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The 1980s fashion showed a magnificent time where extravagant silhouettes, teased perms, and vivid hues were the norm. Undoubtedly, the 80s may have been the most daring decade in the history of modern fashion.

Fashion trends have several distinct eye-catching ranges, making a time when there was something for everyone. Whether you love or dislike 80s fashion, it is impossible to ignore the leg warmers, blue eyeshadow, bright pink lips, and big hairstyles that were popular during that era.

80s fashion icons

Subtlety counted for nothing in fashion throughout this decade of extravagance. It's important to note that people associated richness and glamour with outrageousness and outlandishness during this period. Furthermore, fashion was at its most creative and expressive.

Fashion Icons in the 80s

80s fashion icons

Some of the most prominent fashion icons epitomized unfettered and flamboyant dresses came from this golden age. People used clothing to express strong opinions and identify personalities during this era.

The eighties were among the most experimental decades in fashion history due to legendary fashion icons like Princess Diana, Madonna, Joan Collins, and Boy George. Here are some of the best fashion icons from the 1980s that will always be in our hearts. 

Princess Diana

80s fashion icons

The late princess was perhaps the most studied, evaluated, followed, photographed, and pursued woman of the decade, yet all that attention didn't stop her from consistently putting together breathtaking appearances. 

In the 1990s, she was popular for her short blonde locks and expensive dresses, but in the 1980s, when she was just a young princess, she flicked fringe, delicate eye makeup, and suits made everyone smitten.

Although, it's absurd to attempt to sum up Princess Diana's influence on fashion and culture in a brief paragraph. However, summarily, I regard her as the trendsetter of a generation and that her super-eighties wedding dress, regarded as one of the biggest in history, was remarkable. 

Her epic wedding gown included a huge 25-foot train, the biggest in royal wedding history! Furthermore, Diana was a true icon in many fields, with fashion unquestionably among them. 

She possessed a natural fashion sense and could look stunning in even the most basic or extravagant ensembles. In 2021, the cycling shorts and sweater ensemble that was so popular was a style traced back to an outfit she effortlessly rocked.

Some of her famous iconic fashion trends include:

Jean and Sweatshirt Combo

80s fashion icons

Even now, many Pinterest boards still feature the jeans and sweatshirt combination that Princess Diana wore, and yes, for a good reason.

Sparkly Spaghetti Strap Dress

80s fashion icons

Princess Diana effortlessly appeared stunning in a sparkling spaghetti strap dress with a sweetheart neckline. She wore something basic, yet she gave it a beautiful, elegant appearance.

Robe Dress

80s fashion icons

This coat is an upgraded version of Ron Weasley's Yule Ball dress robes. Princess Diana, as per usual, added a little bit of matchy-matchy flair with her hat and shoes, producing a style that stunned and served as a trend for a long time.

Micheal Jackson

80s fashion icons

For Michael Jackson, fashion was a way of life. Aside from being the King of Pop, he is most likely the most prominent celebrity ever to walk the face of the world. 

Michael Jackson had an unrivaled impact on fashion, and he was the first pop singer to define what a fashion pioneer was true. He invented the trophy jacket fashion in the 1980s, along with recognizable sparkling gloves and military accouterments. 

This jacket embodies everything great about 1980s fashion. Furthermore, the power jacket became a defining element of Michael Jackson's style and one of the decade's most often imitated cuts.

Some of Micheal's most iconic fashion trends include

Michael Jackson's Moto Jacket

80s fashion icons

Without question, Michael Jackson's 1987 blockbuster track "Bad" gave him his rebellious reputation. He looked adamant in the scene at an eerie subway station while wearing the song's music video's moto jacket.

The motocross trend is currently quite popular, and it's tough not to think about Michael Jackson strutting around in the "Bad" music video wearing a moto jacket embellished with dazzling chains.

All Embellished Everything

80s fashion icons

Balmain's SS09 collection was among the most notable subtle references to Michael Jackson's flamboyant flair. These designs were trendy when Christophe Decarnin was the brand's creative director. Jackson's high-octane, pop-pepped energy is discernible in nearly every look in the collection, packed with power-shouldered, street-inspired glam and splendor.

The Thriller Jacket

80s fashion icons

Jackson's red leather jacket with numerous zippers, which he wore in the "Beat It" music video in 1983, soon rose to fame and became extensively imitated. 

