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The Lavender color combines red, blue, and white, resulting in a lighter shade of purple. It derives its name from a flower that connotes the same color. Although often mistaken for just another shade of purple, this unique color has a distinct family. 

Even though Lavender naturally has certain historical, spiritual, and psychological links with the color purple, it undoubtedly has a unique history of symbolism and significance. The Lavender color family includes a broad range of tones and tints, from the light, pinkish hue of the Lavender blush shade to the cool undertones of Lavender gray.

A Brief History of the Color Lavender

how to wear lavender color

The word 'Lavender' first described the color in the year 1705. However, later in the early 20th century, in A Dictionary of Color, several other inclusions of more color were closely linked with the Lavender flower shade. Eventually, in the 1950s, a different book called the Dictionary of Color Names, adopted by stamp collectors, referred to more shades of Lavender. 

However, there are many more variations of Lavender, ranging from light Lavender to dark Lavender and everything in between. The Latin word lavare, meaning "to wash," is the source of the English term lavender. Since earlier times, there have been several uses for Lavender flowers, including the mummification ritual of the Egyptians.

Shades of Lavender Color

how to wear lavender color

You would believe that Lavender is just another shade of color. However, just like many other colors, there are a wide variety of various tints. Some of the shades of Lavender colors include:

Lavender Pink

how to wear lavender color

Except for Lavender hues with pink overtones, many Lavender hues are chilly and may sometimes appear a little too frigid. Compared to other Lavender hues, this one is significantly pinker. The pink side is ideal if you want a warm sensation from the Lavender.

Lavender Gray

how to wear lavender color

Gray has been in style for a while, and while its prime may have passed, lavender-toned gray remains current and in demand. Almost always, people use these gloomy hues may be used as neutrals.

Lavender Blue

how to wear lavender color

Alongside Lavender gray, Lavender blue was among the three primary varieties of Lavender included in A Dictionary of Color in 1930. Lavender blue hues that lean toward the color wheel's blue side are unmistakably cold. 

They are somewhat evocative of a light periwinkle color. Lavender blue may more closely resemble blue or gray than Lavender.

Floral Lavender

how to wear lavender color

The 1930 publication of "A Dictionary of Color" included a color called "lavender," as seen via a full-spectrum fluorescent bulb. This shade corresponds to that color. It is medium violet in color. If you mixed 50% violet paint with 50% white paint, you would roughly obtain this shade of Lavender. 

Lavender Purple

how to wear lavender color

This shade of Lavender, also known as purple mountain majesty, has been a certified Crayola hue since 1993. Usually categorized as a medium Lavender gray, this hue represents how mountains seem from a great distance.

Other shades of Lavender include old Lavender, twilight lavender, history lavender, deep Lavender, amethyst, helioscope, Lavender mist, and Lavender blush, among others. 

Lavender Color Symbolism

how to wear lavender color

Whether the correlation results from man-made or natural factors, every hue has a particular symbolism or collection of qualities we relate to.

Femininity and Beauty

how to wear lavender color

Many people think of Lavender as a more sophisticated version of the pink color. You frequently encounter it in regency movies and artwork because it conjures tenderness, nostalgia, and a charming ambiance. Weddings often feature Lavender, a celebration of tender, lighthearted romance.


how to wear lavender color

Lavender is a color that is difficult to find in nature, according to a concise recap based on history. During that time, only the wealthiest people could afford items in this color, resulting in its association with royalty.


how to wear lavender color

This symbolism is also because these colors don't frequently appear in nature. They can feel very artificial because they are uncommon and exotic. This symbolism is one of the factors that makes purple such a powerful color—one that people typically either love or detest.

Class and Elegance

how to wear lavender color

Lavender has a regal air about it due to the royal connotations of purple. Such a classy shade of hue! It is less vivid than most other purple tints, though, because it is a lighter, cooler tone. 

Youth and Vitality

how to wear lavender color

Like the flower that shares its name, Lavender's color relates to the new, untamable growth that springtime brings to nature. The color's historical use as a symbol of Easter within the Christian religion attests to this psychological link. 

Lavender stood for that aspect of the mind spared of the weariness and problems of age and strived to retain its vibrancy and life. This color connotes feelings and mental processes like imagination and creativity and, because of its association with spring, the upbeat start of new life phases.

How To Wear Lavender

Everyone with style should pay special attention to Lavender since it is more spectacular than everyday colors, particularly deep or a daisy. The color lavender, associated with power and riches, uplifts the spirit, eases anxiety, and evokes spiritual sentiments. 

how to wear lavender color

Since the aesthetic qualities of Lavender color will never go out of style, it's beneficial to add this color to your regular wardrobe, particularly a preferred color for girls' wardrobes. To add some spice without running the danger of it being out of proportion, everything you need to understand is what colors work with Lavender.

