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Welcome to the start of a new 2023 year - and what better way is there to celebrate than with fashion? New Year's Eve is a great night to dress up and make a statement. Besides, according to some beliefs, every color you wear has a specific meaning for the coming year!

As a fashion stylist, I love to help people find their perfect New Year's looks and discuss the hottest trends. From mini skirts and lace to shiny accessories, I'm here to help you create the ideal outfit for your New Year's Eve party.

how to wear for new year eve

So I've got you covered if you want to make a statement with an all-over sequin mini dress or be elegant in a lace dress and pearls. Read on to find out how you can create the perfect show-stopping look this New Year's Eve!

New Year's Eve Outfit – An Opportunity to Stand Out

The New Year's Eve outfit is a great way to celebrate the start of a new year and new beginnings. It is an opportunity to show off your style, stand out in the crowd, and make a statement.

how to wear for new year eve

Experts in psychology say that what you wear at midnight on New Year's Eve could impact your year more than you might think. The right outfit can give you the confidence to pursue your goals and make a lasting impression. It is also an excuse to indulge in glamour, be fashionable and express yourself.

how to wear for new year eve

New Year's Eve is also a great excuse to treat yourself to new clothes or try something different with your look. Whether it is an extravagant ball gown, a classic cocktail dress, or something more laid-back, there is sure to be an outfit that fits the occasion.

how to wear for new year eve

Finally, having an impressive New Year's Eve outfit can also help to create a memorable night for the people around you. A great business can make you stand out and be the source of compliments all night.

Lucky Colors to Wear For New Year's Eve 2023

Even if you're skeptical of the power colors have, it can't hurt to incorporate these hues into your New Year's celebration. So whether you're going out or staying home, here are some lucky colors to wear for New Year's Eve 2023:

Gold – Gold has long been associated with wealth, success, and good luck. Wearing gold on New Year's Eve symbolizes prosperity and a prosperous future.

how to wear for new year eve

Red – Red symbolizes passion and excitement. Wearing red on New Year's Eve helps to bring in new possibilities, courage, and luck.

how to wear for new year eve

Purple – Purple is the color of royalty and mystique. Wearing a purple outfit on New Year's Eve brings good fortune, healing, and strength.

how to wear for new year eve

Green – Green symbolizes growth and renewal. Wearing green clothes on New Year's Eve helps bring luck and harmony.

how to wear for new year eve

White – White is the color of purity and innocence. Wearing a white outfit on New Year's Eve brings hope, happiness, and peace.

how to wear for new year eve

Start the New Year with a positive outlook, no matter what color you choose to wear! 

Fashion Picks That Shouldn't Be Missed for New Year's Eve 2023

No matter what type of celebration you have planned for New Year's Eve 2023, you should still dress to impress! Here are some tips for creating the perfect outfit for your special night:

how to wear for new year eve

Sequins and Everything Glittery


A year ago, sequins were bad manners and seemed relics of the past, namely, the glamorous 2000s. However, fashion is cyclical, and the trend for everything shiny is proof of that.

how to wear for new year eve

Sequins, metallic colors, rhinestones, sparkles - all this is now more relevant than ever, especially for celebrating the New Year. Therefore, pay attention to dresses a la Paris Hilton and make-up in the style of Euphoria.

how to wear for new year eve

But if you want something unconventional, then the formula of shiny trousers + less flashy top + long gloves is what you need.

For example, consider wearing this ASOS LUXE embellished belted jumpsuit with faux feather trim in neutral. You can match it with a pair of gold lace-up heels and statement earrings for that extra touch.

how to wear for new year eve

Fur and Feathers


As the leading fashion staple for the upcoming holidays, many influencers will choose clothes with fur or feathers on the collars, cuffs, or hems of dresses. Such elements come from the same 2000s always look very textured and solemn.

how to wear for new year eve

Find options with detachable feathers, or revive your old thing by gluing this fashionable detail to it yourself. You will get +1000 karma for your sustainable approach.

how to wear for new year eve

For example, check this ASOS DESIGN faux fur coat in cream. It can be matched with a black jumpsuit and high-heeled ankle boots to get a glamorous New Year's look.


