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Jewelry has been part of human culture for thousands of years and is integral to many special occasions. From a simple necklace to a grandiose tiara, these beautiful pieces can add sparkle and sophistication to any look. But there’s one important factor that often gets overlooked: jewelry clasps.

The clasp is an essential part of any piece of jewelry and serves several important functions. It securely holds the necklace, bracelet, or anklet in place and adds aesthetic value to the piece. Clasps are available in various styles, materials, colors, and sizes to match any outfit or occasion.

Jewelry Clasps

From lobster clasps to toggle clasps, several types of jewelry clasps are available. As a jewelry expert, I know the type of clasp you choose can make or break a look. The wrong style may detract from the overall aesthetic, while the right one will enhance the piece’s beauty.

If you want a secure and stylish closure to your jewelry, in this article, I’ll be discussing the different types of jewelry clasps available, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to find the perfect one for your needs. Let’s get started!

Lobster Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

With its two metallic pieces that "lock" together to firmly secure bracelets and necklaces, the lobster clasp is an ideal jewelry fastener. Its design features one open end and one closed end, which allows you to easily loop the latter through the former for a snug closure.

Unlocking a lobster clasp has never been simpler - just press down on the flat side with your thumb and forefinger until it pops open.

Pros and Cons of Lobster Clasps

The pros of using a lobster clasp include the following:

Jewelry Clasps
  • Security: Your jewelry will remain securely fastened, alleviating any worries of it becoming unfastened and slipping off.
  • Ease of use: It is easy to put on and take off, making it ideal for people with limited dexterity or range of motion in their hands.
  • Wide availability: With an abundance of choices, you can easily uncover the ideal gemstone to upgrade your jewelry piece. From dazzling multi-colored stones to subtle and sophisticated shades, these exquisite gems are certain to make any design shimmer!

The cons of using a lobster clasp include the following:

Jewelry Clasps
  • Cost: Compared to other forms of closure, this type of clasp can be more costly.
  • Difficult fastening: The lobster claw can catch on clothing or fabric while putting it on, making it difficult to fasten properly.
  • Uncomfortableness: If the wearer is constantly on the move, then the flat surfaces of a clasp can prove to be very uncomfortable.

Jewelry Pieces with Lobster Clasp

Jewelry Clasps

Lobster clasps are a popular choice for jewelry that require a secure closure. They are commonly used for necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and keychains. 

For example, you can find lobster clasps in gold or silver plated finishes and magnetic versions for those who prefer not to use traditional metal clasps.

Here are some popular jewelry pieces that feature a lobster clasp:

Toggle Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

A toggle clasp is a type of jewelry fastening used to securely close bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry items. It consists of two parts, one larger ring and one smaller bar or ‘toggle’ that passes through the ring.

To fasten the clasp, the bar is inserted into the ring and flipped over so it can’t come out. It makes it much more secure than traditional clasps such as lobster claws or spring-ring clasps since it requires two steps to open.

The toggle clasp comes in many sizes and styles, making it a popular choice among jewelry makers. The rings are typically circular but may be in other shapes, such as hearts or butterflies, to add extra visual interest.

The bars may also vary in size, with some very thin while others may be quite thick - usually, this distinction depends on how strong you want the closure to be.

Pros and Cons of Toggle Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

Toggle clasps offer a secure and stylish way to keep jewelry fastened. They are easy to use and can be found in various sizes and shapes, making them versatile enough for any jewelry.


Jewelry Clasps
  • Secure: The toggle clasp is much more secure than other types of clasps as it requires two steps to open.
  • Stylish: With many sizes and designs available, the toggle clasp can add a decorative touch to your jewelry items.
  • Versatile: Due to its wide range of options, the toggle clasp is suitable for various styles, weights, or varieties of jewelry pieces.


Jewelry Clasps
  • Not ideal for heavier weights: As the closure requires just two steps to open, it may not hold up well to heavy weights or strain. It is unsuitable for pieces such as earrings with a strong closure.
  • Prone to loosening over time: Over time, the bar may begin to slide loose from the ring making it less secure.

Jewelry Pieces with Toggle Clasp

Jewelry Clasps

Toggle clasps come in many shapes and sizes, making them a great option for customizing jewelry designs. Popular pieces that typically use toggle clasps include chokers, charm bracelets, and statement necklaces.

Toggle clasps can also be used to create unique jewelry designs such as wrap bracelets or multi-strand necklaces. These types of designs require multiple strands of beads or chains that need to be secured together with a clasp.

Here are some popular jewelry pieces that feature a toggle clasp:

Spring Ring Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

A spring ring clasp is a popular jewelry fastener that consists of a small metal ring and an attached spring coil. It attaches easily to jump rings, split rings, or other closed loops by pushing the ends of the coil into the opening until it snaps shut.

