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Do you have a pearl necklace in your jewelry box that hasn't been worn in a while because you are tired of just wearing it one way all the time?

Or have you searched tirelessly for the ideal statement earrings that can brighten up your look like "diamonds in the sky" without any result? I've got some tips for you!

The pearl necklace is a timeless fashion piece that can make a bold statement.

It matches every style and occasion well, but the challenge is what to pair it with.

Finding the right earrings that match your pearl necklace will make you look gorgeous and exquisite.

Keep reading to find out the different earring styles that can go with your pearl necklace.

The Different Types of Earrings

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

Earrings are made in different shapes, structures, textures, colors, and designs.

Knowing what each pair looks like and how best to pair them with a pearl necklace is essential in spicing up your look. 

Here are seven types of earring styles to look out for when shopping for jewelry next time:

●Stud Earrings

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

Simple and sweet, stud earrings remain one of the most sophisticated pieces of jewelry that go well with any pearl necklace. 

Stud earrings come in different materials and colors to choose from, including gold, silver, etc. 

Stud earrings draw the right attention to your neckline and are very versatile for any occasion.

With your pearl necklace and stud earrings, you can be sure to look sleek for work or cute and classy during an outing with the girls.

●Dangle Earrings

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

Nothing screams elegance and class like a set of dangle earrings.

Made in different shapes and styles, dangle earrings add a special charm to the wearer, but there are certain features to look out for before wearing them with a pearl necklace. 

If your pearl necklace is on the shorter side, opt for dangle earrings that don't extend beyond your neckline so as to complete your ensemble.

For a red-carpet event or dinner date, consider dangle earrings in silver or gold that make you look stunning for the night.

●Hoop Earrings

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

One of the oldest forms of accessory in the history of mankind is hoop earrings.

Hoop earrings can be traced back to ancient Egypt when they symbolized power and religion.

Today, this signature piece is made with different drops and shapes and is being rocked by icons and celebrities.

Adorn your look with hoop earrings to any event, either a business meeting or a night out and watch how you will stand out from the rest.

Every distinct design is set to add the perfect balance to your look, especially if adorned with a pearl necklace.

●Drop Earrings

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

Searching for a dainty yet beautiful look with your pearl necklace? Then drop earrings are your go-to for this kind of charm.

With their delicate features, the women's drop earrings are an extended version of the stud earrings because they drop below your earlobe. 

Drop earrings are a great way to add some elegance to your outfit without feeling too heavy on your ears.

They come in different shapes and designs and are super lightweight, so you can wear them for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

You can even pair them with a beautiful pearl necklace for a classic look. 

And if you're looking for a complete set, you can find pearl jewelry sets that include a necklace and small drop earrings.

This way, you can add some style and versatility to any outfit you wear!

●Chandelier Earrings

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

Chandelier earrings are an artistic yet unique form of jewelry.

Made by carefully weaving each gemstone into a metal line to form an exceptional display of creativity and symphony, chandelier earrings are highly esteemed for their cascading elements and artistic design.

They are a perfect blend with multiple strands of pearl necklaces, as they would look plain with just a single strand of pearl necklace.

With the chandelier earrings, you can choose to opt for a bold or subtle color.

Whatever your choice is, it will switch things up, taking your look from plain boring to exquisite.

●Statement Earrings

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

Statement earrings are bold pieces that redefine the world of fashion accessories.

Do you know what makes their design stand out? It's the way they've crafted it with such authenticity and vibrant expression.

You can tell just by looking at their unique shape, texture, and structure. 

Statement earrings are unique accessories that capture attention in any room.

They pair perfectly with simpler pearl necklaces.

4 Tips to Perfectly Style Your Earrings with a Pearl Necklace

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

So, we just talked about the different styles of earrings that go well with pearl necklaces.

Now, let's talk about some of the essential tips you need to keep in mind when styling your pearl necklace with earrings. Check these out:


Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

This factor is very significant when choosing an earring set that goes with your pearl necklace.

Consider if the overtones are the right match for the type of earrings you want to go for.

For instance, if your pearl necklace is silver, it is best that your earrings also come in that silver to create a harmonious fusion between the two.

●Necklace length and shape

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

It would be best if you also considered the length of the necklace before styling it with a pair of earrings so that the pieces fit you like a glove.

Wear a pearl necklace with long length and simple matching stud earrings, and if the pearls come larger, opt for earrings that are smaller in shape to create a balanced look.

●Combine the styles

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

There is a sense of confidence that comes with wearing styles and patterns that adequately fit you.

Find how to match the designs of your earrings and necklaces, as this guides you toward defining your sense of style.

If you are someone who likes bold, authentic expression, then it is best that you wear a statement earring with a single pearl necklace.

It draws the right attention to your neckline and gives you an elegant look.

●Consider the occasion

Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

Where you wear them also matters.

If you are attending a business or formal event, it is best to go for simple stud earrings with a single-strand pearl necklace, as it screams class and sophistication.

Still, you can decide to be flexible and creative if going on an outing.


Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

Do you know what's a must-have in any jewelry collection these days? Earrings! They can add such a sophisticated and elegant touch to any look.

Combining your pearl necklaces with a pair of earrings should stem from picking the one that best suits your face and style, knowing the right colors and shapes that match, and wearing the ones that are perfect for each occasion.


Wear Earring With Pearl Necklace

●How do you pick out pearl earrings?

When you're shopping for new sets of pearl earrings, only go for the type that blends well with your face shape.

The color you choose also matters, so go for a set that complements your skin color.

●What are the best materials for earrings to pair with a pearl necklace?

There are different materials of earrings to pair with a pearl necklace, from diamond studs to drop earrings, silver studs, dangle earrings, and hoop earrings.

It's important to ensure that the size of your stud or hoop doesn't take the shine of your pearl necklace.

●Are there any other jewelry pieces that I should consider wearing with a pearl necklace?

Pearl necklaces are a great combination of gold and silver bracelets, floral earrings, hoop earrings, statement rings, etc.

To top your look with an aura of sophistication and elegance, you can consider layering your pearl necklace.