Fitted Midi Dresses


The trend towards tight-fitting silhouettes defying oversize is now more apparent than ever. Midi dresses are also no exception. You can choose a classic little black dress with lacing or some more creative version in the form of taffeta or velvet, giving you an extra touch of elegance.

how to wear for new year eve

Let Bella Hadid in Coprni's nude dress be your minimalist yet elegant and sensual guide. Remember to add contrasting or glittery accessories to complete the look.

how to wear for new year eve

For example, check out this Gold Glitter Plisse Ruched Midi Dress. This outfit is sure to make you stand out at any party. Match it with metallic pumps and a clutch bag for a stunning New Year's Eve look.

Corsets and Corset Tops


In the world of fashion and marketing, the concept of "sex sells" is once again coming to the fore. However, if earlier it had its rigid framework and, in general, was aimed at attracting the opposite sex, now the main slogan of this concept is the phrase "the main thing is that I like it."

how to wear for new year eve

Therefore, we see pregnant women (hello, Riri) and girls of completely different sizes in very revealing outfits. Thus, the corset can be called the ambassador of sexuality and the most trendy element of the wardrobe in 2022-2023.

However, this thing can still be soothed by wearing a classic white shirt under it. In general, there are many options here. Recommended!

how to wear for new year eve

If you are looking for a glamorous corset for New Year's Eve, check out this Lace-up satin bustier top. It is perfect for a night out and will look great paired with high-waisted jeans or a skirt. Add glittery jewelry or heels to match it, and you will be ready for the night.

Transparent Fabrics


Transparency is back in fashion this year, and designers have, of course, contributed to the development of this trend. But here's an interesting fact: the fashion for transparent dresses also raged in the 19th century, when many countries' cultures were turned to the heritage of Ancient Greece.

how to wear for new year eve

Back then, fashion enthusiasts soaked their dresses with water to achieve the effect of an ancient Greek statue, and so they went to the ball even in winter. However, extremes never lead to anything good. Therefore, if you pour a long sleeve of transparent fabric, complement it with a shiny bodice or T-shirt.

For example, you can wear this NORMA KAMALI Walter Dress or MAGLIA Backless Chainmail Mini Dress in Silver and match them with heeled sandals.

how to wear for new year eve


If you are embarrassed to walk in a "naked" dress but want to wear it for a holiday, cover the top with a cardigan or a short fur coat, as Kim Kardashian did with the Marilyn Monroe dress at the Met Gala 2022.



Mini is the "hottest" length of this season. Our celebrities proved it: Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and others (despite their love for knitted suits with midi skirts). And here, I will leave you with advice.

how to wear for new year eve

Pair a mini skirt with a voluminous top to flatter your legs and take the attention away from them. For example, with a short jacket or shirt with broad shoulders. Hailey has already used this technique at the Saint Laurent show.

how to wear for new year eve

If you want to wear a mini, consider buying this & Other Stories all-over sequin mini dress in blue and black geometric and match it with a short oversized jacket in black. Add some chunky boots to complete your look. You will be sure to get noticed!




Lace again wins the hearts of all fashionistas already tired of minimalism. Pronounced femininity, restrained sexuality, and elegance are all present in lace dresses.

how to wear for new year eve

We, of course, no longer wear popular t-shirts-alcoholics with such openwork inserts. But dresses and shirts, please. But be careful because the ground under this trend still needs to be fixed.

how to wear for new year eve

Turn to fashion influencers for help: they will advise you to opt for black and large lace. For example, this Lace High Neck Long Sleeve Tiered Mini Dress is perfect for a night out. Wear chunky boots or heeled sandals and pearl jewelry to complete the look!

Shiny Accessories


When it comes to accessories, the sky is the limit! You can choose from various jewelry - statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are the best way to add a bit extra to your look. And pearls are incredibly fashionable this year. They are the perfect accessory to give your look an elegant and luxurious touch.

how to wear for new year eve

You can choose from various earrings, necklaces, or bracelets to complete your look. For example, if you want something more elegant and glamorous, check out this Pearls in Motion Black South Sea Cultured Pearl and Diamond Necklace in 18K White Gold.

Or, if you want something more eye-catching, consider these Duality Pearl and Malachite Danglers. Match them with a lace dress, transparent fabric, or mini skirt, and you'll be sure to make a stunning impression at the New Year's party. Happy New Year, and shine bright like a diamond!

Bottom Line

Feel free to show off your unique style this New Year's Eve and stand out. There are so many trends to choose from, and no matter what you wear, you can be sure to dazzle in them. So go ahead and try something new this New Year's Eve. May your holidays be filled with love, laughter, and joy! Wishing you a Happy New Year!