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It is not out of place to say that jewelry is the icing on the cake regarding fashion.

Your exquisite outfit for an outing is the cake and the jewelry on your ears, fingers, neck, and wrist are the icing that beautifies your "cake". 

Jewelry Trend

Jewelry is a form of expressing your personality so, whether you're the type that wants to be loud and glamorous or you're on the other side of the divide with a cool and less noisy temperament, the jewelry trend this season gat you.

Although fashion trends evolve faster than jewelry trends, jewelry trends are still the master of the show.

Do you want to know how to step up your jewelry game? 

Sit back, relax, and discover the best jewelry trends from chunky chains to jewelry pearls, oversized earrings, and an array of multicolored bangles, among others for 2024.  

➢Jewelry Trend #1: Vintage Watches

Jewelry Trend

Vintage watches made it to the list of the latest jewelry trends as watch rings are now a thing in the jewelry industry.

Watches are meant for the wrist, yes but, vintage watches have gone beyond the wrist and are now on the fingers, can you believe that?

In 2024, vintage watches will be a thing that may be surprising to hear but you can hop on the trend now and join the vintage watch train.

Check out these few ones below; 

Fossil Two-Hand Watch Ring

Swarovski Pocket watch Black, Gold-tone finish

Breda x Dalmata Time Ring

➢Jewelry Trend #2: Body Chains

Jewelry Trend

Body chains never went anywhere as it has always been in existence since the '70s until date.

Even now, it has gained more popularity as most people fantasize about body chains like leg chains, waist chains, boho-chic multi-colored bracelets, boho-chic necklaces and earrings, knuckle rings, nose rings, and navel rings, among others.

Below is a list of the jewelry trend body chains;

Odin Turquoise & Pink Pendant Necklace

Fresco Multi Colored Bracelet

Concise Royal Gold Body Necklace 

➢Jewelry Trend #3: Chunky Gold Chains

Jewelry Trend

For a very long time, accessories have not been loud and glam compared to fashion wear however, it has not been the same in recent times.

Jewelry is now evolving from simple zodiac accessories, birthstones pearls, and regular chains to plunging oversized gold necklaces. 

Chunky and large gold chains made it to the list of the top jewelry trends because it has become a big thing in the fashion industry.

Oversized gold chains are bold and can be worn over other pieces. To mention a few chunky gold chain styles; 

Ten Wilde 7-Millimeter Snake Chain

Mejuri Bold Pearl Necklace

Jennifer Fisher Large Essential Gold-Plated Choker

Aqua Thick Gold-Tone 19-Inch Chain Necklace

➢Jewelry Trend #4: Bows

Jewelry Trend

Sometimes really, you don’t need to do too much to create the right impression.

And a bow piece of jewelry is exactly what you need.

This chic and sleek feminine beauty is back with a bang and is perfect for jewelry and not only for hair. 

Bows have now become a trend that so many people are incorporating into their looks.

They are now universally accepted which hasn’t always been the case.

Bows celebrate femininity, strength, and resilience.

So, this season we see a lot of trendy bow pieces in a new light as so many people are hopping on the trend.

You can perfectly incorporate this youthful trend into your wardrobe without looking like a Barbie doll, also if stacking is your favorite thing to do, the bow trend is your best bet!

On Pinterest, you will find a handful of ways to make this trend work for you. 

White Victoria- Akoya Pearl Bow Drop Earrings in 18K Gold

White Victoria- Purple Freshwater Baroque Pearl Bow Tie Necklace

White Victoria- White South Sea Pearl Bow Dolly Earrings in 18K Gold

➢Jewelry Trend #5: Pretty Pearls

Jewelry Trend

Pearl jewelry isn't going anywhere. We expect to see many more modern varieties of pearl jewelry from rings to earrings and bracelets.

Get ready to rock and slay the timeless versatile pearl jewelry in this new year!

❖White Victoria- Peach Freshwater Pearl Necklace

❖White Victoria- Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

➢Jewelry Trend #6: Bold Color

Jewelry Trend

Bold colored pieces of jewelry have made their way into 2024, and are foreseen to be a big part of the year.

Colorful pieces are great to wear as an everyday look and can be worn in very many styles.

Bold and classic colorful pieces hold sentimental value

So if you’re looking for an entry point into creating your jewelry collection, start with ornament earrings or rainbow bracelets.

