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The fashion and movie industries have a close relationship that frequently impacts each other significantly. Usually, this concept forms due to the expert representation of each diverse decade's fashion spirit in films. Notably, the 80s attire made it to the media a lot owing to the number of acting fashion icons this decade showed off. 

Unquestionably, the 1980s were a decade of luxury and fashion innovation, with several '80s trends becoming popularized and accepted. In contrast to earlier decades, Hollywood discovered a lighter nature in the 1980s, leading to several feel-good and dance-focused films that satisfied unmet expectations from the public. 

80s fashion movie

These films stood the test of time and experienced a lot of love for their artistic vision and sense of style as they intently showed off the sense of style and fashion prominent to the era, giving a feeling of nostalgia to the audience.

Movies That Affected Fashion in the 80s

The 80s was a time when the exploration of vibrant colors and patterns was in vogue. This era witnessed the emergence of large, bouncy, teased hair, enormous shoulder pads, scrunchies, leg warmers, off-the-shoulder sweaters, and boxy blazers donned by men and women. 

80s fashion movie

In addition to these fashion trends, this adventurous decade also saw the production of some of Hollywood's most adored movies, focused on capturing the fashion of the actors and their characters, which in turn influenced most of the 80s look we hold in high esteem today. 

Do The Right Thing (1989)

80s fashion movie

Do The Right Thing, a Spike Lee movie depicting racial tensions between minority groups, crept into the '80s towards the tail end. In addition to making fashion history, this movie portrays racial strife in a Brooklyn neighborhood.

One of the earliest films to feature characters dressed in what we currently refer to as "streetwear." In addition, the movie was prescient in its ability to predict the dominant fashion trends of the early 1990s.

The outfits worn by the movie's characters include mid-top sneakers, baggy shirts with knee-high shorts, tube socks, brim hats, and other outfits with the collar folded back. Furthermore, the movie also made the oversized sports jersey fashionable and emphasized how well-done the fading was.


80s fashion movie

Among the most iconic dancing films in history is Flashdance from 1983. Its female lead, Jennifer Beals' fashion sense, contributes to a part of its reputation. Flashdance was the epitome of '80s style, showing vibrant leotards, cropped sweatshirts, and leg warmers.

In this movie, the lead actress had great dancing aspirations and an incredible collection of dancewear that inspired an entire population of girls to start walking around in leg warmers and off-the-shoulder shirts.

Furthermore, Beals, as seen on the dance drama's advertising poster rocking a hoodie with a pronounced neck-hole, accidentally created the fabled 80s fashion appearance by accidentally shrinking her clothing in the washing machine and having to cut a sizable hole for her head to fit through.

The Breakfast Club(1985)

80s fashion movie

John Hughes' 1985 teen situational comedy The Breakfast Club centers on kids from various high school cliques as they come together to experience a Saturday in detention. It is, without a doubt, among the most adored and memorable movies of the 1980s. 

Although this John Hughes classic dispelled those high school cliches, I've never seen a scholar, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a bad boy look like such a part. The characters demonstrate that appearances may be misleading and that it is best not to judge a book by its cover.

The group's aesthetic demonstrates how diverse fashion was at the time. For example, the fashionable Claire looked stylish in a loose-fitting pink blouse and a long, curvy brown skirt, while the unconventional Allison liked heavy eyeliner and huge dark sweaters. 

Bender embodies the outcast rebel, sporting a flannel shirt, fingerless gloves, and a denim jacket. This movie ranks as among the best 80s movies in terms of dress and film.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High(1982)

80s fashion movie

1982's Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the first significant teen film of the decade, demonstrates the impact of the '70s on early '80s attire. The movie is jam-packed with '80s novelty items, with casts wearing outfits that catch the viewer's attention. 

The starring women wore denim jackets, loose sweaters, and flowing blouses. Furthermore, Robert Romanus' Damone wore polo shirts and popped collar coats just as Sean Penn's Spicoli rocked Hawaiian flowery shirts

However, the moment Phoebe Cates stepped out from the water wearing the famed red bikini, which quickly became the ultimate infatuation for teens worldwide and cemented its spot in movie history, was unquestionably the most legendary and talked-about outfit from the movie.

