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Do you know that the history of pearls dates back to the 1st century BC when Julius Caesar, a Roman general, passed a law that limited the wearing of pearls to only the ruling class? That shows that these spherical gems were considered precious even during ancient times.

Fun fact: Historical records reveal that Cleopatra VII, the queen of Egypt and a self-proclaimed goddess, once crushed a pearl into a wine glass; to host the most expensive dinner in history.

Nothing is boring about pearls, from their history to their divine beauty and the myths surrounding them. It is no wonder, many centuries later, these gems are still treasured and classified as precious metals. Though they were out of the spotlight for some time, in 2023, they are making a comeback.

pearl jewelry fashion trend

If you like keeping up with the trends, read on to learn the current trends bringing the jewelry to the spotlight, ways to incorporate it into your style, how to care for it, and more.

The Rise of Pearl Jewelry in 2023

pearl jewelry fashion trend

So, why is pearl jewelry trending in 2023? Older trends are coming back into the fashion scene, and in 2023, you will notice the pearls making their way on various occasions, workplaces, and runways. 

This fashion trend that was previously mainly used by women has redefined itself, and it is now a gender-neutral fashion statement worn by both women and men. Every jewelry lover is open to pearls because they are timeless.

Here is why everyone is incorporating pearls into their style:

Iconic Nature

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Historically, pearls were associated with the wealthy and were revered for ages by various cultures. Also, these gems are made from mussels and oysters to defend against an irritant. Their unique nature and how they get formed attract people to use these gems' iconic nature to make their designs stand out. 

Versatile Use

pearl jewelry fashion trend

A unique trait about pearls is that they are versatile. For starters, men and women of various ages can wear them. It can also present elegant, classical, traditional, sophisticated, fun, whimsical, casual, and official looks. These traits make it easy to incorporate pearl jewelry on different occasions.

Multiple Shapes

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Most people assume that pearls only come in round or oval shapes, but that is not the case. These gems are available in different shapes and sizes. Some are more noticeable than others. You only need to choose the shape that best meets your needs from the various options.

Various Colors

pearl jewelry fashion trend

The most common pearl color is white, but you can get the pearls in different shades like black, green, pink, lavender, chocolate, peach, and gold. The diverse shades make it easy for the wearer to get the one that best matches their outfit and skin tone.

A Look at Pearl Pieces Popular in 2023

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Now that it's evidence that people are embracing pearl jewelry like never before, here are some pieces you will likely come across:

Pearl Necklaces

pearl jewelry fashion trend

There is something unique and beautiful about someone wearing pearl necklaces. Whether they wear it as a choker or a long piece, it will make them stand out. The best part about pearl necklaces is that you can easily pair them with other precious stones like diamond, gold, silver, or zirconia to achieve a beautiful contrast appearance. 

Pearl Bracelets

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Pearls bracelets have a sleek appearance that offers a mixture of traditional and cultural impact on any outfit you wear. The classic and stylish look will go well with any official or casual attire. 

Pearl Earrings

pearl jewelry fashion trend

The best thing about wearing pearl earrings is that they will blend well with any other jewel piece you wear. Despite their unique and cultured designs, they will compliment your other pieces, giving you an elegant look.

Pearl Rings

pearl jewelry fashion trend

You can never go wrong with pearl rings, and it is no wonder that most people are now turning to this option when buying engagement or wedding rings. You can also purchase and add the ring to your jewelry collection since it is an eye-catching piece that everyone will notice.

The Diversity and Symbolism of Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are millennia-precious gems. One thing that sets them apart from other gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires is that they come from water, not the ground.

To appreciate the diversity, here are the different types of pearls and their applications in jewelry:

Freshwater Pearls

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Most cultured freshwater pearls come in two standard sizes 2.00-3.00mm and 11.0-12mm. However, there is a new experimental variety of 14.0-15mm. They come in various colors like pink, white, peach, red, gold, green, blue, pink, and lavender. They can be round or non-spherical. You'll find these pearls in brooches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Akoya Pearls

pearl jewelry fashion trend

The Akoya pearl is a famous and stunning white pearl with a perfectly round shape and shining feel, especially in Akoya pearl necklaces, earrings, and brackets. It's mainly found in oysters that live in saltwater. They come in three sizes, the common one being 2.0-3.0mm, the other being 9.0-9.5mm, and a rare type 9.5-10.00mm.

