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·VP of Sales and Buyer for various companies in the jewelry industry, specializing in precious jewelry (2015 - present)

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Jewels give any ensemble instant grace, the x-factor, and the sparkling component. Jewelry gives an outfit the glam it lacks from an outfit on its own. It's crucial to pick the perfect jewelry and style it properly, as it can make or ruin an ensemble. You can experiment with concepts such as wearing gold spinner rings with your sparkling attire or keeping it basic with a simple pearl chain.

There are a plethora of jewelry styles to choose from. It can be difficult to know where to begin, though, with many options, such as gold spinning rings, delicate chains, lovely studs, and so on. Because of this, it's crucial to understand the fundamental stylistic principles to stand out and elevate your elegance.

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Below are a few pieces of jewelry styling advice to help you create the perfect look, from mixing and matching metals to picking the right pieces for your outfit.

No.1 Mix Metal Types

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More layers can be added as you combine metals, such as 18k gold bracelets, pearl necklaces, and silver earrings. A strong look for your clothing may be created by pairing silver jewelry with a gold chain or gold earrings with a silver bangle. This combination of metals will also give your ensemble a lively and fascinating feel.

No.2 Embrace Simplicity

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Wearing your favorite jewelry every day can occasionally be tempting. It could be best for your style to choose a few complementary things. You can make your outfit stand out with a statement necklace or by wearing eye-catching pearl earrings. Keeping things straightforward is far preferable to overcomplicating your appearance with a wide variety of jewelry in various types.

No.3 Experimenting Is The Key

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Before you notice it in yourself, it can be difficult to know what works for you. The easiest way to figure out what would look best and how to expand your jewelry collection properly is to experiment with various looks. Try putting different jewelry designs together that you might not typically consider doing so, and add various accessories like scarves, bags, or watches.

No.4 Compliment Your Look With Earrings 

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Never skip earrings, regardless of the outfit. With this advice, you'll seem put together because earrings give an ensemble depth and finish it off. Earrings effortlessly complete the look of the entire ensemble. So, never forget your earrings. A set of expertly designed earrings can enhance your face when worn properly. All eyes will be drawn to your face by bright colors, huge patterns, or even specially-made dangling components.

No.5 Make Your Fingers Shine

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Rings go well with any attire. When a bracelet is not an option, rings can work incredibly well, such as with a garment that has a dramatic sleeve. You can wear a single pearl ring or stack smaller rings depending on the occasion. Use rings as an experiment on your thumb, pointer, and pinky. Stacking rings can provide your outfit a lot more versatility because you can mix and match them however you like to get a slightly different look every day. For a more understated appearance, you can even wear just one or two straightforward stacking rings on some days.

No.6 Decide The Focus Of The Outfit

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Would you prefer your necklace to sparkle or liven up your outfit? Make up your mind in advance. To match your costume, if you decide to wear a lot of jewelry, you must pick which piece will be the center of attention. Choose simple and minimal pearl jewelry if you want your clothing to be the center of attention. Figure out the focal point and ensure that other accessories and attire don't take away from it.

No.7 Show Off Your Craze For A Bracelet

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The thinnest portion of our bodies we can beautify is our wrists. Therefore, it's our responsibility to highlight the good as women are also quite expressive. The wrists and hands of women are also referred to as their "expressive zone." In addition to being visible to others, bracelets are a fantastic accessory that can significantly improve our appearance.

No.8 Add Layers To Your Look

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Why not start with a unique yet beautiful statement? To make eye-catching layers experiment with different lengths, shapes, textures, and colors while layering rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. When stacking necklaces, go to lengths that draw the eye to your face. It often works well to use various shapes, colors, and textures. Different bracelets and bangles that sparkle and jingle as you move can create an arm party. Mixing, matching, and stacking various arrangements of rings can be made.

No.9 Necklace As Per Neckline

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You should constantly consider your unique personal style, structure, coloring, and other physical characteristics regarding jewelry. Women's standard necklaces usually are 18 inches or 45 centimeters long. The length of necklaces for lower-cut clothing typically rests over the neckline or the top of crewnecks and other high-necked apparel. Use a matinee-length necklace that is usually 55 cm or 22 inches above the collarbone if you are tall or have a larger frame.

No.10 Wear Earrings as Per the Event (Not the Outfit)

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Wearing different small stud earrings daily will allow you to change your appearance. Dangling earrings, on the other hand, might add shine and movement depending on your attire. The best place to start is by looking through your jewelry collection to see what you haven't worn recently. You can also add some variety and excitement to your jewelry collection by purchasing new pairs of pearl earrings that catch your eye.

No.11 Add a spice of color

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A remarkable way to brighten your appearance and mood is by using colored stones. You can accessorize even the most basic monochrome clothing with color by adding a single-colored gemstone piece of jewelry, like a gemstone ring or nose pin, to all the other jewelry items.

No.12 Feel Confident With Your Sentimental Pieces

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Most people wish to wear their emotional jewelry all the time or on special occasions. Look at your jewelry collections and make your sentimental jewel an impressive part of your styling. You can add more gems to complement the color of your costumes if the color of it seems strange to them.

No.13 Pair Bold With Basic

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Many women think a powerful dress should be paired with simple, understated jewelry to avoid seeming cluttered. Make sure the forms and colors of your jewelry compliment your vibrantly patterned dress if you're wearing a large necklace or dangly earrings. It keeps your style from seeming haphazard and jumbled together. Choose Wisely!

No.14 Stylish Watches Do Make a Jewellery

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If you are dressed for a party, consider getting the wearing watch possible with gold chains or perhaps a diamond dial. Watches are always sophisticated and trendy. Avoid old-fashioned, big dials whenever possible. A gorgeous watch can make a huge difference.

No.15 Follow Trends But Up To Some Extend

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Everyone has a friend or acquaintance who has an obsessive obsession with fashion. It's OK that trends have some influence on what we wear. But it's never a good idea to follow fashion blindly at the price of your own taste and uniqueness. Instead, focus on creating and perfecting a uniquely personal look that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

No.16 Jewelry Enhancing Your Skin Tone

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When choosing jewelry for a specific ensemble, it's not always about the design but rather the metal. White metals such as platinum or silver are the finest option for cool skin tones, and silver or white gold if you have fair skin with pale or red overtones. The glowy brilliance of cold skin tones is enhanced by metallic accents like silver, which also complement pale or blonde hair.

No.17 Polish Your Jewellery Regularly

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Cleaning jewelry is something that many people who wear it neglect to do. The appearance of your jewelry and your general appearance will be considerably enhanced by routine cleaning. Cleaning your jewelry is something you shouldn't overlook. Scrutinize your jewelry, especially any pieces you usually wear or have been collecting dust. It's undoubtedly dusty, dull, and far from its sparkling best, as you'll discover.

No.18 Ditch All the Rules

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This Golden rule is the final piece of advice. Rules are merely guidelines when it comes to accessorizing and dressing up. The most crucial thing is to embrace and channel your sense of style.

The appropriate jewellery can highlight your style, improve your appearance, and enhance your self-confidence. On the other hand, incorrect jewellery can make you appear awkward and uneasy, depending on what you mix it with. Depending on your preferences, pick the ideal jewellery style. Having a lot of jewellery is unnecessary, but it would be good to have enough to match all the costumes. After dressing yourself in your stunning jewellery, look in the mirror and leave the house confidently. 

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