Elmo’s Fire(1985)

80s fashion movie

The 1985 movie centered on growing up and maturing, St. Elmo's Fire, concentrates on fresh graduates who must adapt to a post-university lifestyle while accepting the obligations of adulthood. 

It features Brat Pack stars Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore, and Emilio Estevez. The appealing casts highlight, in the Joel Schumacher film, their large, bouncy hair, berets, enormous blazers, and a profusion of preppy cardigans and sweaters

St. Elmo's Fire is a movie with vibrant, fascinating characters rocking different styles. The cast shows Estevez's white-collar law student Kirbo and Moore's party girl banker Jules, who adores disheveled hair, dazzling patterns, and statement-making accessories

Not only is the '80s classic a well-known Brat Pack movie, but it also perfectly captures the many '80s fashion styles.


80s fashion movie

In the 1984 movie that ultimately launched his career, Kevin Bacon plays Ren McCormack, a youngster from Chicago who moves to the modest town of Beaumont and tries to overcome a restriction on dancing instituted by the local pastor.

The characters' outfits and hairdos perfectly capture the decade's style. It shows the sleeveless white undershirt that Bacon wears with his tight, tucked-in faded denim trousers

Furthermore, he sometimes combines his light denim with a casual gray sweater and completes the look with a pair of battered white shoes. This 80s attire gives him the rough edges of masculine fashion icons like Grease, as they are just as rugged but a touch rougher and less polished.

In addition, the musical ending shows off a few iconic pieces of 80s fashion in all its splendor. While Ariel, the love interest of Bacon's Ren, looks a wonder wearing a lovely chiffon prom dress that every girl of the era would have loved, Ren stands out in his maroon jacket and bow tie, which became one of the most sought-after 80's look.

Sixteen Candles(1984)

80s fashion movie

In the mind-blowing comedy Sixteen Candles, Molly Ringwald—John Hughes' favorite and undisputed 80s queen—plays Chicago sophomore Sam Baker, who discovers that her "sweet" sixteen is everything but exceptional. 

Her elder sister's imminent wedding overshadows her momentous birthday, and viewers witness some truly gorgeous '80s attire and bridal styles. Ringwald adorns some of the decade's most fashionable trends throughout the movie, including slip dresses with floral prints, off-the-shoulder t-shirts, chunky bangles, and pleated skater skirts

Nevertheless, Sam's outfit for the film's grand climax truly epitomizes 1980s style: She ends up with a boyfriend and a birthday fairytale ending while donning a poufy breathtaking lavender bridesmaid outfit, which Ringwald looks just as stunning in.


80s fashion movie

Kim Walker, Shannen Doherty, Winona Ryder, and Lisanne Falk play high school Queen Bees in Michael Lehmann's 1989 dark comedy teens movie Heathers, who govern the school and terrorize other students. 

The movie features a red scrunchie, the 80's mysterious power accessory, to signify the handover of authority when one Queen Bee messes up. 

The iconic cult movie was famous for its dark humor and for portraying the '80s style, which included bright scrunchies, boxy jackets, thick shoulder pads, and large, voluminous hair

In addition to helping its young and bright stars, particularly Shannen Doherty and Winona Ryder, improve their careers; Heathers served as a source of fashion influence for women across the nation.

Working Girl(1988)

80s fashion movie

In the 1988 romantic dramedy Working Girl, Melanie Griffith transformed from a flamboyant Staten Island girl to a tremendously elegant, strong entrepreneur. Alongside Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford, the actor played the character Tess McGill, a driven secretary who had to fill the spot for her injured boss. 

A glamorous makeover transforms her from a working-woman makeover, trading in her thick turtlenecks and sweatshirts for chic Manhattan office wear and her bright, ruffled hair for a shorter, more polished cut. 

Working Girl praised women in the professional and their dominant appearance. Viewers saw the advent of the power suit, a revolutionary fashion trend for working-class women in the 80s, as Tess transitioned from bulky jackets and shoulder pads to slimmer, more modern suits.


80s fashion movie

There is little question that the 1980s movies impacted some of the era's fashion trends and contributed to several noteworthy events. Furthermore, these movies showcased remarkable fashion trends that became distinctively linked with the 1980s.