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All kinds of body chains were worn by people thousands of years ago. In the Byzantine Empire, they were decorated with medallions. In Greek and Roman culture, they were often associated with the goddess Venus. The Persians symbolized both female sexuality and male power. But, one of the first to wear chains as a sign of wealth was the Indians.

Body chains entered the "big fashion" only in the early 2000s and at the suggestion of the "goddesses" of their time: Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, and Paris Hilton.

body chain

As a stylist, I can assure you that body chains still dictate style in accessories two decades later. Along with cargo pants, platform shoes, and low-rise jeans, we've started to fall in love again with jewelry that emphasizes the body's curves.

Wearing body chains is just like wearing a piece of history. Don't know how? Simple! Read this article to learn how to wear body chains with any outfit!

What is a Body Chain?

body chain

A body chain is an accessory typically composed of metal or plastic pieces strung together to form a necklace-like garment. Unlike necklaces and bracelets with defined space, body chains are versatile pieces that can be worn on your chest, back, or hips - the possibilities for creativity here don't just stop.

Body chains can be crafted from various materials, come in all shapes and sizes, and range in weight. Popular materials include gold, silver, bronze, and even plastic. Body chains are usually sleek and delicate and often adorned with intricate patterns.

For example, this ASOS DESIGN body chain with crystal breastplate detail in gold tone is a classic example of a body chain with diamante details and adjustable length. It can be worn on the naked body and over any clothing to make you look more classy and glamorous.

However, body chains can be not only through the whole body but simply on the belt. This ASOS DESIGN belly chain with a disc chain in gold tone is a prime example of how you can improve your everyday outfit.

Who Can Wear a Body Chain?

body chain

Body chains are versatile jewelry pieces anyone can wear, regardless of gender. They add a splash of sexy and stylish flair to any outfit! Whether you're young or old, anyone can rock a body chain with the right styling. From casual wear to special occasions, no look won't be elevated by adding a sparkling body chain.

Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Rihanna, and Hailey Bieber have been seen wearing body chains. Kylie Jenner sported two-layered body chains from Ettika that cost less than $100 each to accentuate her athleisure look. This '90s and early-aughts style ensured her outfit had the perfect glamour for any occasion.


Hailey Bieber recently captured attention when Jacquie Aiche's Cross Body Chain was draped across her frame, along with a selection of necklaces that exuded Y2K vibes. This piece appears to be Bieber's favorite from the myriad choices available in Aiche's range.

Whether you're looking for an extra sparkle under your jacket or something that will make your beach look pop, body chains have you covered! With so many materials and varieties of body chains, everyone is sure to find one that best reflects their style.

When Can You Wear a Body Chain?

body chain

Suppose you are attracted to body chains while shopping; you will likely have many outfits that can be enhanced with a chain. Just make sure to consider where and when you plan to wear your body chain so it's appropriate for the occasion!

For instance, for a beach day, you could wear a lightweight metal body chain over your bikini or swimsuit. On the other hand, if you are attending an evening event, consider a statement gold-plated body chain with rhinestones to make your look shine.

If you want to wear body chains in your everyday look, choose a smaller, more subtle body chain to layer over a plain tank top or casual dress. Simple silver or black chains look great against solid colors and can help bring an otherwise dull outfit to life.

Even if your workplace has a conservative dress code, you can still accessorize stylishly with one of these beautifully subtle body chains. They're enough to add interest and make an outfit pop without being too flashy or distracting.

No matter what the occasion, body chains are a great way to show off your style and add some much-needed sparkle. So go ahead and give them a try!

Are Body Chains Classy?

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Body chains have been a fashion staple for alternative styles, lingerie, and formal wear. For some individuals, these jewelry pieces evoke memories of their past sartorial decisions and choices.

Body chains are gaining momentum as more than just a racy lingerie item. Instead, they have become an effortless way to dress up any outfit with some pizzazz and glitz - donned by Hollywood's elite like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, and Beyonce.

Besides, a body chain isn't just a must-have for Coachella, but should also be stylish, high quality, and unique. The jewelry industry understands that these components are essential to staying ahead of fashion trends.

Body chains can be great conversation starters, especially when paired with the right outfit. When styled tastefully, body chains are a perfect way to add sparkle and shine to any look. They can also complement many outfits, from casual wear to formal attire.

