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It is normal if you've never heard of Edison pearls. They are freshwater pearls of excellent quality made inside of mussels. Premium Edison pearls are flawlessly spherical and may grow to about three-quarters of an inch. You can compare their distinctive shine to that of more expensive saltwater pearls like Tahitian or South Sea.

But given how fascinating Edison pearls are thus far, it's worthwhile to learn more about what they might offer. So, by contrasting the Edison pearls' qualities with those of South Sea pearls, a seawater pearls, this article aims to assist everyone in learning a lot about the Edison pearls and all that you need to know about the gem.

What Are Edison Pearls?

what is edison pearls

The Zhan siblings, who hail from a generation with more than 40 years of expertise in the pearl business, are the creators of Edison pearls. The development of Edison pearls included an extensive study that cost a lot of money and years of effort to complete. Since its debut in 2010, they've had a reputation for being among the recently evolved premium pearl variants.

Only the Zhan family business knows the precise manufacturing process for Edison pearls, as it is a well-guarded secret among the family. Edison pearls are only available from a few heavily secured pearl farms in China, where the production process occurs.  

It's a brand-new variety of enormous freshwater pearls with the quality and unusual hues of saltwater pearls. These pearls are definitely in the Collector's Category, and they have flawless texture and exquisite shine and come in various colors, including peach, bronze, champagne, white, pink, gold, and purple. They are of high quality. Affordable and of great value.

what is edison pearls

Similar to how freshwater pearls evolved into a more cost-effective alternative to Akoya pearls, the production of Edison pearls had it set to compete with the highly valued Australian South Sea pearls. When they initially launched, the pearls were extremely costly, but now many recognize them as less expensive substitutes for the South Sea pearl.

How Are Edison Pearls Made?

what is edison pearls

Edison pearls are freshwater pearls; they have adapted the saltwater farming method of nucleating an oyster employing round beads. Nonetheless, there have been exclusive improvements to this method. Although Edison pearls are a kind of cultivated freshwater pearl, they form using entirely different technologies. 

If you interpret it straight from Chinese, the peculiarity of this pearl formation attributes to a little element known as a "spit bead." When an oyster "spits out" the bead core implanted to produce a pearl, the process refers to "spit beads" or, more precisely, the expulsion of implanted beads by oysters.

To produce precisely round pearls, the inventors of the Edison pearl used the bead nucleating method on their freshwater mussels. Additionally, they nucleate the Edison pearl mussels with a single bead as opposed to most freshwater mussels, which use numerous pieces of tissue to produce up to 50 freshwater pearls at once. The mussel can concentrate all of its efforts on only one pearl.

Bead core implantation into mollusks is only sometimes effective. The implanted bead may be rejected or "spit out" by the mollusk. This rejection rate is typically high compared to that created in China, which is approximately only 5% in China. These production statistics demonstrate the technological superiority of the Edison pearl farming method, the vastly different production output, and the financial returns put in place.

Edison vs. South Sea Pearls

what is edison pearls

Several factors clearly distinguish between the Edison and the South Sea pearls. Some of these major factors include:


The Edison pearls refer to freshwater pearls, usually forming in streams, rivers, or lakes. However, the South Sea pearls are saltwater pearls cultured in the ocean. The two primary varieties of South Sea pearls are white and gold. 

The white south sea pearl grows mainly in the seas off of northwest Australia, and the gold south sea pearls at the Philippine Islands. Compared to the South Sea Pearls, Edison Pearls primarily grow in China Lakes.

what is edison pearls


A variety of colors, including pink, plum, lavender, white, metallic cream, gold, and deep purple, are available in Edison pearls. While certain pearls might have a gray hue, dye is prevalent on all black Edison pearls. The pearls' stunning overtones and superb orientation further highlight the stone's brilliance. 

what is edison pearls

However, colors for the South Sea pearls are limited to the white, yellow, and black color series. Thus the pearls come in shades like milky white, golden, champagne, silvery-white, and a few others.

what is edison pearls


Edison pearls typically range in size from larger than 11mm, with the most prominent between 11 mm and 12mm. This size is feasible because just one bead is ever introduced into the mussel per time, and the pearl has more time to mature.