Michael Jackson recreated a similar tomato-colored look in his later "Thriller" video because he had the same enthusiasm for the red jacket.

The best in the fashion industry has frequently referred to Michael Jackson's renowned "Thriller" jacket. Maison Margiela released a leather jacket in 2008 that was practically an exact duplicate of the jacket from "Thriller."


80s fashion icons

Madonna was an undeniable fashion icon, from wearing lingerie as outerwear to her signature lacy gloves, crucifix chains, and fondness for Boy London jeans. This genuine legend wore most of the 80s fashion that was worthwhile.

In 1983, our beloved Madge broke onto the mainstream scene wearing outrageous scrunchies, tutus, and leathers. Madonna was the epitome of the 1980s' hip, energetic, and mega-hot trends. 

Early in the 1980s, the Italian-American singer/dancer debuted the first of many signature outfits. Soon, everyone was donning statement t-shirts, 34-length black leggings, rara skirts, eyeliner, and beauty spots. 

We fell in love, and the pop queen continued to rule for the remainder of the decade while pushing fashion frontiers with her fantastic figure and conical bras.

Some of Madonna's most iconic fashion trends include

Madonna, Pearls, and Rough Hair

80s fashion icons

There are many beautiful things about Madonna's attire. The pearls! The crucifix! the unruly hair. It usually satisfies all the requirements.

American Music Award's All-black Outfit

80s fashion icons

Another stunning Madonna outfit, because why not? To attend the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Madge wore this all-black ensemble.

Bike Shorts

80s fashion icons

Madonna was the first to sport bike shorts. This one was more subdued than some of her other performance outfits.

Demi Moore

80s fashion icons

Since her fame in the late 1980s, Demi Moore has established herself as a fashion icon. The actress, who was then married to Bruce Willis, was well-known for her bold fashion decisions, notably her recognizable buzz cut. 

Demi Moore rocked the 1980s fashion industry, whether she was wearing a jaw-dropping gown or a battered leather jacket. Not to be overlooked are the 80s fashion staples of this icon's pineapple haircut and pink blush cosmetics.

Moore improved her style over the 2000s, giving her formerly "edgy" character a more refined spin. Furthermore, she still pushes the limits of fashion today, often donning eye-catching outfits.

Some of her prominent fashion styles include:

Billowy Overalls

80s fashion icons

We wholeheartedly approve of the return of these billowy overalls in 2019. This trend was quite popular in the 80s and started with Demi Moore. Add a crop top to this gorgeous outfit to style this look perfectly.

The Chunky Look

80s fashion icons

If there was one person that rocked the chunky look in the 80s, it was Demi Moore. This outfit is flawless, with sleek hair, a visible neckline, hefty jewelry, and chunky sleeves. 

Michelle Pfeiffer

80s fashion icons

Particularly following her performance as Elvira Hancock in the film Scarface, Michelle Pfeiffer became the go-to girl of the era. Michelle was the epitome of a Hollywood Golden Girl with the perfect sense of style owing to her short, bobbed blonde hair and slim frame. 

She set the standard for what exquisite fashion meant by dazzling the red carpets in simple yet gorgeous dresses and gowns.

Till today, Mitchelle still rocks the 800s style effortlessly. Given Pfeiffer's historical importance, the cinched jacket with two angular lapels and enormous, textured gold buttons on the cuffs and front represented the 80s style. She layered long red gloves and big gold post earrings from the French brand beneath the outfit to complete the throwback look.

Other Fashion Icons Notable mentioned are:

Joan Jett

80s fashion icons

With her all-girl rock band, The Runways, Joan Jett was the ultimate rockstar and gave us the anthem "I Love Rock' n' Roll." She embodied authentic punk fashion, consistently spotted in ripped jeans and studded leather jackets. Even among the younger generations, Joan remains one of the greatest celebrities. She was one of the forerunners of the punk rock fashion trend.

Whitney Houston

80s fashion icons

Women worldwide wanted to copy the big singer's style since she was always in vogue. She bravely embraced fashion and wore her well-known off-shoulder styles, bodysuits, and large permed hair.


The 80s fashion is one of the best to have existed. Over the past few years, this style has somewhat taken over the trend, making people look as iconic as they can be. However, these styles will only exist with our notable icons doing what they know how to do best.