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Do you want to transport yourself back to the golden age of fashion? The ’80s were when bright colors and bold looks ran riot, with extravagant eyeshadows, blushers, and lipsticks taking center stage. 

In those days, the girls were not at all shy about putting it all together: there could be colored eyeliner on the eyelids, bold shades of lipstick on the lips, and a “killer” blush on the cheeks

80s fashion makeup

As a makeup artist, I can assure you that today, this trend comes back with a modern twist that can work both day and night. So why not give your makeup look an 80s makeover? 

In this blog post, I’ll give you tips on how to do 80s makeup and pull off this look. Are you intrigued? Keep reading and get inspired! 

80s Makeup FAQs

What is the typical 80s makeup look?

80s fashion makeup

The typical 80s makeup look includes many bright colors, such as blues, purples, and pinks, on both the eyes and lips. In addition, a thin line of eyeliner along the top and bottom lash lines will help define the eyes, and a blush on the cheeks can give your face an extra lift. Finally, don’t forget to add a pop of color with bold lipsticks and glosses! 

What colors were popular in the 80s?

80s fashion makeup

The ’80s were all about bright and bold colors, such as neon pink, blue, yellow, purple, and green. These shades were often paired with white, black, or metallic accents. Using multiple colors on the eyes and lips was also popular.

What were makeup products used in the 80s?

80s fashion makeup

The 80s were all about dramatic looks, so those who wanted to achieve the iconic makeup look had to use a range of products. Some of the most popular makeup items of the 80s included bright eyeshadows, colored eyeliners, thick mascaras, and bold lipsticks. Using a light blush and highlighter was also common for an extra glow. 

Did they use eyeliner in the 80s?

80s fashion makeup

Yes, eyeliner was used in the 80s to give the eyes a dramatic and defined look. Women often used colored eyeliners instead of traditional black or used multiple colors to create a unique look. 

What was the most popular eyeshadow color in the 80s?

80s fashion makeup

The most popular eyeshadow color in the 80s was blue. Other popular shades included purple, pink, and green. In addition, eyeshadows were often applied in multiple layers to create a more intense look. 

What’s 80s Makeup Inspiration

The 80s was a time of bold experiments and grandiose changes, a time of rebels and romantics, which especially affected the appearance of every beauty of the last century. 

At that time, bright colors, including neon and many glitters, were especially welcomed. Women were not afraid to experiment with their looks, and it’s no wonder that the makeup trends of that era are still in demand today.

Here are some of my favorite makeup features inspired by the 80s: 

Bright Eyeshadow

80s fashion makeup

The 80s was the era of glitz, and to be a “cool girl” in this decade, you had to step up your eyeshadow game. Typical colors were no longer enough; if you wanted esteem amongst your peers, you needed something more colorful and unique!

Bright shades of blue, pink, and purple were popular in the 80s, as they could be used to create a real statement look. They were often layered for a more intense effect and were paired with white, black, or metallic accents.

Colored Eyeliner

80s fashion makeup

The 80s was a time of being daring and fearless regarding makeup. That’s why colored eyeliners were so popular in this decade. Bright colors such as blue, green, and pink were the go-to shades to make your eyes stand out. 

Statement Lashes

80s fashion makeup

Even though Lash extensions and false lashes weren’t around yet, the girls of the 80s still managed to create stand-out eye makeup looks. They often used mascaras to create voluminous, dramatic lashes that truly made a statement.

Color accents were also used to add more drama. For example, black, blue, and green mascaras were all the rage in the 80s. 

Bold Brows

80s fashion makeup

Full and thick eyebrows were the trend of the 80s. Women in this decade wanted their brows to make a statement, so they often drew them on with liquid eyeliner. The aim was to create an even yet bolder look. 

Rocker Eye and Pink Lips

80s fashion makeup

These days, you’ll often find ladies flaunting bold pink lips or rocking the edgy rocker's eye. But rarely do we see them wearing both looks simultaneously - until now! 

With just one blendable gel eyeliner, anyone can quickly master the sultry 80’s rocker-eye look and take their makeup to new heights. Combining it with a bright pink lip can give you the perfect balance between glam and edginess.

Make sure to create a dramatic definition for your lower lashes. If you want to embrace the retro 80s look, go for that classic raccoon eye effect!

Neon Colors

80s fashion makeup

The 80s was the era of neon, and this vibrant color has been making a significant comeback in recent times. Neon lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blush are becoming increasingly popular. You can now recreate the 80s vibes with a few simple products. 

For example, bold lipsticks, such as fuchsia and orange, were the go-to choices in the 80s!

Bold Blush 

80s fashion makeup

Blush is an underrated product that can change a look instantly. But, of course, it’s always essential to pick the right tone and ensure it complements your skin tone. 

In the 80s, bold pink blush was hugely popular and is still trendy today! If you want to give your makeup a retro twist, you can easily replicate the classic look with different shades of pink. Always apply it in moderation and blend it for a natural finish. 

Muted Lips

80s fashion makeup

Muted lip look was all the rage in the 80s, and it’s still an excellent option for the modern day. The trick is to use a natural shade of lipstick, such as beige or taupe, and to top it off with lip gloss for a subtle shine. 

Channel your inner 80s diva and achieve an iconic look with a natural lip and statement eyeshadow! This timeless combination ensures you’ll be turning heads.

Heavy Eyeliner

80s fashion makeup

Finally, heavy eyeliner was a signature look in the 80s and is still widespread today. Women use dark black or deep brown eyeliner to create a bold and dramatic look. 

The trick is to draw multiple lines along the upper and lower lash lines, both thick and thin. It will help to create a statement look that can be further enhanced with eyeshadow and mascara. 

Overall, the 80s was a time of bold experiments and grandiose changes, especially in the makeup world. From colored eyeliners to heavy eyeliners, the decade gave us plenty of looks to try. So why not give them a go and add some retro vibes to your makeup routine? 

How To Do Modern 80s Makeup

80s fashion makeup

If you don’t know how to do modern 80s makeup, you can take inspiration from celebrities like Madonna. 

When Madonna released her iconic tracks “Everybody” and “Burning Up” in 1982 and 1983, no one could have imagined that she would become a beloved pop culture icon. But it was clear from those initial singles that this young singer had something special.

Not only has Madonna’s music been a source of inspiration for many successful artists, but her style in the ’80s also left an indelible mark on makeup, fashion, and hair trends. In that decade filled with vivid colors and outrageous hairstyles, Madonna set numerous beauty standards whose influence was felt far and wide. 

To recreate Madonna’s iconic 80s look, you must focus on the eyes and lips. Here are some steps that you should follow:

80s fashion makeup

1. Apply black eyeliner to both the upper and lower lash lines. Make sure to line the eye from the inner corner outwards. 

2. Use a highlighter or eyeshadow to give the eyelids and brow bone a subtle shimmer. It will help the eyes stand out. 

3. Use mascara to thicken and lengthen your lashes for added drama. 

4. Now, it’s time for the lips. Use matte mauve lipstick and apply it precisely to define your lip shape.

5. Finish off the look with a pink or peach blush for a youthful and healthy glow. 

By following these simple steps, you can create modern 80s makeup looks that will make heads turn wherever you go. So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and have fun with it! 

Bottom Line

80s fashion makeup

The 80s were about taking risks and going way out of one’s comfort zone with makeup. While some looks may not be as popular today, it’s still worth trying to see how they look on you. 

If you’re looking to add a touch of retro glam to your look, then the modern 80s makeup trend is something to consider. 

Just remember to keep it light, blend well and embrace the boldness that comes with it. Now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace the beauty of makeup. Long live the 80s!