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All pearls are unique, but Golden South Sea pearls are some of the most coveted worldwide. They have a larger, smooth texture and a natural warm golden hue that is difficult to replicate. 

With their golden hue, they are remarkable and thought to be a symbol of wealth. They also make a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe.

golden south sea pearls

For many years working as a jewelry expert, I learned that when wearing Golden South Sea pearls, it is essential to consider your skin tone, hair color, style, and other factors that will help you look your best. 

So, if you’re looking to buy a set of Golden South Sea pearls, it’s essential to know how to pick the best ones.

Read this article and discover why Golden South Sea pearls are an excellent choice and how to ensure you get the right ones for your wardrobe!

What Sets Golden South Sea Pearls Apart?

golden south sea pearls

Golden South Sea pearls are among the most precious and sought-after gems. These unique and beautiful pearls have several distinguishing characteristics that distinguish them from other popular types.

Big Size

golden south sea pearls

The first thing that distinguishes Golden South Sea Pearls is their size. They are produced by a giant oyster - the Pinctada maxima, which can create a giant pearl.

As with other saltwater oysters, the Pinctada maxima is bead-nucleated; however, its growth period spans 2 to 4 years as opposed to the 1-2 years it takes for Akoya pearls or Tahitian pearls to develop.

Golden South Sea Pearls tend to be larger than most other cultured pearl varieties, ranging from 8 to 20mm in diameter. It makes them quite impressive and sought after.

Strong Golden Color

golden south sea pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls also have a distinctively golden solid color, ranging from light yellow to golden orange. The unique hue of these pearls is due to their environment; they are cultivated on the coast of Australia, which offers an abundance of golden sand and sunshine.

Of all colors present in South Sea pearls, the deepest golden hue, typically 24-karat gold, is the most valuable.

Thick Nacre

golden south sea pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls are incredibly unique due to their thick nacre. The nacre, or inner layer of the pearl, is thicker than most other cultured pearls and provides an additional layer of protection for these gems. It also contributes to the remarkable luster that makes these pearls so desirable.

Satin Luster

golden south sea pearls

Golden South Sea pearls have thicker nacre coatings, which creates a softer and richer luster. As a result, they usually have more of a satin sheen than the typical mirror-like look of other saltwater pearls. While this luster is not such bright and reflective as in Akoya pearls, it is still rich in depth and color.

Golden South Sea Pearls have several characteristics that make them stand out from other pearl varieties. Their larger size, golden hue, softer luster, and thick nacre make them an incredibly sought-after gem. They are truly one-of-a-kind gems that will take any jewelry piece up a notch.

What Colors, Shapes, and Sizes Are Available?

Golden South Sea Pearls are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Here are the most common types:


golden south sea pearls

The Pinctada Maxima, an oyster found in the South Seas, has increasingly gold-colored lips the closer it is to the equator. However, the oyster’s interior color and where it is geographically located are what determine the pearl’s final hue.

The Golden South Sea Pearls come in various colors, from rich dark golden to lighter medium gold, lemon, champagne, cream, and white. Some pearls even have rose and bronze overtones for an almost metallic finish. These pearls are a beautiful, natural golden color that has not been enhanced with treatment or dye.

golden south sea pearls

The more intensive the gold color, the more carats the pearl is said to have. Some may have 14K, 18K, 22K, and even 24 carats. For example, 14K Golden South Sea Pearls have a medium golden color, 18K has a rich golden hue, and 22K-24K produces an almost metallic gold look. 

The highest-carat content pearls are scarce and highly sought-after. So, a golden hue tested as 24 karats are considered the most valuable and rare of these pearls.


golden south sea pearls

The shape of Golden South Sea Pearls is most commonly round, but other shapes are also available. The pearls are available in round, semi-round, button, drop, oval, baroque, and circled.

The primary reason pearls are not all uniform in shape is that they form naturally. While the oysters contain them grow, these mollusks must be routinely pulled from the ocean to clean their shells.

And as they’re handled or moved by large waves during this process, nacre deposits (a substance comprising pearl tissue) can take on non-symmetrical shapes. Therefore, seashells must be handled with great care every time they are touched.


golden south sea pearls

The average size of Golden South Sea Pearls is between 8 and 13 millimeters in diameter. But pearls as large as 20-25 millimeters can be found, and the largest pearl ever found weighed over 1,000 carats, and its size was like a golf ball.

The Pinctada maxima oyster typically produces pearls larger than Akoya or Tahitian pearls. Since each pearl is a natural gem, you can expect every pearl to have unique characteristics that make it different from other pearls.

