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From the Roman Empresses to contemporary celebrities on the red carpets, pearl necklaces have continually enthralled fashionistas of all ages with their timeless elegance and classic splendor. 

An essential component in any woman’s closet, pearls possess a breathtaking beauty that never fades away! Besides, pearl necklaces are a timeless classic, and for a good reason: their distinct luster elevates any outfit to unparalleled sophistication. 

pearl necklace style

Whether you’re looking for something unique to accessorize with or want to jazz up your existing wardrobe collection, I’ve gathered ten stunning pearl necklace styles at their highest peak this season.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s start dressing up with style—it’s all about making a bold and beautiful statement!

Pearl Choker

pearl necklace style

Make a statement with the classic, chic look of pearl chokers. These necklaces comfortably elegantly hug your throat for about 12-14 inches long and can be found in many different styles, from Akoya strands to beautiful Tahitian designs. 

For a soft, feminine look, you can also find freshwater pearl chokers with different pearls, including white, pink, champagne, or peach.

Go for a single-strand design to achieve an eye-catching yet subtle look. If you want something more striking and unique – choose a multi-strand choker with elegant details!

Pearl chokers are perfect for pairing with strapless and off-the-shoulder dresses. These timeless jewels also go well with high-collar shirts and crew neck sweaters, creating an elegant contrast with casual wear. 

Princess-Length Pearl Strand

pearl necklace style

A princess-length pearl strand is an iconic type of necklace, usually 17-19 inches long. From sophisticated Akoya cultured pearls to mesmerizing Tahitian designs, princess-length pearl necklaces come in a plethora of styles. 

Whether your preference is traditional gold or silver metals or something more unique like Keshi and baroque strands, you are certain to find the perfect fit for any look.

This statement necklace perfectly accompanies low-cut tops and dresses, creating a chic yet stylish look. 

Why not wear two shorter strands together for an elegant effect for formal occasions? With this accessory in your wardrobe, you can create an unforgettable ensemble regardless of the occasion.

Colored Pearl Necklaces

pearl necklace style

A colored pearl necklace is a unique and stylish way to accessorize your look. These necklaces come in various hues, from classic white to deep blues and vibrant greens. 

Whether you’re looking for a timelessly classic or strikingly modern look, colored pearl necklaces are sure to please. Akoya cultured pearls offer the traditional touch, while Tahitian and freshwater designs provide a more contemporary option with their vibrant hues. 

For those who desire an exceptionally unique piece, Keshi pearls come in striking shades - nothing else quite like it!

For an elegant, fashionable look, pair a multi-colored pearl necklace with an off-the-shoulder top or dress. Layers of two to three different lengths will give you a timeless yet modern aesthetic and make each hue stand out.

Or, keep it chic and simple by wearing a single strand with other accessories. Let your creativity take over, and find the perfect colored pearl necklace to showcase your style!

Pearl Rope

pearl necklace style

Enhance any ensemble with a timeless classic - the pearl rope necklace. These eye-catching necklaces come in various materials and designs, allowing for maximum versatility and effortless refinement regardless of your style. 

Try a classic Akoya cultured pearl rope necklace for an elegant, traditional look. 

If you’re looking for something more modern, choose a Tahitian alternative that features larger pearls with fascinating colors ranging from natural black hues to bright blues and greens- sure to make any ensemble stand out!

These necklaces are great for everyday wear with simple t-shirts or blouses. However, for a more formal look, try wearing the rope necklace over a low-cut top or dress for an effortless touch of elegance. 

You could layer it with other pieces - from traditional petite diamond earrings to bold and eye-catching statement rings for something extraordinary. With a pearl rope necklace, you’ll be able to create any look that you desire!

Pearl Pendant

pearl necklace style

Add some elegance to your wardrobe with a pearl pendant necklace! Whether you prefer the classic Akoya cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, or something bold and daring like Tahitian ones, there is an option for everyone.

Pearl pendants come in an immense array of offerings, from minuscule petite pieces to mesmerizing designs featuring multiple pearls simultaneously. 

These breathtaking pieces look stunning when matched with basic tops and dresses - so unleash your creativity to find the perfect accompaniment for any outfit!

Wear a single strand of pearls with complementary earrings or a bracelet for a classic look. Or make it modern by layering multiple pendant necklaces together for an eye-catching contrast. 

Try pairing a black Tahitian pearl necklace with rose gold tones or white Akoya pearls with sterling silver - no matter your choice, you’ll be sure to look radiant!

