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pearl bridal jewelry

Pearls have long been a mainstay of wedding fashion, thanks to their timeless beauty. And for summer 2024, they're front and center—bringing sophistication and class to bridal looks everywhere.

Whether in the form of dainty pearl earrings or show-stopping necklaces, these gems add polish and perfection to any ensemble.

In fact, this season's take on pearls positions them not as an accessory. They're considered as an attitude—a nod to elegance and femininity that goes beyond pretty dresses alone.

The way brides incorporate pearls into their outfits feels new. It is a fresh take on tradition rather than fusty old tropes. Explore the latest styles below—and consider how you might channel their power for your own big day!

Classic Pearl Necklaces

pearl bridal jewelry

Classic pearl necklaces never go out of style. And they're making a big comeback for summer 2024 weddings. A bridal look can be transformed by adding these timeless pieces. But why stop at one?

Both single- and double-strand necklaces are hot right now. Let's take a closer look at why this is the case and how to wear them with different necklines.

Single and Double-Strand Necklaces

pearl bridal jewelry

For generations, brides have adored pearl necklaces. They especially like single or double-strand ones. A white single-strand necklace gives a graceful and subtle appearance, ideal for brides who want refined beauty.

A double-strand necklace is more striking. Sophisticated women love how it looks like two necklaces in one, with layers that are both trendy and timeless.

Both styles are still in demand! They blend old and new, meaning lots of different types of brides will suit them.

Styling with Various Necklines

pearl bridal jewelry

If you want to look stunning on your wedding day, it's important to choose the right pearl necklace for your dress neckline. Take a look at our guide:


Pair this with a one-strand choker or collar-style necklace. It adds classic beauty to bare shoulders.


In this case, a princess-length pearl necklace sits perfectly on the chest bone. It is emphasizing this romantic neckline.


Choose either a Y-shape drop necklace or a lariat style. Both follow the line of your plunging neckline for an elegant look that draws attention to pretty décolletage.

High neck:

Offset drama above-the-chin coverage with an opera-length strand of pearls. Perfect for elongating and adding allure over high necklines.


Go big and bold with multi-strand pearl chokers or opt for a striking statement piece like a bib necklace. Both draw eyes up towards collarbones beautifully when paired alongside off-shoulder dresses.

These pairings will ensure that your pearls truly shine on your wedding day. They will help make the occasion even more unforgettable!

Statement Pearl Earrings

pearl bridal jewelry

In summer 2024, one style of wedding jewelry is particularly popular: pearl earrings that make a statement. Among the top trends right now are large, dangly ones. They are perfect for adding an eye-catching touch to your outfit.

Let's take a closer look at this craze for oversized jewelry and find out which beautiful pair would best suit your big-day hairstyle-wise!

Oversized and Drop Earrings Trends

pearl bridal jewelry

If you want to be noticed as soon as you walk into the room, go for oversized pearl earrings. With their big, beautiful pearls, these earrings scream glamour. They'll elevate any bridal outfit into a fashion statement.

Alternatively, drop earrings offer something just as stunning but slightly more delicate. The pearls hang down in a cascade from each earring, giving both movement and grace. Perfect for adding an extra touch of sophistication to your look

Matching with Bridal Hairstyles

pearl bridal jewelry

Finding the right pearl earrings to match your wedding hairstyle helps create a cohesive and elegant look. Here's how to pair them seamlessly:


If you're wearing an updo, consider classic pearl studs or delicate drop earrings. They add sophistication without overpowering the style.

Loose Waves:

Dangling pearl earrings—whether long or short—complement loose waves beautifully. They bring both glamour and movement to this romantic look.

Half-Up, Half-Down:

Make a statement with pearl chandelier earrings when you wear your hair half-up, half-down. The fancy jewelry balances perfectly between formal and casual.


Enhance braided styles such as fishtails or Dutch plaits with small hoops featuring pretty pearls. Or try cluster earrings for something whimsical and enchanting.


Draw attention (and up the elegance factor) by pairing sleek ponytails with oversized pearl studs. Or consider buying bold diamond-dropped ones.

By considering these combinations, your chosen pearls will highlight not only you but also your bridal hairstyle—a win-win!

Pearl Hair Accessories

pearl bridal jewelry

Summer 2024 bridal trends are enriched by the presence of pearl hair accessories. They add a mix of contemporary style and timeless grace to wedding looks. Whether they come in the form of tiaras, headbands, or hairpins, these pieces are both charming and adaptable.

Discover why pearl hair accessories are wonderful. Plus, we'll discuss how to wear them with veils, different hairstyles, and more!

Tiaras, Headbands, and Hairpins

pearl bridal jewelry

If you want your wedding to feel like a fairy tale, consider wearing a pearl tiara. These beautiful headpieces are made up of pearls and will make any bride look sophisticated and elegant. Plus, they'll definitely help you stand out from the crowd!

For something a bit more modern, why not try a pearl headband? These can be worn with lots of different hairstyles because they don't take over the whole look. Instead, they just add a touch of class that never goes out of style.

Pearl hairpins are perfect if you want to add some subtle sparkle to your 'do! You could use lots together in an upstyle or just pin back one side of loose waves. Either way, they'll make you feel super romantic and pretty.