what is edison pearls

Although the Golden and White South Sea pearls grow to significant sizes, about 14.0 to 15.0mm, however, for the same price, you can acquire Edison pearls with more outstanding shine.

what is edison pearls


Nacre thickness is one of the determinants of the quality of pearls. The typical nacre thickness of a South sea pearl is 2.3 mm, but that of an Edison pearl ranges from 2.0 to 3.5 mm for pearls of similar size. Both pearls are of high quality, with the Edison pearl slightly higher.


what is edison pearls

It is simpler to manage and enhance the water quality of the Edison pearl because of its cultivation in freshwater. Conversely, because of the South Sea pearls' cultivation in the sea, where water quality is challenging to regulate, their production is significantly more expensive. 

This regulation has a significant impact on how much these pearls cost. So, Edison pearls are substantially cheaper than South sea pearls of the same quality.


what is edison pearls

The Edison Pearl generates from the freshwater mussel Hyriopsis cumingii, whereas South Sea pearls forms from Pinctada maxima pearl oysters, particularly the gold- and silver-lipped varieties.

Should I Choose Edison Pearls?

Everyone should choose Edison pearls. Aside from the fact that there is always something unique for everyone, the decision to purchase an Edison pearl might be made for several reasons. 

Excellent Luster

what is edison pearls

The luster of an Edison pearl is one of its biggest upsides. Compared to other pearls of the same standard and caliber, Edison pearls offer greater nacre, brightness, and sparkle, which makes them a must-have for everyone. 


what is edison pearls

Edison pearls never go out of style; They are pretty round, highly glossy, and exceptionally suitable for daily use. Real cultivated pearls, they are. Additionally, these are among the trendiest pearls available.

Lower Prices

what is edison pearls

An Edison pearl can be the ideal replacement if you've always desired to own a big pearl but couldn't afford it. They are affordable and suitable for any and every occasion.

Unique Pattern

what is edison pearls

Edison pearls come in several unique patterns. For one, the pearls' availability in baroque shapes allows designers to make original patterns, combine different hues, and highlight the pearl's natural beauty.

Where Can I Find Edison Pearls?

what is edison pearls

Finding a place to buy the Edison pearl can be a hassle. It would be best if you watched out for specific dealers who attempt to pass off typical freshwater pearls as the more costly Edison pearl while you're hunting for them. 

Most pearl merchants now sell Edison pearls, occasionally as a limited-edition selection. Always buy from a retailer you can rely on and who stands behind their goods. Some of the reliable pearl vendors include:


what is edison pearls

The Edison pearls, among the fascinating breakthroughs in pearls, are available on sale at PearlsofJoy. Large, round pearls with unique hues and a clear metallic shine are part of their Edison series. Every strand is a unique, one-of-a-kind item of jewelry that is undoubtedly a priceless rarity.

Pearl Paradise

what is edison pearls

The Edison pearl sale does not exclude Pearls Paradise and its tradition of offering jewelry at the lowest possible cost. They provide this Luxury at a discount and in all of its unmatched quality.


what is edison pearls

Amazon provides a range of pearl jewelry in various designs, styles, and colors, from earrings to necklaces and pendants. You can get products like:

LGSY Sterling Silver Angel Wings Big Edison Pearl Cage Pendants for Women

This beautiful pearl Edison pearl pendant is cadmium-free, nickel-free, allergy-free, and lead-free, with a high-polish inside surface that won't rust and a lovely design made in-house. They cost about $23 and are a perfect buy.

JYX Pearl Drop Earring 13.5mm White Round Edison Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings

The pearl earrings, made with vintage 13.5mm white spherical Edison pearls, have sparkling zircons embellishments. Each set of Edison pearls costs about $200, is of perfect size and luster, and matches several skin tones.


what is edison pearls

The finest custom-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry is available on Etsy from Edison pearls. Additionally, they have very competitive prices. You can also get bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other pearl jewelry available in different unique styles and designs. 


Edison pearls and jewelry made with Edison pearls are incredibly distinctive. For this reason, they differ from South Sea pearls because of their unique qualities. Whatever Edison pearl jewelry piece you choose is stunning and valuable to possess and invest in.