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At what time thinking of 80's fashion, the expressions' big and dazzling' certainly sums it up. A dismissal of the 70s style characterized the 80s. Punk fashion started as a reaction against the past decade's hip-hop fashion movement and the present decade's materialist values. Over and above man and woman's fashion statements, even though teenagers undoubtedly played a vital part, for the first time, fashion wasn't dictated only by young people. Baby boomers, such as Tommy Hilfiger, were becoming established and more well-off and confidently planted their feet amongst the trendy fashion influencers.

The 80s fashion trend was a decade of big hair, which was characteristically rather big, bouffant, curly, and deeply styled. Shoulder pads, big and vivid earring types, eye-straining textile colors, and acid-washed jeans were the main trend.

As a fashion enthusiast, let me give you more details! 

80s fashion icons

The '80s self-conscious decade had scores of fashion icons. At the same time, as everyone had a characteristic look, all of them were rock-filled with confident and stylish looks. For those channeling these fashion designers, they were all essential elements. Worn alone or jointly, the daring designer labels, including over-the-knee black leather boots, body-con, acid wash jeans, jelly bracelets, beaded necklaces, and shoulder pads, materialized outstanding and modish. 

Let's have a look at some of them:


Undeniably the pop queen of the 80s, Madonna greatly influenced music trends with her fantastic physique and style. Many young individuals were encouraged by Madonna and adopted a unique fashion style, ranging from wild hair and leather jackets to scrunchies and velvet bows.

Boy George

As a prominent leader of punk customs and music, Boy George considered 80s fashion in the form of art. With a viewpoint of 'everything goes,' Boy George aided in making wearing dressy clothes and makeup fairly, not just dome by the girls only.

Michael Jackson

If Madonna was the 80s pop queen, Michael Jackson was the undeniable king. His military-style fashion accessories, powerful denim jackets, and African-American curly hairstyle have been fashionable for several years. 

Princess Diana

Scores of 80s fashion icons started with Princess Diana, even supposing she professed herself fair-minded in fashion. Diana was the power in the wake of iconic 80's clothing as unique as the padded shoulder and womanly patterned silk blouses, statement shoulder pads, high-waisted jeans, miniskirts, pearl earrings, and the unique winged 'Diana' haircut. 

Joan Collins

Joan Collins encouraged innumerable women to perm their hair to grow the individual big hair of the 80s. She demonstrated to women how to dress in puff shoulders and gallant patterns in spot-on 80s fashion and apply peacock eye shadow. 

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, a famous actress, gained long-lasting distinction for the leg warmers and leotards introduced in her fitness videos. Owing to Jane, sports outfits walked from the fitness center onto the catwalk and, in next to no time, became part of most individuals' day after day 80's fashion wear.

80s women's fashions

At the same time, as we all know, 80s fashion trends were pretty different and matchless. An array of styles stood out all through the 1980s. At this time, women had scores of сhоiсеѕ in front of them to the extent that lооking аt options available in the marketplace. Fаѕhiоn in this period became very influential and leading. 

Jelly shoes, Jelly bracelets, and large, floppy hair bows. Those who memorize the 80s all too well every so often wishes we could stop thinking about them. The 80s are simply exclusive. This is where your much-loved fashion came from! 

Let's take a look at the favorite 80s women's fashion trends:

Big Hair

Big curly hair is a trendy look from the 80s. Volume was the inclination all through the 1980s concerning hair. Big loops of curls, simple waves, and frizz styles were in style among women. 

Ripped Knees

At what time, individuals weren't wearing skin-tight leggings; most women were seen wearing jeans. However, the jeans had all witnessed better days. Whether you bought them that mode or cut them out on your own, all couple of jeans had the knees torn out. 

Cut-Off Sweatshirts

I wonder, to offset the great height of jeans' crotches, most women cut off the bottom of sweatshirts to demonstrate a little belly. 

Mini Skirts and Ra-Ras

Miniskirts appeared in the 60s when they were again worn with go-go boots. All through the 80s, typically, they were worn in the company of leggings. Most of the popular materials used were denim Rah-rah's skirts.

Heavy Make-Up

Wearing bold makeup was considered necessary if you wished to be fashionable in the 80s. For the women, mixing bold and multi-colored eye shadows, heavy lipstick, and moderate amounts of blusher was looking for! 


