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Baroque pearls are one of the most imperfectly shaped yet exquisite gems one can ever come across.

These famous pearls are used to create various beautiful and luxurious jewelry pieces.

Baroque pearls have a name that represents the Baroque period, dating from the 17th to 18th century, because they were first made into jewelry around this time. 

Baroque Pearls

These pearls are incredibly unique as each gem forms a particular shape.

Unlike other types of pearls that may have an almost circular shape, Baroque pearls are different. 

Let's journey through Baroque Pearls, learning about the characteristics, types, prices, and factors to guide your selection. Here we go.

Origins and Characteristics of Baroque Pearls

Baroque Pearls

We've said a little about the origin of Baroque pearls; however, let's talk about it some more.

Baroque Pearls, according to statistics, are estimated to be the most expensive in the world. 

These pearls were first used between 1600 - 1750, a time of art discovery around the world.

Baroque pearls, ever since this time, have become a major form of art and, today, even refined to compliment different outfits. 

➔How Do Baroque Pearls Come To Be?

Baroque Pearls

An interesting fact about this pearl lies in its formation.

While other pearl types are a form of defense for oysters, Baroque pearls are unique because they are a result of organic matter presence inside the pearl.

This causes an expansion on the gem, causing its irregular shape.

This irregular shape led to a slight neglect of the pearl during the early years of discovery, as it was referred to as inferior.

Today, there is more to this 'inferior' gem. 

Let's give this pearl another name, shall we?

We'll call them imperfect perfection because of the many unique features they possess. 

Baroque Pearls

Baroque Pearls are irregularly shaped; some in teardrops, oval, and lots more. Imagine a collection of Baroque pearls to form a necklace.

Each pearl bead will tell a unique story. 

Another unique characteristic of these pearls is their size.

Baroque pearls fit everyone, from bold jewelry lovers to miniatures.

Baroque Pearls are available in different sizes, and each bead can measure up to 20mm. 

Meanwhile, there is yet another fantastic wonder about this pearl -Versatility.

Baroque pearls fit for any purpose you may need them for.

They are suitable for necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, and lots more. None of each piece of this jewelry lacks beauty and class.

So, if you need something quite versatile without appearing the same all the time, try Baroque pearls. 

Baroque Pearls

That's not all! Another fantastic feature of this pearl is the variety of colors available.

While you can always get a mix of colors on your jewelry, monotone varieties are surplus, too.

You can have your Baroque necklace in classic white, gold, black, pink, gray, silver, and lots more.

A quick reminder - these pearls are gorgeous and the best to wear for your next occasion or gift to a loved one. 

Let's continue. Now, let's discuss how to choose the right Baroque Pearl necklace.

Choosing the Perfect Baroque Pearl Necklace

Baroque Pearls


Baroque Pearls

The first thing you want to consider is the size of the pearls you will love to wear.

Baroque pearls are available in various sizes, and the selected size depends on what's convenient for your personality.

So, explore the range of choices and choose from them.


Baroque Pearls

Another thing you should factor into your selection is the color of the necklace.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a range of colors available, from shining white to black. Another option is to combine the beautiful colors in one.

You have the liberty to play around with Baroque pearls.

You need not worry about them fitting your outfit. You can always wear them anytime.

Yes, including to offices without appearing overdressed. 


Baroque Pearls

Baroque Pearls have several types, and while this may not be considered an essential factor in guiding selection, it's necessary to have an idea about what they all look like. 

First, there is the teardrop baroque pearl, which looks like its name.

Imagine what a teardrop looks like and picture it as a gem.

These teardrop pearls are famous for making earrings and necklaces.

So, you can have a teardrop baroque pearl necklace. It's all elegant, beautiful, and enticing when worn. 

Next is the coin baroque pearl, which also resembles a coin.

These are unique as they form flat, smooth surfaces and are great for necklaces, too.

Your coin-shaped baroque pearl necklaces can be perfectly styled anyway alongside your everyday wear. 


Baroque Pearls

Another thing that you should be on the lookout for is the price.

Baroque pearls range from the affordable prices to the expensive ones.

If you have a budget, research the prices before shopping.

You can always find affordable baroque pearl necklaces in online stores such as White Victoria, etc. 

Styling and Pairing Baroque Pearl Necklaces

Baroque Pearls

There is no rule on how to style Baroque pearl necklaces. You can always wear them on any outfit.

However, it would be best if you take into consideration factors like the length of the jewelry before wearing it.

From your casual tees and jeans to official gowns and suits, baroque pearl necklaces are a great compliment for all.

In fact, you can also pair them with your suits. 

Who says men can't wear these elegant pieces?

Popular celebrities like ASAP Rocky, etc, have stepped out wearing Baroque pearl necklaces.

Fashion inspiration is a thing, but with your unique touch, it will be worth it. 

Value of Baroque Pearl Necklaces

Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearl necklaces can range from $300 to $10,000.

While many are seen wearing expensive ones, you can always shop for affordable necklaces and wear them without breaking the bank.

Various factors, including size, luster, shape, design, and lots more, determine the value of Baroque pearl necklaces. 

Baroque pearls hold a lot of value and are even suitable for sale after a long time of use. They can never go to waste.


Baroque Pearls

What are Baroque Pearls? How are they formed? What is its origin?

You have answers to these questions and more in the article.

Remember to always go for the comfortable pieces.

Style them anyway, on any outfit, to any occasion, and look elegant as always.