at that. I, as a lifestyle writer, will try to give an overview:

Do women still like pearls?

Most women like pearls since they believe nothing can go well with the dazzling perfection of a pearl. Presently, pearl jewelry is rightly considered at the forefront of fashion. Pearl jewelry is an everlasting fashion, and its characteristic style displays stylishness, elegance, and a cooling effect.

Because of their stylishness and genuineness, pearls are the best gifts for women for Christmas, celebrating anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, or fun birthday parties. She'll love and get overjoyed just by opening a gift to find an elegant pearl necklace or a pair of pearl earrings inside. 

Pearls are traditional

Historically, cute pearls with running errands have played a vital role, not just considering beauty or fashion. Pearls were considered a status symbol, and even Roman General Vitellius sold one of his mother's pearl earrings to fund a military campaign. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used pearls to show her power and wealth. The ancient Greeks utilized pearls for their wedding ceremony jewelry, a custom continuing these days.

Pearls are symbolic

Possibly no period was as pearl-optimistic as Hollywood's golden age. In Japan (the early 1900s), techniques to culture pearls were developed, and by the late 1920s, pearls weren't just for wealthy individuals any longer. Cultured pearls signified that any individual could wear dazzling jewelry, and the strand of pearls became a symbolic piece of jewelry for the entire smart & fashionable women.

Pearls are multipurpose

One of the best things about pearl jewelry is how multipurpose it is. A simple pearl ring or characteristic pearl necklace can be stylish, enjoyable, and fanciful, depending on your style and what you match up with it. Pearls add a classic touch to the most contemporary outfit, and Jackie Kennedy was well-known for saying that pearls would be appropriate in the future too. Even as today's fashion trends look as if they come and go more or less too fast to continue with, pearls keep hold of their elegance due to their ease and ingenuity.

What do pearls mean to women at every age?

Given that every phase in a woman's life conveys new and different experiences, the gift of pearls signifies something special during every phase, on top. Depending on who is giving, what is happening in the woman's life, and how aged she is, the importance of pearls can differ broadly from individual to individual!

Young Girls

For a young girl, a gift of pearls is similar to a dream come true—a little girl always dreams of dressing up like a princess and looking gorgeous. Moreover, pearls have that unquestionably enduring fairy tale style. She may acquire a pearl necklace as a gift, and she'll love to wear it as a blossom girl in a relation's wedding ceremony, or perhaps a little pearl bracelet to wear on a festival with her charming new outfit. Receiving pearls as a gift from her parents will make them even more loved and essential to her.

Young Women

Considering the versatility of pearls, it is the best gift for young girls to enter society. Perhaps it's a gift of pearls to wear with casual and formal clothing or a university graduation gift! Notwithstanding the event, it's sure to be an exciting moment at what time she opens up that gift box. Giving a unique gift of pearls to a young grown-up has an entirely different meaning than a little girl. It's an icon of her approaching middle age, indicating that she's growing up and deserves appreciation for passing noteworthy milestones.

Mature Women

As a mature individual, there are several occasions where a gift of pearls can pop in that additional touch. From wedding ceremonies and birthdays to anniversaries, one can't go wide of the mark at what time to gift a woman pearls. The time they are given to mature women can denote both a blessing and a sign of respect. Moreover, a gift of pearls will be remembered warmhearted perpetually every time a woman takes those pearls out to think highly of them. Moreover, once a woman has granddaughters, she can leave behind those valuable pearls to them to preserve her reminiscences for a new generation.

How to choose pearls for women?

At what time buying pearls for your lovely woman? Usually, a few sizes and styles are more suitable for some age groups. Use these "right pearl size and style" tips just as simple suggestions to facilitate you pick out the right pearl for her:

Teens & Younger Teens (Younger/12-16 years):

The standard size can be 5-6mm for young teens. This is because it's relatively small and delicate. Pearls of this size make an excellent pick for young teens for Christmas, academic achievements, fun birthdays, night sweet 16 parties, and so on. Tiny gems of this style are adored greatly by younger teens since it gives a gracious womanly impression, which goes well with their appearance.

Young adults (16 - 25 years):

The standard size can be 6-7mm for young ladies (16 - 25 years) and will often be freshwater pearls in addition to Akoya. These pearls are small for a younger lady but can even be bought for an older teen. Gems of this style are graceful and look great whether you're shopping at the store or going out to some special events.

Young women (25 - 30 years):

The standard size can be 7-8 mm for women (25 - 30 years). These beautiful pearls make you look her look professional. So she can use them as business outfit accessories or for job interviews. The nature of the pearls can be any Akoya, South Sea, freshwater, or Tahitian pearls. This pearl style can be worn at every event. It's also chic, graceful, and elegant for evening wear pieces.

Young ladies (30 - 37 years):

The standard size can be 8-9 mm, which denotes the start of the luxury pearl area. These pearls look bigger than normal for a stylish and fascinating presentation. These will likely be more Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, or Fresh Water pearls. This pearl style is your guaranteed gift to ladies on Christmas, birthdays, or your wedding ceremony anniversary.

Ladies (38 - 45 years):

The standard size can be 9-11 mm for women (38 - 45 years). The most preferred ones are Freshwater, South Sea, or Tahitian pearls. The pearl jewelry created during this pearl style is perfect for executive and management women who want to add some unique style to their modern fashion approach. 

Venerable ladies (45 years/ older):

The standard size can be 9-11 mm for venerable ladies. The most preferred ones are the Tahitian and South Sea Pearl varieties and Akoya and Fresh Water pearls. When ticking all the boxes in terms of excellence, these precious gems can be very classy and a great gift. This pearl style is perfect for daytime outfits and even fantastic evening looks.

Points to Consider When buying pearls

Buying pearls can be intimidating and hard for the inexperienced. Still, with some research, you'll be able to select the most admirable pearls based on excellence, color, and style to make the task more exciting and pleasurable. 

You almost certainly already have an idea of what sort of jewelry you want to buy (i.e., pearl necklace, full set, pearl earrings, etc.), so let's focus on how to select the right and best quality pearls:  

1. Key pearl grading factors 

Luster - It describes the approach light replicates off the pearl surface; the sharper the shine - the more valuable the pearl.

Surface Quality - Pearls with soft, clean surfaces are more highly prized than those with manifold inclusions.

The Symmetry of Shape - Round pearls are the most unusual of all and the most prized. Subsequently, we look for rightly even semi-baroque shapes, circled baroque, and finally, totally asymmetrical shapes.

Color - This value factor is subjective according to naturally-occurring color, profundity and saturation, and the color's scarcity.

Size - Beautiful, symmetrical pearls are uncommon, taking many years to form within the oyster. If all other value factors are the same, the bigger pearls will be the more expensive ones.

2. Pearl Buying Tips

1. Only purchase pearls for women from a reputable company offering a guaranteed return policy. Pearls all the time look great in a picture or display area. Still, they may materialize differently in natural illumination, so it's imperative to be able to return/exchange your pearls if needed.

2. Only purchase pearls from an established retailer specializing in pearls. Most jewelers need to be more experienced, misleading, or unaware when it gets nearer to cultured pearls, so scores don't know the product they are selling.

3. When shopping, the green thumb rule is not to get caught on some branded trade names. Tiffany's and Mikimoto are well-known for superior quality commodities; they need control over fine-quality pearls. It is better if you do your careful research.