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Statement Necklace

While creating visual impact with bold and intriguing pieces, statement necklaces bring shine to any attire by spicing a modern twist and elegant touch.

Due to the vast array of colors, necklace settings, versatile design, and timeless charm, statement pieces infuse an elite vibe. Besides, an appealing style in various looks with the purest sense of glow steers any eyes on special occasions.

Want more on statement necklaces? Scroll through our brief history and styling guide to add the glow of statement necklaces to your jewelry wardrobe.

History Of Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklace

Over a thousand years, people made necklaces with shells of snails and beads to wear as fine jewelry. Carolily states cave people and tribe leaders mostly use statement pieces to show power and capture an elite vibe.

In ancient Egypt, men and women prefer precious statement necklaces as a deep appreciation of royalty and luxury.

The history of ancient Rome shows advanced craftsmanship in making various necklace designs used to depict people’s social status. Due to the popularity of gold and silver among wealthy people, the mass production of statement necklaces took over other jewelry.

Ways To Wear Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces can elevate urban styles, classic business wear, daytime prepay looks, special evening attire, and weekend Boho chic outfits. Let's dig into these styling ways in detail.

Urban Uniform

Statement Necklace

While styling jeans, a skirt, a tee, or a bright casual jacket, a statement necklace can create an urban-chic vibe on the outfit. Even the dark or brown shades with a mix of highs and lows merge the gap between casual and dressy looks.

In addition, a statement necklace won't interrupt the minimalistic aesthetic but subtly keeps elegance. As a result, a proper high with a neutral palette on a dressier version brings a classic look for daytime activities.

Classic Business Wear

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces complete the business-ready look when worn with a black power suit and crisp white pants. Some people prefer simplicity in the office wardrobe, whereas a heavy necklace can suit the boardroom in style.

Based on Hey Happiness, a deep, light statement necklace over a top or pantsuit adopts a polished and professional look. If you want to incorporate intricate sparking beauty into an office outfit, pick a small to medium-sized design necklace to steer eyes in the business arena.

Daytime Preppy Look

Statement Necklace

When you unite a dressy look on daytime wear, a statement necklace brings shine to any attire by spicing classic beauty. Besides, an elegant aura of pearl necklaces is a perfect companion for a preppy style on a form-fitting sweater.

On top of that, the statement necklace adds a modern twist and a pleasant touch, making the outfit catchy for daytime activities. However, pick your casual wear around a soft blush hue to let the necklace shine on a stunning and preppy street style.

Special Evening Party

Statement Necklace

Whether it's a statement choker, princess, or rope, an evening party has no limit to infusing an elite vibe into an elegant outfit. Even a versatile, stylish necklace rope on a formal gown brings an appealing nighttime look with the purest sense of glow.

Moreover, the iridescent shine of statement pieces helps to escape mundane styling by elevating the glow from every angle. Hence, enjoy a unique and distinctive look by layering or stacking various chunky-size necklaces at an evening party.

Weekend BohoMian Vibes

Statement Necklace

If you’re styling dressy collared shirts or a geometric print dress, a statement necklace perfectly complements the Bohemian vibes. To embrace a relaxed beach or outing look, try light pieces to maintain a bold and intriguing impact on outfits.

Further, a wide array of statement necklace styles catch up with the shimmer of shine on weekend getaways or grabbing brunch. So, hit the wave of styles and get the chic Bohemian vibes while pairing precious pieces with any outfit.

Can I Experiment Statement Necklace With New Styles?

Statement Necklace

Due to its timeless charm, versatile design, and unique visual impact, a statement necklace can perfectly blend into new styles. Besides, the vast array of colors, settings, and material interaction infuse a taste of elegance into various looks.

Always make the statement piece the focal point of the look while keeping the rest of the outfit plain and simple. Also, the mix with various lengths can uplift the beauty and bring classic trace to the latest trends.

In short, match the color of the necklace, especially a black statement piece on a black gown that infuses an elite vibe on a special night.

Warp Up

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces create visual impact and spice a modern twist with bold pieces and vast styling options. Even these heavy pieces hit the wave of styles and subtly keep an elite vibe to various attire.

The elegant aura of a statement piece lights up the preppy style, whereas a heavy necklace can suit the boardroom with a professional appearance. So, visit White Victoria to pick beautiful necklaces and bring an appealing look to any outfit.