Where Are the Golden South Sea Pearls From?

golden south sea pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls are harvested mainly from the warm waters of the South Sea islands, such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Therefore, these areas have a perfect environment for the growth and production of these coveted pearls.

These pearls are also grown in some parts of Australia, but these are more expensive because of the higher cost of their production. In addition, pearl farmers must travel further to cultivate their oysters in the warm, shallow waters off the coast.

Why are they found only in these three countries? Because the warm, shallow waters of these regions provide the perfect environment for the Golden South Sea Pearl oysters to feed and spawn. These conditions also allow the oysters to filter food more efficiently and produce larger higher-quality pearls. 

golden south sea pearls

Additionally, the natural elements in these three countries, such as salt and minerals, provide ideal conditions for forming Golden South Sea Pearls.

How to Choose the Golden South Sea Pearls?

When choosing the perfect Golden South Sea Pearl, there are a few things to consider.


golden south sea pearls

Deciding your budget beforehand is essential to narrow down the options within your price range. The golden south sea pearls come in various shapes and sizes, with prices starting at around $100 and going up to thousands of dollars.


golden south sea pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls come in various colors, with the rarer hues being more expensive. First, decide which color palette you prefer – whether you are looking for a deep golden hue or something more subtle like cream or champagne.


golden south sea pearls

Consider whether you prefer symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes, as well as the size of pearl you want. The pearls come in various shapes: round, semi-round, button, drop, oval and baroque. 

For example, if you want a Golden South Sea Pearl pendant, you should opt for a round pearl shape. 

However, if you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry like a bracelet or earrings, an asymmetrical baroque or drop pearl shape is more suitable.


golden south sea pearls

 Look for pearls with high luster - the smoothness of the nacre determines this. The more lustrous the pearl, the more valuable it is.


golden south sea pearls

Look out for signs of blemishing, such as discoloration, spotting, or chipping. Pearls with fewer blemishes are considered higher quality and will cost more money.

Considering these factors, you can find the perfect golden south sea pearl for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry or an investment, these pearls will surely bring years of beauty and pleasure.

How To Wear Golden South Sea Pearls?

Golden South Sea Pearls offer endless styling possibilities. Here are some essential factors to consider in how to wear these pearls:

Skin Tone

golden south sea pearls

When selecting pearl jewelry, consider your skin tone. Golden South Sea pearls this is critical because the warm hues can enhance all types of skin tones.

Pale and fair skin can be complemented with 14K colors like cream, white and yellow. If you have fair skin, wear these Light Golden Pearl Studs to make your look more elegant.

golden south sea pearls

Medium skin tones look beautiful with 18K golden hues such as champagne and honey. For example, those with a medium skin tone can buy this 14k Gold Cultured Golden South Sea Pearl Graduated Strand to create an alluring look.

Darker skin tones can be accented with intense 22K-24K hues with a deep golden or bronze tone. African and South American women usually wear such pearls. For example, women with dark skin can wear this Bronze Pearl Pendant with a rose gold setting and chain to make their look more impressive.

Hair Color

golden south sea pearls

The colors of your pearls should complement the color of your hair. Opt for cooler tones, such as champagne or light cream pearls, if you have a blond color. For example, these 14K Light Golden South Sea Pearl Studs can make you look more glamorous.

Choose warmer tones, such as yellow-gold or bronze pearls, if your hair is brown. This 24K Color Pearl 9mm X 11.6mm Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace is perfect for those with brown hair.


golden south sea pearls

South Sea pearls can be worn in various styles, from classic to modern. Opt for traditional designs such as pearl strands or stud earrings to achieve a timeless look. Choose an asymmetrical design with unusual shapes and colors for a more contemporary style.

If you are going to a formal special event, wear this Golden Circle Pearl Opera Strand for a dramatic and glamorous look. To keep your overall look sophisticated yet modern, choose an asymmetrical design such as the M Collection Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Earrings with Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold. These earrings will add a unique touch to any ensemble.

No matter what style you choose, Golden South Sea Pearls are sure to add sophistication and elegance to any look. They will remain timelessly chic for years to come. With the right styling tips in mind, your golden south sea pearls can bring you a lifetime of beauty.

Bottom Line

golden south sea pearls

Have you ever seen a Golden South Sea pearl? They are exquisite, aren’t they? If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one in person, do a quick online search – you won’t be disappointed. 

Finding the right piece to complement your style is important when selecting Golden South Sea pearls. I’ve outlined some tips to help you choose the perfect jewelry. 

With a wide variety of styles and prices available, I know you can find the perfect one to suit your needs. So, have you found the perfect golden South Sea pearl item?