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Due to the exceptional color diversity, extreme rarity, various sizes, and gorgeous dark hues, the Tahitian pearl is the world’s most beautiful natural gemstone.


Several aspects control the pearl's quality, luster, and appeal, which can affect its worth in the pearl market.

Even the difficulty of cultivation, rarity, and wide spectrum of Tahitian pearls have led to a price hike from $200 to $20,000 globally.

On top of that, the mysterious color and exotic hues match different outfits and add an attractive glow to any attire.

If you want an elite vibe to any look, go through our guide to use Tahitian charm for any special occasion.

What Do Tahitian Pearls Symbolise?


Based on the Linneys, Tahitian pearls symbolize protection, hope, love, wealth, and prosperity. 

From ancient times, people believed that the Polynesian god Oro gifted a black pearl to the princess to propose to her.

Since then, many consider Tahitian to symbolize endless love to create an eternal love story.

On the other hand, the Tahitian pearl symbolizes hope for the depressed or broken-hearted people.

Even wearing the mystical black pearl reduces depression and negative energy. 

In addition, the Japanese believe the Tahitian pearl symbolizes good fortune and wearing a pearl brings wealth and prosperity.

Further, these pearls increase mental strength and encourage positive thinking.

Reasons For The Expensive Value of Tahitian Pearls


Tahitian pearls are expensive because of their exceptional color, difficult culturing, various shapes, large size, and excellent luster, which fetches higher demand and price.

Let's dig into these reasons in detail.

Exceptional Color


Pearl's color depth can exhibit charm and lift the value of the natural gemstone.

The deep and rich overtone of Tahitian pearls with green, gold, or purple hues gives exceptional color and unique charm.

As per Pearl Paradise, the only full-color spectrum expresses a magical way to ensure shimmering color and luminosity.

As a result, the Tahitian pearl jewelry become a rare and unique option for color enthusiasts.

Difficult Culturing


Due to the extreme culturing process of Tahitian pearl, the farmers must maintain diligent oyster farming for years. 

On top of that, these pearls take 18 to 24 months to achieve the minimum thickness with excellent quality.

So, the desired thickness and lustrous shine take years of quality farming, which makes culturing expensive.

Extreme Rarity


The exotic pearls are extremely rare, only found in French Polynesia.

Even the culturing process leads to less than 1% of desired pearls in thousands, which impacts the cost of pearls.

Moreover, pearl experts check the shapes and sizes for perfections that take years to make a perfect strand or necklace.

Hence, the rarest pearl can completely change the value of your jewelry.

Various Shapes


Tahitian pearls offer various shapes, such as round, near-round, circles, and baroque, contributing to their value.

In short, the perfectly round pearl shape is the rarest and most expensive, whereas the baroque pearl hits the value differently.

However, the circles and baroque meet artistic creativity, which is in high demand in the jewelry market.  

Excellent Luster


Tahitian pearl shows an excellent luster with sharp reflection that enhances the overall beauty of jewelry.

Also, the brilliant sheen sprinkles the pearl radiance on the skin to steer any eyes towards you.

Because of the thick nacre layer, the color depth gives a unique glow and matches the elite vibe of your outfits.

Large Pearl Sizes


Tahitian pearls with large sizes fetch higher prices due to the demand for necklaces, pendants, and earrings

Moreover, the oyster size, culturing time, and implanted nucleus badly impact the pearl size.

Finding the largest Tahitian pearls is rare, affecting the pearl prices of desired jewelry.

Surface Quality


Compared to other cultured pearls, Tahitian pearls offer less irregularities on the surface.

Hence, these pearls are rare as the absence of physical blemishes leads to higher demand and expensive costs.

What Makes Tahitian Pearls So Popular?


Tahitian pearl has a natural dark color, rainbow-like luster, and a wide spectrum that exhibits magical colors and looks unique.

As a result, these pearl pieces are popular for use as rings, earrings, and pendants.

Due to the spacious oyster, the Tahitian pearls come in large sizes and true-round shapes.

Truly Experiences states the higher market demand for large and round ones makes these pearls extremely rare and valuable.

Further, Tahitian pearls' mysterious color and luminosity easily match different outfits.

So, pearl enthusiasts love to use mystical beauty to add an attractive glow to their lovely attire.

Learn more on how to select Tahitian pearls.

Warp Up


Exceptional color, difficult culturing, various shapes, and excellent luster make Tahitian pearls more expensive than other natural pearls.

Besides, the appealing beauty with color depth gives a unique glow and matches the elite vibe of your outfits.

On top of that, the thick nacre of Tahitian pearl can sprinkle the natural beauty up to generation.

So, visit the White Victoria to enjoy the luminous Tahitian charm on any attire!