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Most brides spend the better part of the time obsessing about getting the ideal wedding dress. While this is doubtlessly important, it is vital to ensure that every part of the bride's outfit is in sync and is carefully chosen to show off her best features.

Earrings are one of the bridal accessories that have the potential to transform and glamourize your wedding look. However, with so many earring options around today, an informed choice is necessary to choose which one is just right for you. 

how to choose bridal earrings

This article helps you choose which type of earrings would make you look perfect.

What kind of earrings should a bride wear?


how to choose bridal earrings

Studs come in various shapes, including flat roundish earrings, squares, and more. These earrings are typically held in place by "clutches" at the back of the wearer's earlobes. 

Studs can be customized, and symbols such as crosses or words can be featured. For a more alluring effect, go for studs made from precious stones such as diamonds.


how to choose bridal earrings

These are round metal earrings passed through the wearer's ear piercings. Hoops can vary by thickness, ranging from super thin to thick and bold. Precious stones can also be added to "spice up" the jewelry's beauty.


how to choose bridal earrings

As the name implies, dangle earrings are distinguished because they tend to swing on the wearer's earlobes. They can vary in length from "shoulder dusters" that extend to or beyond the shoulders to comparatively short ones.

Cluster Earrings

how to choose bridal earrings

As the name implies, these are made of many individual stones packed tightly together in a cluster. Cluster earrings appear as studs that stay directly atop the earlobe or may drop slightly from it. 


Statement Earrings

how to choose bridal earrings

If you want a type of earrings sure to turn heads and command attention, you should try statement earrings. Big, loud, and exotic, these earpieces are designed to make a loud and clear "statement" to your viewers. They tend to create and give off an aura of confidence, elegance, and strength.

How to pick the bridal earrings?

how to choose bridal earrings

There are several factors to consider in choosing bridal earrings. Here are some of them.

Consider the neckline and style of your dress.

The level of a dress' neckline can be used to achieve various effects, such as drawing attention to our minimizing of certain body parts. Furthermore, different brides opt for various types of wedding dresses.

how to choose bridal earrings

The choices made over necklines and dress design have a large role to play in determining the ideal type of earrings to use. Moreover, to avoid the risk of using accessories in excess, it is advised to use minimal jewelry with glamorous, complicated dress designs and to do the reverse with simpler dresses.

Earrings for a V-Neck Dress

how to choose bridal earrings

Low V-Neck dresses have quite a considerable following among today's brides. 

However, this style creates the "problem" of having large parts of the bride's front and back open. While necklaces are often employed to great effect here, some earrings can also help make your low V-Neck dress look better. Bold and long-dropping statement earrings are a perfect pick for the job, helping improve the beauty of the low V-line.

Earrings for a Strapless Dress

how to choose bridal earrings

Strapless wedding dresses are designed to draw attention to the beauty of the bride's face and body. However, heavy jewelry such as statement earrings can help achieve the opposite effect—distracting attention away from the wearer's body. Therefore, it is best to keep it minimalistic and opt for simple classic earrings such as studs.

High Necklines

how to choose bridal earrings

High Neckline dresses are versatile in their earring compatibility and can be used with a wide range of earrings, from simple studs to bolder statement earrings. However, studs from single precious stones or long dangles are preferable when using high necklines.

Sweetheart Neckline

how to choose bridal earrings

If this is your choice, you can choose whatever style or type of earrings you wish. However, avoiding over-accessorizing such as wearing large statement earrings and necklaces alongside a large detailed tiara, is advised. 

Illusion Neckline

how to choose bridal earrings

When wearing a dress with an illusion neckline, it is best to use longer earrings to give the neck a more glamorous appearance. 


Your hairstyle

how to choose bridal earrings

Besides showing her style and personal tastes, a bride's choice of hair is probably the strongest influencing factor in picking her earrings. Here are some recommended earrings for some common bridal hairstyles.

Side Swept Hair

how to choose bridal earrings

Side-swept hair gives the impression of a trendy, vibrant bride. With this hairstyle, brides can wear small classic earrings such as studs or more pronounced statement earrings.

Short Hair

how to choose bridal earrings

It is believed in some quarters that finding suitable earrings for brides with short hair is particularly tricky. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Wearing short hair gives people an unhindered view of your face. This means you can choose between minimalistic earrings or long dangling ones. However, it is generally advised to avoid earrings that are overly long or large while sporting short hair.

Long Hair

how to choose bridal earrings

When wearing long hair, the rule of thumb is to use Huggies, studs, or other minimal classic earpieces, especially if you let your hair fall loosely around your shoulders. However, if you prefer a ponytail, you can wear bolder-styled earrings.

Consider your dress color.

how to choose bridal earrings

A bride's dress is almost always her number one priority in her wedding day plans. However, it is important to pick earrings that match the color of the gown to be worn. Most wedding gowns used today come in various shades of white. Earring colors may range from shining silver to milky, golden, and a range of others.

White Dresses

how to choose bridal earrings

The vivacity and brightness of silver jewelry make them the perfect choice for white wedding dresses. Also, silver earrings rhyme with the theme of purity which the white gown symbolizes.

Gold Dresses

how to choose bridal earrings

An increasing number of brides are opting to appear on their big day in royal golden dresses. To accessorize them, you can use diamond or navy blue earrings. Deep brown is also a great choice.

Blue Dresses

how to choose bridal earrings

Nothing is quite as romantic as a blue wedding dress. If this is your color of choice, there is a wide range of earring options for you. These include yellow or gold, silver, turquoise, mint, coral, and pink, among many others.

The most popular types of bridal earrings

Today, a wide variety of bridal earrings are readily available for brides. Here are some of them.

Chandelier Earrings

how to choose bridal earrings

Chandelier earpieces are the perfect way to make a bold statement with your wedding jewelry. Their prominent appearance accentuates the bride's facial frame and general look. The boisterous looks of chandelier earrings fit perfectly with your wedding day's joyous mood. There are several patterns, colors, and designs to choose œ for your appearance. They can be found in various shades, from sky blue to deep variety. To achieve a more sophisticated look, you can go for blue earrings made from precious stones such as sapphires.


how to choose bridal earrings

They may appear simple and subdued, but studs are one of the classiest earpieces. They are particularly vital for brides who prefer less "loud" styles for their wedding outfits. Also, brides who prefer to wear their hair down tend to find studs a tidier option than long bulky earrings. Studs can come in both the types of magnetic and non-magnetic. While the latter is designed to be used by people with pierced ears, the other is for people who don't have that.

Fun fact, studs are believed to be one of the world's earliest earrings to be invented, appearing in Asia over 6,000 years ago.


how to choose bridal earrings

As the name implies, Huggies are designed to tightly "hug" the earlobe; as Huggies are very lightweight and small, they can be worn for all occasions at all times, including for sleeping at night. Furthermore, Huggies are designed to last for a long without falling off.

Teardrop Earrings

how to choose bridal earrings

Teardrop earrings are tear or pear-shaped earrings guaranteed to add elegance and style to your wedding outfit. They come in various designs and can be made of various materials, such as precious metals and gemstones. They can also be attached to strings to become dangle-type earrings.

Vintage Earrings

how to choose bridal earrings

These are earrings of styles designed to mimic or replicate old earring fashion trends. They come in various shapes and sizes, from studs to long statement earrings. Furthermore, they can and often do feature precious stones or metals such as pearls and silver. 

Besides their glamorous looks, vintage earrings add dignity and traditionality to your outfit. 

Vine Earrings

how to choose bridal earrings

Inspired by nature, vine earrings are some of the classiest earpieces around. They are designed with leaves and branches and can come in various colors and sizes.