Most Common Styles of Body Chains and How to Wear Them

From colorful and chunky to delicate and simple, here are the most common styles of body chains:

Choker-Style Body Chains

body chain

Short and fitted, this is the most popular style of body chain. It typically fits around the neck and shoulders like a necklace. Nothing beats this type of body chain when it comes to turning heads. Its front is adorned with sparkling stars, and its back features a minimalistic design made from interlocking chains that adds an edgy touch to any look.

Crafted with a sleek design, this body chain is the perfect accessory for halter tops, swimsuits, and tube tops. A combination of sultry and sophisticated is an eye-catching addition to any outfit!

For example, this Crown Choker Gemstone Body Chain is perfect for a night out or a festival. It has pink moonstone gemstones and intricate details that bring attention to its wearer.

Layered Body Chains

body chain

This is the body chain style for you if you want to make a bold statement! It typically features multiple chains that are layered and intertwined, creating a beautiful effect. It's an excellent choice for those who want to show off their femininity and sexiness.

These body chains are best worn with deep V-neck tops and dresses to show off the intricate designs. When styled right, they make you look like a goddess!

For instance, this ASOS DESIGN body chain with a layered snake chain in gold tone is the perfect accessory for a night out. It adds volume to your outfit and looks great with swimsuits and eveningwear.

Chainmaille Body Chains

body chain

This modern style of body chain is inspired by ancient armor and made with interlocking rings in various sizes. It's an attention-grabbing piece that's sure to turn heads. Chainmaille body chains are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day, making them the perfect accessory for any casual outfit.

This Lebanon Silver Chainmail Body Chain is a great example of this style. It features shimmering silver rings that give it an extra dose of elegance and sophistication.

Sparkly and Elegant Body Chains

body chain

This style of body chain is all about making a statement. Whether you're looking for something that sparkles in the sun or adds an elegant touch to a night out, this is the one for you. These body chains are made with rhinestones and gemstones that add a touch of glamour to any look.

These body chains are best worn with tops and dresses with plunging necklines that show off your curves. Still, they are also the perfect match for your go-to denim.

For example, this Diamond Pearl Gold Body Chain is a great option when you want to make a statement. It's made with certified diamonds and pearls that add an extra dose of sparkle and sophistication. 

Multi-Strand Body Chains

body chain

This style of body chain is made with multiple strands of different metals and colors, giving it an exciting and unique look. It's the perfect choice for those who want flair for their everyday wardrobe. This style looks great with a simple tank top, denim shorts, and sandals - perfect for summer days!

For example, this White Crystal Multi Strand Beaded Body Chain Jewelry for Women 22-24" is the ultimate accessory for a feminine and edgy look. It has an adjustable chain that allows you to adjust it to fit your body perfectly. 

Drapey and Delicate Body Chains

body chain

This style of body chain is delicate and lightweight, with draping chains that hang down your back. This body chain adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, creating an effortless yet elegant look. It's also the perfect accessory for your favorite swimwear this season!

The graceful simplicity of this body chain renders it a versatile piece that pairs beautifully with dresses, pantsuits, and more – making for an effortless way to access any outfit.

This EEKLSJ Retro Statement Exquisite Minimalism Layered Waist Chain is an excellent example of this style. It features intricate details and draping chains that add an extra dose of elegance to your look. 

Bra Style Body Chains

body chain

If you have a wide neckline or deep décolletage, this stylish trend is the perfect piece for your wardrobe. It takes inspiration from lingerie designs and adds glamour to any look. These chains come in many variations, such as delicate and sparkly pieces or heavier chains resembling actual clothing items - even seen on A-list celebrities at red-carpet events!

This style of body chain is best worn for special occasions, such as an evening out or a cocktail party. It adds an eye-catching texture to your outfit and makes you the center of attention.

For instance, this Koleso Rhinestone Pendant Body Chain is perfect for making a statement. It features shimmering rhinestones and a bold pendant that adds an extra dose of glamour to your look. 

No matter what type of look you're going for, there is a body chain to fit your style. Whether an edgy look or a sophisticated one, endless options exist to spice up your outfit. Body chains offer a unique way to accessorize and make a statement. So, choose one that speaks to your individuality and rock it confidently!

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Bottom Line

Take your wardrobe to the next level with this season's must-have accessory – a body chain! With endless styles and options, there is something for everyone. So, show off your unique style and make a statement with an eye-catching body chain. No matter what the occasion, you'll be sure to turn heads! So, go ahead and start shopping! You won't regret it.