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Let's face it: Whenever summertime approaches, most fashion enthusiasts shift their focus to the jewelry trends for summer. With the perfect warm summer weather, everybody wants to look and feel good as they go out for work, family meetings, events, parties, and vacations.

Besides your favorite outfit, you can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry. It's the best addition to detail your look and accessorize your style to stand out. But let's emphasize this – it's not just any jewelry, but something quality and trendy.

Jewelry Trends for Summer

According to Statista, jewelry sales continue to grow yearly, with a projected rate of 3.68%. That tells you many continue to embrace jewelry trends day in and out. The good news is that you can wear your summer fashion accessories across the seasons.

Are you ready to elevate your look? This article lets you know the top jewelry trends this summer and everything in between. Let's dive in!

How to Get Ready for Summer Jewelry Trends

Jewelry Trends for Summer


Your decision on the best summer jewelry depends on your taste and preferences. But as you prepare to select and wear your choice of jewelry, knowing the popular summer jewelry elements to watch out for will help. These elements make it easy to choose a fashion statement that symbolizes the season and your style.

Here's what we are talking about:

Bright colors: Colored gems reflect the season's warmth and refreshing experience.

Lightweight materials: Jewelry like the sea shell pearl made from light, beachy materials are always comfortable and won't weigh you down.

Nature-oriented: Designs that draw from summer's natural beauty, such as florals, leaves, and ocean motifs.

Layered and stacked pieces: Multiple bracelets or necklaces worn together to create a playful, bohemian look.

Statement pieces: Bold, eye-catching pieces that can instantly transform a simple outfit, such as oversized hoop earrings or chunky, colorful bangles.

With the above in mind, other key determiners are cost, gender, the position where you'll place the jewelry, skin tone, and the outfits you plan to wear throughout the summer.

Choosing your accessories based on the occasions or events you'll be wearing them, and their resistance to summer heat and wear is also wise. You don't want something that harms your body or distracts your focus on the day's happenings.

If you are concerned about fine details, ensure you focus more on the jewelry patterns, prints, and texture. 

Here's the thing: In every decision you make, the goal is to balance your style, outfit, and statement pieces.

An Overview of the Best Trends for Summer Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for Summer


Summer is a time to show off those incredible jewelry pieces as you enjoy the balmy weather. Make your summer and all other upcoming seasons fun and memorable with these hottest summer jewelry trends in 2023.

Trend 1: Unique Bright or Floral Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for Summer


Summer is synonymous with brightness – from the blue skies and blooming flowers to open beaches, you can witness this. Such a surrounding leaves everybody wanting to wear bright colors. Bright studs, pendants, and rings, especially those with gemstones, will always carry the day.

Floral pieces like earrings and necklaces match pretty well with your summer dresses. The entire jewelry can be partially floral, consist of flowery hoops, or have a rainbow look. If you want to accessorize the dress and still look like that beautiful flower in your backyard, go for floral or bright accessories. This trend has continued to get better over the years.

Here is one of those bright multicolor bracelets you can wear on your wrist during summer to compliment your look.

Trend 2: Shell and Coral Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for Summer


Do you want to spend most of your summertime on the sandy beaches as you bring out the natural aspect of summer? Going for jewelry with natural, quality, and lightweight materials like shell and coral will be an excellent move.

But you don't have to be a beach person; anyone who appreciates summer trends and wants a versatile necklace or bracelet will have no problem with sea shells or coral jewelry. People love such jewelry because of their natural beauty, making them unique and eye-catching.


Trend 3: Metal-Plated Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for Summer


You'll find jewelry in different metal colors. With the hot summer weather, you need metal-plated jewelry to withstand such conditions without damaging or posing a danger to your skin.

Among the trendiest metal coatings on jewelry during summer include gold and silver. A shiny polished gold or silver hoop or necklace gives you class and comfort. You don't need to worry about your physical health because they are hypoallergenic. You can swim, play around, and sleep with your ring, bracelet, or watch without risk.

