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Are you heading to a wedding this season? With the big day around the corner, you may wonder what outfit you should wear. From traditional white and black-tie events to the more relaxed beach wedding, deciding what to wear can be tricky.

As a fashion expert, I want to tell you some rules regarding wedding guest outfits that should be followed. For example, wearing white is a definite no-no for guests to avoid upstaging the bride.

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To make it easier, I have put together a guide with all the necessary information about wedding dress codes and what outfits work best for each.

Read on to discover the ultimate wedding guest dress code, plus some outfit ideas and style tips to ensure you look your best no matter the occasion.

Wedding guest dressing made easy! Let's dive in.

Wedding Guest Dress - Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Are Okay to Wear to Weddings?

Generally, it is advised to choose more formal colors for a wedding. Neutral and muted tones such as black, gray, navy, and taupe are considered classic and appropriate. For summer or destination weddings, pastels such as light pink, sky blue, baby yellow, or pale green are also suitable choices.

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For a semi-formal or casual wedding, brighter colors in richer hues may be acceptable. Colors such as red, burgundy, royal blue, and lavender can be great options for guests who stray from traditional wedding wear.

What Colors Are Best to Avoid Wearing to Weddings?

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It is always best to avoid wearing white or ivory, as those shades are usually reserved for the bride. It is important to note that wedding attire can vary depending on the religion or culture of the couple, so it is best to ask directly if there are any specific requirements before attending.

What Should Wedding Guests Not Wear?

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No matter the level of formality, guests should avoid overly revealing clothing. Anything too low-cut, short, or tight may be considered inappropriate by the couple and other guests. Additionally, anything with intricate patterns or logos should be avoided as it can take away from the focus on the bride and groom.

What Type of Shoes Should Wedding Guests Not Wear?

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In terms of shoes, you should opt for a closed-toe option. Sandals and open-toed pumps are more suitable for outdoor or beach weddings. Guests should also avoid wearing sneakers or any athletic shoes as they can be considered too informal for most wedding occasions.

What Types of Accessories Are Recommended to Wear to a Wedding?

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When it comes to accessorizing, guests should keep it simple. Anything too loud or flashy can be seen as disrespectful and take away from the event's overall theme. Stick to classic pieces such as pearl earrings and a small clutch instead for a more subtle look.

What to Wear to a Wedding?

The wedding dress code depends on the formality of the event. Here are some tips on what you should wear for a formal, semi-formal, informal, or casual wedding.

Formal Wedding

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If you are attending a formal wedding event, it is best to wear something elegant and timeless. 

For women, this could mean a floor-length Zayda Green High Slit Corset Satin Gown or a dress in neutral tones such as Alyssa Maxi Black Dress or an ASOS EDITION v-back satin cami midi dress in taupe. In addition, they can accessorize their look with a pair of pearl earrings and a small clutch.

Men should also opt for more traditional pieces such as a Black Regular Fit Two Button Suit with a white shirt and tie. In addition, they can add a pocket square for a bit of color or personality.

Semi-Formal Wedding

wedding guest dress

For a semi-formal wedding, women can opt for a mid-length Corset Tiered Evening Dress or skirt in muted tones. They can accessorize it with statement Tahitian pearl earrings or a bold belt to look a more interesting twist.

Men can wear a Navy Blue Tailored Fit Check Suit with a dress shirt and coordinating tie. They can also opt for a printed pocket square or patterned tie to give their look some extra personality.

Informal Wedding

wedding guest dress

Informal weddings often allow guests to be more creative with their attire. For women, this could mean wearing a Lace & Beads Petite exclusive off-shoulder wrapped tulle mini dress in pillar box red or a Vesper Tall cami strap flared jumpsuit in red. They can accessorize with Duality Pearl and Malachite Danglers or fun accessories such as a hat or headband.

Men should opt for casual pieces such as a Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Oxford Shirt White and Tailored Fit 836 Sydney Corduroy Trousers. In addition, they can add a patterned or colorful tie to complete their look.