The spring coil creates tension on the loop, providing strong, secure closure to keep your jewelry from coming undone. Pull up on one end of the coil to release it from its loop to open the clasp.

Pros and Cons of Spring Ring Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

Spring ring clasps are a great choice for lightweight jewelry pieces. They are small and discreet, making them ideal for everyday wear.


Jewelry Clasps
  • Easy to use: Spring ring clasps are simple and easy to attach and remove.
  • Secure enough for lightweight jewelry: The tension created by the spring coil provides sufficient closure for lightweight pieces.
  • Invisible: Spring ring clasps are small and discreet, which makes them ideal for delicate pieces.


Jewelry Clasps
  • Not suitable for heavier jewelry: Spring ring clasps are not durable enough to securely hold heavier pieces and can easily break under pressure.
  • Prone to opening: Despite being secure, the tension generated by the spring coil may cause the clasp to unfasten.

Jewelry Pieces with Spring Ring Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

The spring ring clasp is just what you need for the secure, yet effortless fastening of your accessories like earrings, necklaces, anklets, and bracelets. Stop looking any further for a reliable closure - the spring ring clasp has it all!

Here are some popular pieces that feature spring ring clasps:

Magnetic Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

Secure your jewelry with a dependable magnetic clasp that ensures protection! This fastener is composed of two metal components embedded with strong magnets inside. When aligned correctly, these pieces are connected by the powerful magnet attraction and will keep your beloved jewelry firmly secured in place.

When utilizing the clasp, ensure it is correctly placed so that the magnets are magnetically drawn to each other. After they have safely attached together, you can easily separate them when ready to open.

Pros and Cons of Magnetic Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

Magnetic clasps are the perfect accessory for heavier jewelry pieces and those with dexterity issues, as they provide a safe closure that is simple to attach or remove.


Jewelry Clasps
  • Very secure: Magnetic clasps offer an incredibly secure closure that won't come apart without purposeful action.
  • Easy to use: Secure and straightforward, magnetic clasps make closing - and opening - a breeze.
  • Strong enough for heavier jewelry: The impressive magnetic force is powerful enough to firmly secure bulkier items.


Jewelry Clasps
  • Invisible: Magnetic clasps are larger and more visible than other clasps.
  • Prone to corrosion: The metal parts may rust over time if exposed to moisture or chemicals.

Jewelry Pieces with Magnetic Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

If you’re looking for a secure yet stylish closure, look no further than the magnetic clasp. This type of clasp is a great choice for heavier jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.

Here are some popular pieces that feature magnetic clasps:

Other Types of Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

Box clasps, hook-and-eye clasps, and slide-lock clasps are all popular choices for securing various types of jewelry. Here’s a brief description of each clasp type and examples of jewelry pieces that commonly use them:

Box Clasps

Jewelry Clasps

A box clasp consists of a small box or rectangular piece with a grooved edge that snaps into a corresponding piece with a spring mechanism. This type of clasp provides a secure and elegant closure, often used in bracelets and necklaces.

Box clasps are frequently used for pearl necklaces and tennis bracelets because they offer a secure closure and can be designed to include a stylish element.

Hook-and-Eye Clasp

Jewelry Clasps

Jewelry pieces that feature a hook on one end and an eye or loop on the other are closed by utilizing either gravity or tension. This classic, yet robust clasp is well-liked due to its versatility, ease of use, and simplistic design which makes it perfect for many jewelry creations.

Hook-and-eye clasps are often found on beaded necklaces, providing a simple, secure closure that doesn’t detract from the design. Besides, many artisanal and handmade bracelets utilize hook-and-eye clasps because they are easy to install and provide a secure closure.

Slide-Lock Clasp

Jewelry Clasps

The slide-lock clasp offers a lightweight and convenient alternative to the hook-and-eye clasp, boasting a slot for inserting and securing the hook instead. Not only is this closure type particularly fitting for more fragile jewelry pieces, but it's also easy to use as well!

Slide-lock clasps are frequently used in necklaces and bracelets featuring delicate chain or beaded designs. They are also a popular choice for jewelry pieces that require intricate closures, as they are easy to use and provide a secure closure.


Jewelry Clasps

Jewelry clasps are essential for securing any jewelry piece, preventing it from becoming lost or damaged. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, offering something for everyone.

From lobster claw clasps to magnetic clasps, there are a variety of closure types available that can offer different levels of security and aesthetic appeal. 

To ensure you find the ideal closure to complete your designs in style and safety, take time to explore all possibilities; weigh up each type's pros and cons before making an informed decision!