You can also go for birthstones if you want more timeless investment pieces.

➢Jewelry Trend #7: ‘70s Style

Jewelry Trend

Even though the ‘70s was a long time ago its aesthetics and allure are back and better.

The ‘70s style is far from the minimalist style, but we are finding joy in it and embracing it wholeheartedly.

From carpeting to drips of gold, the ‘70s style screams maximalist and we are here for it!

More women are going for the bold and chunky pieces of jewelry from the ‘70s, and are also making a statement with their styles by layering ‘em up. 

Anastasia- Gold Choker Necklace

Sardine Earrings

The Kornerupine

➢Jewelry Trend #8 Charming Pins & Brooches

Jewelry Trend

When we think of pins and brooches, we think of them as old, outdated grandma jewelry pieces.

But, news flash! They are currently making a wave in the world of fashion as a great statement-making piece.

These vintage pieces are back and better and are even a great option for the modern-day chic woman.

And there are a variety of styles to choose from on the market.

White Victoria- Freshwater & Crystal Butterfly Brooch

GIORGIO ARMANI- Metal brooch with Swarovski crystal

Jil Sander- engraved-logo two-tone pin


➢Jewelry Trend #9: Statement Pendant

Jewelry Trend

Statement pendant necklaces never go out of fashion.

These timeless pieces have always been in style, but in 2024 the statement pendants will be seen plunging on the necklines of most fashionistas.

So, what are you waiting for? 

White Victoria- Golden South Sea Pearl Daisy Pine Pendant in 18K Gold

Elsa Peretti®- Teardrop Pendant

Oscar Massin- Lace Flower 18K Yellow Gold & Latitude Lab-Grown Diamond Small Pendant Necklace

➢Jewelry Trend #10: Coins

Jewelry Trend

Coins are a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, which is why we aren’t amazed that they are making a huge comeback in 2024.

Wear gold coin charms as show pieces on delicate chains or layer them for a dynamic look. 

White Victoria- Baroque Freshwater Pearl Bracelet & Gold Coin

BEN-AMUN- Roman Coin Bracelet

Wouters & Hendrix- Sins And Senses coin-detail ring

➢Jewelry Trend # 11: Rings Stack Up

Jewelry Trend

Creating a fanciful and playful stack-up with rings hasn’t been more fun.

And is a perfect way to style your rings.

You can go for a subtle ring stack to show off your style and personality.

With multiple beautifully stacked rings on your finger, you can leave people with something unique to say about your style in 2024.

VRAI V Double Row Band


➢Jewelry Trend #12: Drop Earrings

Jewelry Trend

Earrings have always been delectable and gorgeous however, they just got bold, bigger, and better with the new pieces of drop earrings in vogue. 

White Victoria- Tahitian Pearl & Opal Drop Earrings in 18K Gold

Dylan Lex Luca Earrings

Nikos Koulis Blackened White Gold Long Earrings

➢Jewelry Trend #13: 90s Styled Bangles & Chokers

Jewelry Trend

The 90s-inspired bangles and chokers are still a mainstay in any lady’s jewelry box in 2024.

Chokers and bangles were predominantly manufactured of plastic throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Chokers and bangles made of high, long-lasting materials such as 14k gold will be popular in 2024.

This ensures that these designs, like this trend, will remain.

VRAI V Double Row Bangle

White Victoria- Sun Pearl Choker & Earrings Set of 2

➢Jewelry Trend #14: Cuff Bracelets

Jewelry Trend

Cuff bracelets have been seen on the runways for the previous few seasons, which implies they'll be in our jewelry boxes in 2024.

Cuffs, whether gold, silver, enamel, thick or thin, are coming for your wrists.

White Victoria- White Freshwater Baroque Pearl Cuff Golden Bangle

Solanales Gold Crystal Folded Cuff Bracelet

Georg Jensen Silver Curved Bangles


Jewelry Trend

Jewelry accessories are the best way to express your personality aside from your outfit.

To ease you off the stress of looking for the right type of jewelry to wear for your formal or informal events during this season, we have put together a list of jewelry trends you can hop on.

From body chains to drop earrings, chunky gold chains, and vintage watches.

Ensure you step up your jewelry game by adding a few of the pieces listed above to your wardrobe.