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Since the beginning of fashion, there has been a lot of attention surrounding statement jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and rings, as they leave a lasting impression whenever worn. 

Statement earrings are items that stray slightly from the norm in terms of fashion. They are standalone pieces to showcase your individuality, an excellent point of focus for your ensemble, and add intrigue and excitement to any outfit. 

what is statement earrings

As the name implies, this jewelry piece is usually distinct and evident due to its massive size and striking appearance, making a statement.

Critical Elements of Statement Earrings

Everyone with some fashion sense understands how distinctive and necessary statement earrings are to an outfit. Some essential components of this gem are as follows:


what is statement earrings

Statement earrings are unmistakably alluring because of their vivid hues. These eye-catching accessories are available in either striking, single tones or vibrant color combinations that are difficult to overlook.

The colors could entail lovely combinations of yellow and orange, white and blue, or pink. It could also be vivid yellow, white, pink, and blue. Black components could occasionally appear in statement pieces; however, they frequently stand out instead of blending in with an outfit.


what is statement earrings

The materials used to make statement jewelry have no constraints. Jewelers make statement earrings from plastic, metal, glass, rhinestones, fabric, lace, ribbons, strings, leather, or other materials. Although the wealthy and famous often wear large, exquisite statement jewelry, statement earrings made from cheap materials are affordable.


what is statement earrings

The elaborate and distinctive designs of statement earrings make a powerful visual impact. The statement pieces in this collection employ a wide variety of forms. You could anticipate the conditions to be loud and dominating, given their effects when worn with various outfits.


what is statement earrings

Usually bigger than the standard accessory, statement earrings are thick and captivating. We can often characterize them as jewelry with dramatic proportions because the size might be relative. Therefore, statement earrings are undeniably pieces with spectacular colors, substantial sizes, and unique shapes that capture people's attention.

How To Wear Statement Earrings?

what is statement earrings

If you're like most people, you undoubtedly like statement earrings a lot, but most often, you are hesitant to wear them. You spend most of your morning choosing the right components to put together an outfit that looks good, or you have trouble matching your statement earrings with the appropriate wear.

Regardless of the occasion, here are a few straightforward ways to boldly wear your statement earrings and guarantee that you'll attract quite a lot of attention at work, parties, weddings, or on that special weekend date.

The Basic Black

what is statement earrings

Many ladies prefer wearing black clothes. A dash of color pop added to these elegant all-black clothes often creates a standout look. Additionally, this combination makes it possible for the earrings to stand out and become the main attraction of your outfit. 

Consider how stunning silver earrings would look with a black outfit. The earrings will stand out because of the contrast between the brilliant silver and the dark outfit. You should wear statement earrings that are vibrant and daring enough to take the spotlight on your appearance.

Denim Jacket

what is statement earrings

Wearing statement earrings with a denim jacket is a stylish and hip way to do so. Most often, you may look racy and bold when wearing a denim jacket. However, this outfit will always appear different if you add some femininity. 

This outfit is a terrific option for bringing down a more formal or casual attire. Wear a black midi skirt with your denim jacket, and accessorize with simple but sizable statement earrings. 

what is statement earrings

Try a faded or embroidered denim jacket, for instance. Your appearance will gain a little bit of edge as a result. As an alternative, wearing a bold-colored denim jacket lets your earrings stand out much more.

A Bohemian Look With Turquoise Earrings

what is statement earrings

The bohemian summer attire tends to make you seem energetic and attractive. Pick a light-colored bohemian dress, ideally white, and accessorize with turquoise earrings to enhance the style. However, other colored statement earrings are also an option but ensure that the hue of your statement jewelry matches the color of your clothes.

Off Shoulder Top With Ripped Denims

what is statement earrings

Off-the-shoulder shirts look great when worn with ripped denim and opulent statement earrings. You may wear it on a weekend day out with a thick bracelet and a lovely purse.

Pattern Top & Tassel Earrings 

what is statement earrings

Wearing patterned shirts may give you the appearance of a carefree, cheerful woman with no worries in the world. Add some lovely black tassel statement earrings to it, and you'll appear like you just stepped out of a movie!

Wear them with your hair up

what is statement earrings

The best way to display your stunning earrings is with your hair up. You may make an artistic updo or as easy as placing your hair into a bun or ponytail. In any case, everyone will be able to see your earrings. Furthermore, putting your hair up will prevent it from being entangled or lost in your hair.