Tahitian Pearls

pearl jewelry fashion trend

These pearls are produced by the Pinctada margaritifera, also known as the Black Lip oyster. They came in various sizes; 8.0-9.0mm, 15.0-16.0mm, and 12.0-13.0mm. Some sizes are over 15.0, which is rare and costly. Whether in bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings, they come in gray, peacock, black, green, or aubergine shades.

South Sea Pearls

pearl jewelry fashion trend

The South Sea pearls are showcased in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings; they come in various colors, like gold, silver, and white. They also have a range of sizes from 8.0-20.0mm. The average size is 14.0-15.0mm. You'll also recognize them for their smooth baroque shapes that are symmetrical.

How to Style Pearl Jewelry in 2023

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Here are the various ways you can wear your pearls in 2023 to ensure you look glamorous and fashionable.

Go Beyond the Norm

pearl jewelry fashion trend

You can glam your look by wearing funky and irregularly shaped pearls. These pearls are "perfectly imperfect." Wear them as necklaces or drop earrings with your formal attire or cocktail dresses. You can also style them up with hats, scarves, and belts.

Embrace Layering

pearl jewelry fashion trend

To achieve a dramatic effect, you can learn strands of pearls of various lengths or wear multi-layers ones. You can also layer the pearls with bold gold chains. Mismatching with other gems will also jazz up your boho outfit.

Try the Single Pearl Stones

pearl jewelry fashion trend

A fabulous way to revamp your look in 2023 is by wearing a single pearl stone as a necklace pendant, stud earrings, or bracelet. This option will elevate your casual, official cocktail attire, boho outfit, or classic look.

Get the Little Pearl Additions

pearl jewelry fashion trend

In addition to your pear necklace, have some pearl accessories like hair pins or clips. They will help accessorize your look and give your hair that unique elegance. You'll be happy to turn heads.

Be Bold with Pearls

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Is there a pearl color you've wanted to try out? Go for those bold colors like black and blue. While white pearls are the most common because of their look and versatility, bold colors come out fantastic with the proper attire, especially denim, and leather.

Caring for Pearl Jewelry

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Pearls are beautiful gems. They are, however, vulnerable to dirt, chemicals, and extreme humidity. You must be careful about how you handle them. Here are ways you can take care of your pearl jewelry.

Cleaning the Right Way

Your pearl needs special cleaning. After each wear, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth. That eradicates all the dirt and sweat accumulated. If stained, clean it with a damp cloth – don't submerge it in water.

 Storage Matters

Store your pearls in a cool, dry place. If it's after cleaning, wait until the pearl dries before storing them. More so, store them flat to avoid stretching.

 Take Them to the Jeweler

After wearing pearls for years, they might fade and stain. It is advisable to take them to the jeweler yearly for detailed cleaning.

 Repurpose Them

If some of the strands of the pearls in your necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings wear out, you should consider repurposing the ornament. You can use the pearls that still look great to redesign the jewelry. If worn out, you can donate it to a local service community that will reuse it.

FAQs on Pearl Jewelry in 2023

What is The Difference Between Natural and Cultured Pearls?

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Some natural pearls grow in the wild without animal or human intervention. But such pearls are rare, and those in the market are antiques. A vast majority of pearls in the market are cultured pearls. These gems are grown on farms as a direct result of human intervention.

What's The Historical Significance of Pearl Jewelry?

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Due to the unique way of pearl formation, people have linked these gems to purity, wisdom, and wealth.

Here's more on that:

Symbol of Purity

pearl jewelry fashion trend

The Greeks believed that pearls were God's tears and that wearing them would help prevent tears from falling. In addition, the white pearls have long symbolized purity and fertility.

Symbol of Wisdom

pearl jewelry fashion trend

Pearls are also linked to wisdom since they take a long time to form and symbolize oysters' effort to change something painful to a beautiful and bearable outcome.

Symbol of Wealth 

pearl jewelry fashion trend

These precious gems have always been rare, and there was a time only royalty wore them. So, they were associated with wealth and social status.

How Has the Meaning of Pearl Evolved?

pearl jewelry fashion trend

For a long time, designers only used glimmering white shades to make pearls, but over time, they have evolved to meet modern designs. Today, you will get a dazzling array of pearls with various colors, finishes, and shapes.


pearl jewelry fashion trend

Among all the gems available in the market, pearls deserve an ovation for standing the test of time. Each time it seems like light will dim on them, but they emerge more appealing. Stand out in 2023 by getting a piece of pearl jewelry from our store today.