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People need to know that pearls are not only perfect for wedding anniversaries. They make for excellent wedding gifts. 

We bet you'll love to see the priceless look on the faces of your loved ones when you present them with pearl jewelry.

Pearls symbolize love, innocence, purity, wealth, and power, making them perfect for new couples.  

Pearl Wedding Gifts

As every guest at a wedding knows, it can be not easy to choose the ideal wedding gift.

After all, every couple has their unique tastes. But with a pearl gift, you can never go wrong.

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about giving pearl jewelry as a wedding gift. Ready to get started? 

Here we go.

5 Reasons To Pick Pearl Jewelry For Wedding Gifts

Pearl Wedding Gifts

The symbolism of pearls to some represents an everyday life feeling you get when wearing the jewelry.

However, others have an underlying spirituality to theirs. 

Let's explore some of these. 

A Symbol Wealth 

Pearl Wedding Gifts

The rarity of pearls, especially the South Sea types, explains this. 

Pearl, in the past, was reserved for the wealthy in society.

While the narrative has changed today, many still ascribe wealth to pearls. 

It is one of the jewelry pieces a bride will always be happy to receive.


Pearl Wedding Gifts

One of the different pieces of jewelry that depict love is a pearl.

This is a major belief for many traditions as well, which define the formation of pearls as divine.

For example, the Greeks believe that pearls are similar to God's tears and that wearing them will prevent His incessant tears.  


Pearl Wedding Gifts

The Tahitians are an interesting one, and they are a major believer in pearls being fertility symbols.

This is very unique because they link the pearls to femininity and fertility.

According to the folktale, Oro, the Tahitian god, brought a Black Tahitian pearl to the earth for human use. 


Pearl Wedding Gifts

At the sight of pearls, you understand the meaning of peace.

They are so calm and pair well with other jewelry. 

Innocence and Purity 

Pearl Wedding Gifts

Pearls are not only peaceful, but they are also a symbol of innocence and purity.

Pearls, due to their white color and what it depicts, have been a symbol of purity for years.

Over time, brides adorn themselves with this jewelry on their big day to match their white gowns and other accessories. 

Types of Pearl Jewelry for Weddings

Pearl Wedding Gifts

●Pearl Wedding Necklaces

Pearl Wedding Gifts

Pearl necklaces have a certain charm that is difficult to resist, which makes them one of the best gifts you can give a bride for her big day. 

With a pretty pearl necklace, a bride can layer, especially if she loves to wear more than one necklace at a time.

Pearl necklaces come in various styles, so you don't have to worry about whether your loved one will love them or not, from the single stands to the bolder necklaces with other gemstone decorations.

With this piece, you will have no worries about getting nice pictures because it will be all elegant on you. 

●Pearl Wedding Earrings

Pearl Wedding Gifts

Another way to wear a pearl for a wedding is by using pearl earrings.

Do you know how beautiful it looks after wearing it? You can decide to choose anything from studs to drop earrings.

They all look beautiful and add some sheen to the bride's wedding outfit.

It can also be paired with a necklace to get the perfect look. 

●Pearl Bracelets

Pearl Wedding Gifts

Nothing a bride wears ever goes unnoticed on her wedding day because she's the center of attention- in fact, both partners are.

And so, it's a perfect idea to give the newlyweds a customized pair of pearl bracelets for that extra beauty.

It's perfect, especially for minimalistic couples, so you don't have to worry about it being excessive.

●Pearl Rings

Pearl Wedding Gifts

Do you know that wedding bands now come in the form of pearls?

Yes, and they are one of the best trendy options on the market. Not only are pearl rings unique, they last a lifetime. 

You can have other options, like making it more beautiful with other stones. Swarovski, diamond, gold, silver, etc. The options are endless.

For the couple who adores pearls and their symbolism, a pearl ring will set them off to a good start in their marriage.

●Personalized Pearl Pendants

Pearl Wedding Gifts

Nothing beats a personalized jewelry idea when it comes to wedding gifts. Both the bride and groom will love to have anything personalized. 

So, if you aren't sure of what type of pearl wedding gift to give your loved ones, your best bet is the personalized pearl pendant.

You can opt to put their initials or wedding dates on bar necklaces. You will surely draw a couple of tears on their big day.

●Hair Clips

Pearl Wedding Gifts

Now let's talk about the bride's hair! Pearl hair accessories come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

From pearl hair pins to tiaras, you can be sure that pearl accessories will add a dash of romance to the bride's hair. 


Pearl Wedding Gifts

There you have it all. We have talked about a lot of things, and your notes should be full now.

We have discussed the various symbolic representations of pearls.

Also, the different types of pearl jewelry you can give a bride on her big day.

Pearl jewelry is not just elegant but also screams sophistication, and any newlyweds who receive this as a gift will definitely be wowed.

Pearl Jewelry FAQs

Pearl Wedding Gifts

Are pearls suitable for all wedding styles?

Absolutely! Pearls are versatile, making it easy to pair them with almost any dress.

Your pearl necklaces and studs can blend perfectly with your veil for the day and your evening party dress.

How do I determine the quality of pearls?

Good quality pearls have a crisp and bright luster.

You should be able to see your reflection on the surface of a pearl.

Any pearl that seems excessively white, dull, or chalky is of low quality.  

Can I customize pearl jewelry for a unique touch?

Yes, you can personalize your pearls with your initials, the initials of a loved one, or a memorable date.

What is the average cost of pearl wedding jewelry?

The cost of pearl jewelry depends on various factors such as the quality, pearl type, etc.

However, the prices range from affordable to luxurious to fit any budget.

White Victoria will make the best selections for you and all at affordable prices. We can't wait to have you.