Look for earrings that go well with your hairstyle when selecting ones to wear with them. Ones that are lively and exciting if you have a neat ponytail and preferably something more glam if your hair is in a sloppy bun.

Match Colors

what is statement earrings

Matching your statement earrings' color to your clothing or using complementary hues is another fantastic approach to making a style statement. For instance, pair blue statement earrings with a blue outfit. You'll look stunning whether you choose a complementary color like white or green or a contrasting one like black or purple.

Where To Buy Statement Earrings?

Online shopping for statement earrings is a great option to maximize your budget. Due to their lower overhead costs and wider inventory, online statement earring suppliers frequently provide superior goods at affordable prices. Some reliable online stores where you can get statement earrings to include:


what is statement earrings

At Anthropologie, they feel that fashionable statements with accessories and clothing are expressible, so each piece of the unique statement earrings is vibrant with character and nuance. Look through giant flowers, shoulder-skimming pendants, gold statement earrings, and tassels with a boho flair. Some available options include:

Jackie Mack 18k Gold Ruffle Earrings

These earrings, made from 14k, 18k, and 24k plated gold, cost about $80 and have everyday use in mind. Characterized as 18k gold-plated brass and cubic zirconia, these long-lasting accessories give a touch of elegance to any outfit, whether you're working out, doing errands, or going out to dinner.

Chan Luu Six Tiered Gold and White Pearl Drop Earrings

These pearl statement earrings enhance your outfit by adding a contemporary and stylish touch. They are 18k gold-plated sterling silver made with white freshwater Keshi pearls and cost around $145.

Elizabeth Cole 24k Gold Cecilia Earrings

Naturally dyed abalone, exquisite Czech crystals, and 24k gold-plated brass are the components of these striking earrings. These $250 made-to-last pieces offer a shimmer of elegance to every outfit.


what is statement earrings

Shopbop, a leading worldwide online retailer, offers customers a carefully chosen assortment of exquisite and distinctive statement earrings at affordable rates. Some of the unique pieces include:

SHASHI Vivant Earrings 

These elegant SHASHI earrings have a unique touch owing to the champagne-colored, teardrop-shaped crystals. Made in the USA from 18k gold-plated brass, they cost about $66.

Elizabeth Cole Jesse Earrings

These Elizabeth Cole Jesse earrings, which have a traditional drop design and an emerald-green assortment of noticeable Swarovski crystals, will help you make a classy impression. These brass earrings, which have 24k gold plating, cost $218.

Neiman Marcus

what is statement earrings

At Neiman Marcus, statement earrings are available in different designs and at affordable prices. Some of these pieces include: 

Mini Madeline Statement Earrings

These Mignonne Gavigan "Mini Madeline" statement earrings are yellow-golden plated hardware. Made from hand-beaded sequins and crystals, they cost $150

Cressida Crystal Chandelier Earrings

These earrings are a part of the Elizabeth Cole Collection, a line of jewelry with exquisite designs. Made from 24-karat gold-plated brass, these spectacular earrings, which cost $180, are well worth the money.

Freshwater Pearl Large Hoop Earrings

what is statement earrings

These are Lele Sadoughi statement earrings made from 14-karat gold-plated brass. They are naturally colored freshwater cultured pearls that cost $135.


At Francesca's, myriad statement earrings are available in different designs and sizes to enhance and complement your everyday outfit. 

Nora Flower Teardrop Earrings

These cutout teardrops with dazzling beaded flowers and fish hook backs add glitz to your appearance. Pair it with a maxi dress and a crossbody handbag for a casual style. Usually made with brass and glass and are usually nickel & lead-free.

Aliyah Tiered Tassel Earrings

These tiered tassel drops are ideal for any formal or boho-glam outfit. These $15 earrings will remain a go-to favorite for any special event!

Olive & Piper

Olive & Piper makes available statement earrings in classic shapes or lively colors that capture a lot of attention. These statement earrings are the easiest way to add instant elegance to your appearance, with a selection of designs made with crystals and textures.

Beverly Drops 

what is statement earrings

This earring features a cascade of crystals and a pearl pop that drops beautifully from your lobes, making you the center of attention everywhere you go. It usually elevates your look and makes it easier, owing to a diverse but eye-catching color palette.

Blaze Drops 

This statement earring features rows of dazzling cascading pearls providing a striking shape that flows with you. It has a vintage yet modern and refined look because of its creamy ombré color palette and costs about $28.


Statement earrings are usually jewelry pieces that every lady must own. Perfectly wearing them enhances your outfit, giving you a chic and classy appearance, regardless of the occasion.