Double Strand Pearl Necklace

pearl necklace style

For a truly stunning style, look no further than the dazzling double-strand pearl necklace. With two rows of pristine pearls intricately crafted together, these necklaces effortlessly exude luxury and sophistication without fail.

With these chic pieces, you can create an array of striking looks. Wear them with simple t-shirts or blouses and minimal earrings for a classic feel. 

Or, if you desire to make more of an impression, pair them up with sophisticated chandelier earrings or bracelets to take your outfit from casual to formal in no time!

A double-strand pearl necklace complements any wardrobe and adds the right amount of luxury to any outfit. 

Whether you choose an understated single-color set or something vibrant and eye-catching, these necklaces will ensure you’re the center of attention wherever you go!

Pearl Necklace with Diamonds

pearl necklace style

Elevate your look to the next level with a pearl necklace adorned with exquisite diamonds. These magnificent pieces of jewelry are crafted from either Akoya or Tahitian cultured pearls and feature sparkling diamond accents that will leave you looking glamorous for any special occasion.

The beauty of these necklaces lies in contrast between the luxurious pearls and bright diamonds - making them perfect for evening wear and formal events. 

Whether you prefer a single or multi-strand necklace, a classic look, or something more dramatic, this piece has endless possibilities. Wear the necklace on its own for an elegant statement look or pair it with diamond earrings and a bracelet to create maximum impact.

Take your look to the highest level with a stunning black Tahitian pearl necklace featuring pave diamond accents and rose gold tones for an up-to-date twist. 

Or go classic with white Akoya pearls paired with dazzling round diamonds set in either silver or white gold - sure to be conversation starters no matter what!

Baroque Pearl Necklace

pearl necklace style

Baroque pearl necklaces are the perfect way to add some vintage elegance to your outfit. These pieces of jewelry feature irregularly shaped pearls in various sizes and colors, often combined with beautiful colored stones and crystals for an eye-catching effect.

Baroque pearls come in classic white and vibrant colors such as pink, green, or grey - so you can choose which fits your style best. Whether you opt for something subtle or make a bold statement, these necklaces will certainly turn heads everywhere you go!

When it comes to styling, these pieces look great when worn alone but can also be layered with other jewelry for a truly unique look. Pair it with jeans and sneakers for a stylish yet effortless ensemble for a casual day out. 

Or, if you’re feeling more daring, wear it with a maxi dress and statement earrings for instant glamor. Baroque pearl necklaces can be matched with any type of clothing - so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Pearl Necklace with Beads

pearl necklace style

Pearl necklaces with beads are a great way to add a fashionable, bohemian-inspired touch to your look. These jewelry pieces typically feature pearls in various shapes and sizes alongside colorful glass, crystal, or wooden beads for an eye-catching effect.

These unique necklaces come in single and multi-strand styles and can be worn in countless ways depending on the occasion. 

For a subtle yet stylish look, pair it with a basic t-shirt and minimal earrings. Or, if you’re looking to make an unforgettable statement, layer it on top of patterned maxi dresses along with complementary jewelry for instant shine!

Whether you go for classic white Akoya pearls or vibrant-colored options like Tahitians, you’ll be sure to make heads turn everywhere you go!

Pearl Necklace with Leather

pearl necklace style

If you want to bring a contemporary flair to your wardrobe, then consider investing in a pearl necklace with leather! 

These unique pieces are typically composed of both freshwater and cultured pearls on one strand, complemented by slim yet eye-catching leather cords that can be found in an array of muted or vibrant shades. 

The beauty of these necklaces lies in their versatility - they look great when worn alone. 

Still, they can also be mixed and matched with other accessories for a bolder effect. So whether you opt for classic white Akoya pearls or something more daring like Tahitians, you can make a statement!

For a relaxed yet fashionable look for everyday wear, adorn your pearl necklace with an oversized t-shirt and denim shorts. 

Or dress it up by wearing the pearls with off-shoulder dresses and high heels to take your evening attire to another level! With leather as a complementary partner, you can elevate any style effortlessly.


pearl necklace style

No matter which pearl necklace you decide upon, it will be sure to make a statement and refine your fashion style. These exquisite styles are perfect for lending a bit of sophistication to any outfit. 

Whether you go with something traditional or more modern and bold, pearl necklaces can easily add an element of luxury to all your looks! So don’t wait - let the world take notice of your stylish side today!