Casual Wedding

wedding guest dress

Casual weddings often call for more relaxed attire. They can be held on the beach or in a backyard or park.

For women, this could mean wearing a mini dress or skirt in summery shades such as a Boohoo Linen Blend Crochet Trim Skater Dress or an ASOS DESIGN Petite denim smock midi skirt in blue. In addition, they can accessorize with a pair of flat sandals, statement earrings, and a colorful clutch.

Men should opt for lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton. For example, they can pair these Linen Blend Mini Stripe Drawstring Pants with a simple Classic Solid Linen Shirt. Besides, they can add a straw hat for more style points.

No matter the level of formality, guests should always keep their wardrobes tasteful and respectful. If in doubt, ask the couple if there are any specific requirements before attending.

Do's and & Don'ts of Wedding Guest Attire

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"I have nothing to wear" is a phrase we've all said, but it becomes much more common during the wedding season. Dress codes can vary significantly from casual to semi-formal, so how can you be sure what to wear?

Here is a list of five do's and five don'ts of wedding guest attire:


1. Do dress appropriately for the level of formality and consider location - always ask if you're unsure.

2. Do choose clothes that are comfortable and elegant - no need to go overboard with your look.

3. Do accessorize accordingly - don't go too bold. Please keep it simple with a statement piece or two.

4. Do dress according to the season and weather - check the weather and pick appropriate fabrics accordingly.

5. Do consider the wedding dress code - if the couple has requested a semi-formal, dress accordingly.

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1. Don't wear white - this is generally considered a no-go as it removes the bride's look.

2. Don't wear anything too revealing - it's not appropriate to show too much skin at a wedding.

3. Don't be over-the-top - weddings are not the time to stand out; it's a time to blend in.

4. Don't wear anything too casual - if the wedding is dressy, don't show up in jeans and a t-shirt.

5. Don't wear anything too bright - choose muted colors and tones to be respectful.

wedding guest dress

Following these do's and don'ts can help ensure that you look appropriate and put-together at any wedding. With the right ensemble, you'll be sure to look your best and make the most out of the wedding experience. Remember, it's always better to check with the couple beforehand to ensure that you meet the dress code!

Where to Buy Wedding Guest Dresses?

wedding guest dress

Luckily, there are lots of options when it comes to finding the perfect wedding guest dress. From department stores like Nordstrom and Macy's to online retailers such as ASOS, Missguided, or Boohoo, you can find a great selection that will fit any budget or style.

Here are some top places to buy wedding guest attire:

· Monsoon - Monsoon offers a wide range of dresses in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can shop by occasion or color to find the perfect wedding guest dress.

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· Nordstrom – Whether you're looking for something classic or chic and modern, Nordstrom has plenty of options. They have a great selection of mid-length and maxi dresses.

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· ASOS – This website is a great place to shop for wedding guest attire. They have a wide range of styles, from classic to edgy, and you're sure to find the outfit that suits your style. Plus, they offer free shipping and returns.

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· Lulus - Lulus is another excellent option for finding the perfect wedding guest dress. They have a wide range of styles and colors to suit any occasion.

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· Missguided – Missguided offers a great selection of affordable and designer dresses that will make you stand out at any wedding.

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· Boohoo – Boohoo has a fantastic selection of wedding guest dresses. You can find any outfit from floral maxi dresses to lacy midi styles here!

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· The Reformation - This website is excellent for finding fashionable and sustainable wedding guest dresses. They have a range of styles, from mini to maxi dresses, in a variety of colors.

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Overall, there are plenty of options for finding the perfect wedding guest dress. With the right dress, you can look and feel your best. Have fun shopping!

Bottom Line

Picking the right wedding guest dress doesn't have to be a daunting task. With so many options and helpful guidelines, it's easier than ever to find the perfect fit. Consider the season, dress code, and venue when picking your ensemble. With the right outfit, you can be sure to look and feel your best at any wedding. Happy shopping!