Integration with Veils and Hairstyles

pearl bridal jewelry

Pairing pearl hair accessories with veils and hairstyles can elevate the bride's look. Here's how to combine them seamlessly:


pearl bridal jewelry

If you're looking to wear a veil with your pearl tiara, know that this combo creates an elegant bridge between your headpiece and hair. It will also help hold your veil in place—a bonus!

Pearl headbands can also be incorporated into veiled looks. Wear one over or under your netting or tulle for just a touch of elegance (and without taking away from how otherworldly the whole thing is).


pearl bridal jewelry

When you're putting your hair up, try adding some pearl hairpins—they'll catch the light and look great. A pearl tiara would also be beautiful with a chic or romantic bun or chignon.

You could position it at the front of your head like a crown or place it further back. Another option is to wear a headband made entirely of pearls. It will circle your whole head, almost like jewelry for your hair!

Loose Waves

pearl bridal jewelry

If you're going for loose waves, then why not add a pearl headband to ramp up the relaxed style with an elegant twist?

Alternatively, use decorative hairpins to pin back sections of your hair and create a boho-chic look. If you want to enhance your natural beauty, go for a delicate tiara worn at the top of the wave.


pearl bridal jewelry

For braided hairstyles, one cute idea is to incorporate pearl hairpins into the braid itself for a touch of whimsy. Another option could be wearing a pearl headband. It frames your face nicely and complements any beautiful braiding you've got going on!


pearl bridal jewelry

If you have a high or low ponytail, consider adding pearl hairpins throughout the hairline or at the base of your ponytail to elevate the look.

For an extra touch of elegance, try a pearl headband. Or, if you want something more dramatic, why not use a tiara to turn your simple ponytail into something fit for royalty?

Pearl Bracelets

pearl bridal jewelry

Pearl bracelets are an excellent choice for summer 2024 bridal jewelry trends. They can add both elegance and versatility to a bride's ensemble.

Discover how lightweight bracelet stacks work, as well as the art of mixing pearls alongside other materials. It produces one-of-a-kind styles that are breathtaking!

Stacking Delicate Bracelets

pearl bridal jewelry

A trend that brides should consider trying out is stacking dainty pearl bracelets for a unique, fashionable look. By layering different types of thin pearl bracelets together, you can achieve a chic and sophisticated style.

This means combining traditional pearls alongside modern styles – all in one beautiful arm party! There are infinite ways to do this.

Maybe try pairing your pearls with other bracelets made from delicate metal chains. Have fun experimenting with the possibilities until you find something perfect for yourself!

Combining Pearls with Other Materials

pearl bridal jewelry

To give pearl bracelets a contemporary update, try mixing the precious orbs with other metals like silver or gold—or even leather. The result? Cool-girl elegance at its best.

A touch of yellow metal will lend warmth and richness to your piece. Silver will make it feel modern and sleek. As for leather? It brings an edgy (yet still totally chic) hit that's unexpected. It is perfect if you want something bold while walking down the aisle.

Consider these combinations an upgrade to your mom's classic strand of pearls. They'll go with everything in your closet, too.

Modern Pearl Rings

pearl bridal jewelry

Modern brides are falling for pearl rings this summer. They put a fresh, elegant spin on traditional wedding bands and engagement rings. Here's what you need to know about the styles captivating so many people right now and how to keep yours in top condition:

Pearl Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

pearl bridal jewelry

If you want something classic but a little different for your engagement ring, consider pearl instead of diamond. They're sophisticated and beautiful, with a natural shine that symbolizes purity. Besides, they add a touch of uniqueness.

And if you love the look so much that you'd like to wear pearls on your wedding day, too. Why not match one of these engagement rings with a stunning pearl wedding band?

Popular Settings and Care Tips

pearl bridal jewelry

Classic solitaire and halo settings are popular choices for pearl rings because they let the pearls shine. In solitaire settings, the pearl takes center stage on its own. In halo styles, small diamonds or other gemstones circle the pearl for added brilliance.

Bezel settings are also beloved for their sleek look as well as their protective nature: A metal rim circles the gem, keeping it safe from harm.

To preserve pearls' delicate beauty, certain precautions are in order. Harsh chemicals and abrasive materials can damage these organic gems. So clean them only with a soft cloth. If additional cleaning is required, use a damp soft cloth.

It's best to remove pearl rings (or any other pearl jewelry) before applying perfume, hairspray, or other types of cosmetics. The substances in such products can dull the pearls' luster over time.

When not wearing your pearl rings, store them separately from other pieces so they don't get scratched. And remember that these lovely gems benefit from being worn occasionally just to keep their inner glow going strong!


pearl bridal jewelry

Embrace the enduring beauty of pearls with summer 2024's bridal jewelry trends. You can choose them for classic necklaces or statement earrings. They also work well for versatile hairpieces or modern rings. These gems will add charm and style to any wedding outfit.

Look out also for delicate stacking bracelets – and interesting mixes of pearls with other materials. Enjoy celebrating one of jewelry's eternal hits by wearing it your way on perhaps the most important day of all.

Let these lustrous little gems help make your wedding day ensemble truly memorable!