Wear Lavender at the Office

how to wear lavender color

There are several beautiful ways to style a lavender-colored outfit to work. Some of these includes:

Lavender Bell Bottoms And Silk Shirt

how to wear lavender color

For an office outfit, you could wear a brighter blouse with a darker shade skirt or pants while donning a Lavender complete colored outfit. It will make the clothing style pop. A darker shade wide-leg skirt worn with a lighter Lavender silk blouse is a perfect styling pattern, as this style leaves a fantastic impact.

Lavender Pencil Skirt And Turtleneck

how to wear lavender color

Like other timeless wardrobe essentials, the pencil skirt has lately had a fashion comeback. Combine your pencil skirt to work with basic accessories like a turtleneck and knee-high boots. Pair with a matching black topcoat. Ankle-high boots and a purse with the same pattern complete the outfit.

Lavender Ruffle Sleeve Top

how to wear lavender color

Sequin skirts are versatile basics that go with many different outfits. Mini sequin skirts are a terrific way to look flashy and eye-catching without going overboard. At first sight, it could seem difficult to manage and pull off, but if you handle it with a few basic items, you can.

Imagine wearing a sequin skirt with an expertly fitted and beautifully styled Lavender blouse Pure Bliss!

Lavender Blazer Dress Style

how to wear lavender color

Blazer dresses are still popular and come in different styles, cuts, and hues. The blazer dress is a daring and chic statement that will upgrade your wardrobe and general appearance, giving you a strong yet feminine appearance. 

This look is one for every fashionista boss lady, and the blazer dress looks stylish with over-the-knee white boots and lavender-colored pearl earrings.

Wear Lavender on the Weekend

how to wear lavender color

Lavender outfits and styles on the weekends are pretty stylish.

Red Top With A Lavender Skirt

how to wear lavender color

This outfit on a girl's weekend time out is perfect as it combines the most beautiful hues of autumn that go nicely together. To avoid overpowering the delicate aspect of the Lavender, consider red among many dark tones. 

This color combination is stunning. Using a primary color with pastels is a creative approach that is both lovely and useful.

Lavender Shirt With Straight Denim Pants

how to wear lavender color

Blend a Lavender blouse with denim jeans for a day-to-day appearance full of charm and personality if you're seeking an off-duty yet particularly fashionable outfit. A combination of white mules and a Lavender pearl bracelet perfectly synchronize the overall look.

Lavender Blazers

how to wear lavender color

Pair a faux leather short skirt with a Lavender blazer. It is a great option for giving your wardrobe selections a touch of elegance. If you're unsure what to wear for errands, try a Lavender jacket with a miniskirt. This outfit gets a little glam boost with some Lavender pearl jewelry.

Wear Lavender to a Wedding

how to wear lavender color

Lavender-colored outfits aren't an exception at weddings. In actuality, they could get you some great attention if properly styled.

Eastern Style Lavender Suit

how to wear lavender color

A gorgeous Eastern Style Lavender Suit with embroidery on the sleeves is exquisite for a simple wedding outfit. A soft blue dupatta matches the wonderful long shirt and trouser combination. This outfit will draw a lot of attention and could serve as evidence that Lavender clothing improves your ability to pose.

A Ball Lavender Gown

how to wear lavender color

This exquisite lavender gown, elegantly created with flower embroideries, is breathtaking. A perfect description of this style is the dress the lovely model Francine wore to a recent fashion event, "Michael Leyva's Fashion Show."

Tips for Perfectly Styling Lavender

how to wear lavender color

There are certain tips to keep in mind when styling lavender-colored outfits or jewelry. Some of them include the following:

● Wearing a complete set of lavender-colored outfits; jewelry, clothes, shoes, and makeup may seem dull and monotonous. Please don't do it!

● You might choose vibrant or delicate makeup based on the Lavender shade you're wearing.

● While wearing Lavender, you may play around with your accessories' bright hues to add a splash of vibrancy.

● You could dull up the Lavender-colored pearl jewelry or outfit when you combine it with certain bright colors, as they tend to draw all the attention.

● A simple addition of a long white pearl necklace and a stunning lavender pearl ring will elevate an ensemble of narrow denim jeans and a white tank top to sophistication.

● To counteract the brightness of your outfit, a Lavender pearl bracelet and necklace are your perfect option. It matches the entire outfit giving it an exquisite look.

how to wear lavender color


Lavender is one unique color to play around with. A perfect styling pattern with clothes, pearl jewelry, shoes, or bags perfectly blends an outfit, drawing your most exquisite attention.