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Pearls are the most stunning and exquisite addition to any jewelry box, but the question is, do you know there are different pearl sizes for each jewelry type? Yes, they are. The truth is, that shopping for a pearl size depends on certain factors like age, individuality, personality, etc.

Studies show that younger women choose smaller pearls to enhance their youthful look, while older women rock larger pearl sizes to appear elegant.

Whatever the case may be, it is important that you find the right pearl size that suits you best, as this will help you select the right pair based on your style and budget.


In this guide, we cover all the necessary information you need to select the right pearl size for your jewelry collection.

General Pearl Size Guidelines

Aside from the shape and color of pearls, one thing you should not leave out when buying your pearl jewelry is the size. Some sizes are worn for casual events—a simple piece to add to your everyday look—while others are made specially for significant occasions.


That is why you need to understand each pearl and its custom size. 

Importance of Pearl Size in Jewelry Design

From the freshwater pearl to the Akoya pearl, the Tahitian pearl, and the South Sea and White Golden pearl, each of them comes in different sizes. Their sizes range from as low as 5.0mm to as high as 30.00mm. And they are all made in different designs, from pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.

Pearl size directly impacts the overall aesthetic of your pearl jewelry. It also helps you to choose jewellery types based on your style.

Measurement of Each Pearl Size

Pearls come in different sizes, namely small, medium, and large, and they are measured in millimeters to determine their curved diameter. Each of their sizes is explained below:

Small Pearls

Small pearls come in sizes ranging between 5.00 and 7.00 millimeters and are dainty with unique designs. They are mostly worn as earrings by younger ladies or people with smaller body frames.

Medium Pearls

Medium pearls fall between the sizes 7.00 and 9.00 millimeters and are the most common size for any jewelry piece. They are worn as a classic stud earring and a multistrand necklace.

Large Pearls

Large pearls are in sizes 10 millimeters and above. These pearls are a bold, show-stopping statement with their large but suave designs. They are regarded as luxury pieces, as their type is very rare and ultimately cherished. And the larger the size of a pearl, the higher its price.


Pearl Sizes of Main Pearl Types

Aside from the magnificent looks and delicate features of a pearl, you must study what each of the main pearl types is and understand their sizes. This will guide you in making the right decision when next shopping for a pearl jewelry design.

Freshwater Pearl

Freshwater pearls are a result of nature’s aquatic wonders. This pearl type has a unique surface texture and beautiful luster that gives it a mesmerizing glow. 

Made from a nuclei nation process in freshwater mollusk, they come in different colors ranging from white, cream, mauve, black, peach, etc.

Freshwater pearl sizes start at 2.0 millimeters and can reach up to 12.0 millimeters in terms of range. Depending on the size you are aiming for, different options come with shopping for a freshwater pearl, from getting a cute pair of earrings between 6.0mm and 7.00mm to owning a set of statement necklaces ranging from 9.0mm to 10.0mm.


Akoya Pearl

Akoya pearls, on the other hand, are cultured pearls formed from an Akoya oyster in the saltwater region. Unlike the freshwater pearl, the Akoya pearl is known for its perfect symmetry and its brilliant radiance. Akoya pearls mostly come in neutral overtones such as white, grey, pink, etc. and are regarded as rare with their intricate designs and uniformity in color. Akoya pearl size ranges from 3.0 mm to 9.00 mm. 

For an Akoya pearl earring, the size usually falls between 2.00mm and 6.00mm, while you can find a stunning pearl necklace in the range of 7.00mm to 9.00mm, depending on the option you want to go for.


South Sea White and Golden Pearl

South Sea White and Golden Pearls are regarded as one of the most exceptional pearls in the world because their design is not common. 

Made in the tropical region of the Philippines, the South Sea White and Golden Pearl cannot be compared with any other type of pearl because of its eccentric yet magnificent features. It comes in a radiant and stunning color of pure gold that holds the sparkle of the sun in hind’s view. 

The pearls are made in different statement pieces, from pendant necklaces to bracelets, rings, etc. The average size of a South Sea White and Golden Pearl ranges from 10mm to 13mm, with some even extending to 30mm.


Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian pearl is a classy yet timeless pearl making it a show-stopping collection amongst the rest of every other jewelry piece. The Tahitian pearl is one of the most cherished pearls in the world because of its exotic features and versatility in nature. It comes in dark colors like black, grey, dark green, etc. Tahitian pearls weigh a lot more than they look. The average size of a Tahitian pearl is between 8.00 to 9.00 mm and can extend to a size range of 15.00 to 16.00mm.


Comparison of Different Sizes of Pearl Jewelry

Every piece of jewelry comes in a different shape, form, and design, and this also applies to pearl jewelry, as no two are the same. It is also important to note the size of each piece of pearl jewelry to understand the value attached to it.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are strands of pearls woven together to form a beautiful ornament worn around the neck. 

There are different pearl necklace sizes from 6.00 to 7.00 mm, which are small, dainty sizes made for petite women and women who love the minimalistic aesthetic. 

There is also an 8.00 to 9.00 mm size for women in higher territory, i.e., luxury sizes that are rocked for red-carpet events and the like. The highest size of pearl in the grades of pearl necklace is 10–11 mm, where the size of one pearl appears bigger than the average pearl. However, this doesn’t stop it from being a show-stopping piece.

Pearl Earrings

Every woman should own a piece of pearl jewelry in her jewelry collection. Pearl earrings are one of the most exquisite yet stunning accessories to be worn for any occasion. It comes in sizes that vary depending on the style you are going for. The most common size of pearl earrings is in the range of 7.00 to 8.00 mm. There are other sizes from 10.00 to 12.00 mm, which are very appealing, and 12.00 to 13.00 mm, which are the largest in terms of size yet stay bold and authentic on every occasion they are worn.

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl bracelets are one-of-a-kind with their simple yet elegant design. The sizes of a pearl bracelet are made with precision to fit specific measurements, which are from small, medium, large, to extra-large. There is just the perfect fit custom-made for you. To find the right size, you would have to measure your wrist to determine the bracelet that would fit snugly on your wrist. If your wrist measurement is between 6-7 inches, the best bet is to go for a small size of 17cm; if you are 7-8 inches, the medium size of 19cm would suit you best; and if you are on the scale of 8–9 cm, the large size of 21cm would do.


The Most Popular Pearl Sizes to Buy

There are different pearl sizes and jewelry types to look out for when looking for the perfect pearl, so note these popular sizes when next shopping!

For a pearl type, there are four main types of pearls the freshwater pearl, which is measured in 7-9mm; the Akoya pearl, which is measured in 7-8 mm; the Tahitian pearl, which is measured in 9-11 mm; and the South Sea pearl, which is in the range of 10-12mm.

The recommended pearl size is 7–8 mm because it matches well.

In terms of jewelry, pearl earrings are best in sizes 7.00 - 12.00mm. Although, there are other different sizes, as stated earlier, that you can select from depending on your preference. For the necklace to pair it with, the most suitable size is between 7.00 and 8.00 mm, and for a pearl bracelet, opt for pearl sizes between 6.00 and 8.00 for a dainty look.

At White Victoria, you will find a wide variety of sizes of different lovely pearl jewellery. All you need to do is to select the pearl that works best for you - and look elegant in it.



Pearls are amazing and unique pieces to add to any jewelry collection but don't forget when shopping for your next pearl jewelry,  that the size of the pearl is also important in choosing the pearl jewelry.

With this simple guide,  you can follow through and learn one or two tips to keep in mind when shopping for your next pearl piece.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of a pearl?

This falls between 7.00 to 8.00 millimeters.

What is the size guide for choosing pearl earrings?

5.00 - 7.00 millimeters but choose the one that fits you best.

Does pearl size affect price?

Yes, the size of a pearl can affect its price. Large pearls are costlier than smaller ones.

Are bigger pearls more expensive?

The value of pearls differs based on its size. The larger the pearl, the higher the price.

How do I measure pearl sizes at home?

Take a ruler or caliper and place a pearl right against it to determine its diameter.