When you think of the 80s unique accessories, gems, and gold dominated with dazzling colors and wild designs to match unique neon pink hair, applying rather showy fashion trends, the accessories were big and attention-grabbing.

Some 80s jewelry trends include beaded (faux pearl) necklaces, big earrings, and multi-colored bracelets. An enormous mass of bangles and bracelets were time and again worn, and jelly bracelets generated that great look. 

Animal Print Clothes

Animal print was also a well-liked choice in the 80s for women, mostly zebra and leopard. It featured skirts, costumes, jackets, and leggings. Metal bands appreciated it, too, and no less than one associate of nearly all bands could be noticed wearing animal print.

80s men's fashions

In the 80s, men had scores of сhоiсеѕ in front of them to the extent that lооking аt options available in the marketplace. Fаѕhiоn in this period became very influential and leading. 


Men went for more peculiar and daring hairstyles, such as mullets, mohawks, and even heads that were clean-shaven, sparked by the punk development. Another trendy style for 1980s hair was colored hair; numerous would dye their hair in dazzling blue, blonde, or green shades!

Casual dress 

Casual fashion in the '80s saw men dressing in dad jeans, time and again, with a similar denim jacket. T-shirts and wobbly shirts were also all the rage, even as leather jackets and sweaters acted as the preferred outerwear.

Hip Hop fashion

Hip-hop was another well-liked fashion movement in the '80s. Encouraged by music stars and rappers, the style was distinguished for its extra-large silhouettes. Along with loose-fitting clothes, hip-hop fashion also featured sneakers and statement accessories in chunky gold chains.

Rock fashion

Similar to everything in the '80s, rock fashion was about overindulgence. The hair was big, the outfits were wild, and there was a bounty of makeup. Obviously, at the same time, as with all rock looks, leather played a very important role. Accessories were also imperative, with headbands both becoming significantly popular for men.

80s teen fashion

In the 80s, several power-dressing trends became popular in teen fashion, such as:


The '80s are well-known for scores of things, but the hairstyles' utter craziness tops the list. The preferred style of sorority girls was using big rollers all overhead to roll back all over the place, excluding the base layers, and subsequently, the whole lot had cooled down to tease it to cotton-candy openness and tie up with hair spray. Teen boys preferred longer hair, including blond surfer hair, collar-length curtained hair, and uncombed grunge hair.

Teen fashion trends

In the 80s, teen girls' fashion was at its height. Not only did the decade have big hair and multi-colored makeup, but the girls' styles followed power suits. The jelly style was most branded for its shoe styling over and above solid bracelets and sparkling necklaces. A powerful Bomber jacket was necessary for a teen boy in the 80s. If they weren't wearing it, teen boys of the 80s might like better a leather jacket. Whether the sneakers were high or low tops, white was the color of preference in the 80s. 

Casual Styles 

Denim became more all the rage with designers who put more comfy denim on store models. The denim jean jacket turned out to be the classic accessory of the decade, and scores of teens found the look comfy and weather pleasant. In the 80s, teens also started the tendency to wear dull denim blues. Nothing like later decades; nevertheless, these styles were all self-made relatively than acquired at the store. 

Workout Styles 

Styles like cotton workout headbands, wristbands, sweaters, and legwarmers that had the neck extended out became good enough clothing choices for teens. Firm leggings, dress shoes, and sneakers helped to complete the collection.

Cartoon Characters 

The cute 80s cartoon clothing items offered all the teens, regardless of gender, a great chance to recall their much-loved characters. Cartoons had an exclusive way of engaging teens with their hilarious plot lines and colorful characters. As a great idea to add young-looking features to your attire, these cute cartoon clothing items undoubtedly showcased the teenagers' likeness for these humorously over-the-top characters. The 80s classic cartoon characters included pieces such as the He-Man, Care Bears, and TMNT series, which shaped pop culture. 


The '80s were full of unique styles and fashion statements, most we'd like to stop thinking about, many we can't put out of mind regardless of how hard we make an effort, some we hide photos of ourselves showing for fear that we die of embarrassment and some we don't believe in fact mind. So many tendencies were created in the '80s that have spun on all sides of the fashion cycle, either redundant yet again (shoulder prominence – studs, pads, chains), overdrawn on leggings, or preppy fashion and humorously over-the-top characters.