The timeless, classic, gorgeous, and comfy necklace below is a good example. 


Trend 4: Custom Summer Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for Summer


A piece of custom jewelry has all that you need. Most jewelry makers accept personalized requests to make custom pieces, and you'll have something no one owns.

It's possible to achieve this when the jewelry has initials and extras like unique shapes. Custom accessories are popular because they don't go out of style – you'll be happy to use them anytime.


Trend 5: Body Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for Summer


Body accessories, especially belly chains, are becoming popular among ladies during summer. Having a sparkling belly chain elevates the look of your outfit. 

You can have these chains on the beach or pool with your bikini. They also come out nicely when on a crop top. Pro tip: you can wear more than one body chain if your style allows.


Trend 6: Timeless Pearl Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for Summer


Pearl jewelry trends for summer are now taking over like never before. If you've followed the evolution of pearls, you'll realize that their popularity continues to grow each year. Thanks to timeless pearl accessories, especially beaded necklaces, bracelets, and drop earrings.

Whether you wear your satin dress or denim with a simple tee, pure pearl whites or a pearl necklace with silver, you'll freshen up your look. Pearls showcase uniqueness, versatility and quality.

Simply put, you can wear almost all your summer outfits with a pearl, and you'll turn heads. The fact that they have a quality shine gives a thrilling beach vibe.

Trend 7: Medallion and Pendants Jewelry

Jewelry Trends for Summer


The increased use of medallions and pendants jewelry during summer is because people want something unique that communicates their status or beliefs. As you walk around, you want those that will see your pendants to have an idea of who you are, what you believe in, and what you've overcome.

Note that medallions are usually round, but pendants can take any form. Most summer-themed pendants have anchors, dolphins, starfish, crabs, and palm trees.


So, Why Keep Up with the Above Top Summer Jewelry Trends?

Jewelry Trends for Summer


The importance of trendy summer jewelry goes beyond good looks. Here are more reasons why you should not hesitate to make a purchase.

1) You get to boost your style

2) Jewelry makes you feel confident

3) These pieces are valuable and significant investments

4) You won't lack an accessory for special occasions


FAQs on The Best Jewelry Trends for Summer

Jewelry Trends for Summer


In this section, we give straightforward answers to some of the questions many have concerning summer jewelry.

Who needs to embrace summer hot jewelry trends?

Jewelry Trends for Summer


Every jewelry enthusiast, from ordinary people to celebrities, always embraces new summer jewelry trends. Here are comprehensive answers to the question.

All jewelry lovers: Anybody in the general public that loves jewelry and wants their summer different. The must-have summer jewelry trends will give your style a boost.

Celebrities: Influencers and celebrities love showcasing unique accessories that reveal their style, especially in red carpet events. This is where summer pieces of jewelry come in.

Fashion designers: As a designer or stylist, you must keep up to date with the changing seasons. Clients will trust your services when they realize you know your stuff. 

What's the best jewelry for summer color?

Jewelry Trends for Summer


The choice of color depends on individual preference. That notwithstanding, many tend to prefer bright colors like gold, silver, and pearl white.


What jewelry for a summer wedding suits me?

Jewelry Trends for Summer


Perfect wedding jewelry is not "one-size-fits-all." Make a decision based on your outfit, style, skin tone, and where you want to put the jewelry.


Where can I buy pearl jewelry for summer?

Jewelry Trends for Summer


At White Victoria, we are the best online store to buy quality pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and more. With a variety to choose from, there's an option for everyone.


Do trends influence jewelry costs in summer?

Jewelry Trends for Summer


The simple answer is it! Trendy jewelry has greater demand during summer. Some stores will hike the price while others will offer a discount to maximize sales. Buy where your budget allows.


Wrapping Up on Latest Summer Jewelry Trends

Jewelry Trends for Summer


There you have it – the best jewelry trends for summer. Go ahead and embrace what works for you. You'll be happy to enjoy your summer and all other seasons that follow like you mean it.

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