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From the first anniversary to your sixtieth, anniversaries are special moments that celebrate love and commitment. Throughout the years, couples have celebrated each anniversary milestone with special gifts that honor the history and memories of their relationship. This day is perfect for showing your partner how much you care.

Whether it's a first, fifth, tenth, or sixtieth anniversary, each year has its special gift. For many years working in a gift shop, I have compiled a list of anniversary gifts by year to help you find the perfect present for your partner. With my guide, you can choose a thoughtful gift that your partner will love. So let's get started! 

Anniversary Gifts by Year

anniversary gift by year

In the medieval days, these ancient customs of giving anniversary gifts were established to bring good luck and success to a marriage. However, it wasn't till much later on, during the Victorian era, that this tradition gained traction.

While some still hold more traditional beliefs, others nowadays put forward an altered viewpoint: each gift should be thoughtfully selected with its value increasing as you invest more into your matrimony - serving as a token of appreciation for all it's brought forth and occasionally rewarding your beloved one.

Every year has a special gift associated with it. For example, the first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with paper, while the fifth anniversary celebrates wood and leather. 

Here is a quick overview of the anniversary gifts by year: 

· First Anniversary: Paper

· Second Anniversary: Cotton

· Third Anniversary: Leather

· Fourth Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

· Fifth Anniversary: Wood 

· Sixth Anniversary: Iron/Candy

· Seventh Anniversary: Wool/Copper

· Eighth Anniversary: Bronze/Pottery

· Ninth Anniversary: Pottery/Willow 

· Tenth Anniversary: Tin/Aluminum

· Eleventh Anniversary: Steel 

· Twelfth Anniversary: Silk/Linen

· Thirteenth Anniversary: Lace 

· Fourteenth Anniversary: Ivory 

· Fifteenth Anniversary: Crystal 

· Twentieth Anniversary: China 

· Twenty-fifth Anniversary: Silver 

· Thirtieth Anniversary: Pearl 

· Thirty-fifth Anniversary: Coral 

· Fortieth Anniversary: Ruby 

· Forty-fifth Anniversary: Sapphire 

· Fiftieth Anniversary: Gold 

· Sixtieth Anniversary: Diamond

Each of these gifts is a beautiful way to commemorate your special bond. Whether you opt for a classic or a modern twist on traditional gifts, you can find something special. 

What Are the Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year?

First Anniversary: Paper

anniversary gift by year

On your inaugural wedding anniversary, paper is the customary present. The bonds within this material represent the strength and solidarity of your budding relationship. Paper has no markings – it refers to starting a new life together. 

To illustrate that sentiment, consider gifting something like an instructional cookbook for newlyweds, personalized art featuring you two, or tickets to unique events to help write out this chapter in your story.

What to Buy?

· Finch and Cotter Custom Star Map Poster

· Minted One Perfect Year Custom Photo Art

· Pictura Poema Personalized Wedding Portrait

Second Anniversary: Cotton

anniversary gift by year

The second anniversary marks the growth of your relationship and a stronger bond. Cotton signifies comfort, durability, and reliability – all characteristics you want in a successful marriage. As for the traditional second-anniversary gift, select something soft and luxurious, like comfy bedding or PJs.

What to Buy?

· The Modish Home Couples Initials Throw Blanket

· It's Your Turn Socks Cotton Anniversary Socks

· Casper Snoozewear Blanket Robe


Third Anniversary: Leather

anniversary gift by year

The third anniversary is traditionally celebrated with leather. Leather symbolizes the flexibility and understanding two partners should possess in a healthy relationship. Gift your partner a leather accessory like a wallet, handbag, or journal - something that can be used in your everyday life and reminds them of you.

What to Buy?

· Symbolic Leather "Love link" Bracelet

· Long-Lasting Custom Leather Rose

· Monogrammed Rustic Leather Journal

Fourth Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

anniversary gift by year

The fourth anniversary is all about nourishing your relationship with a gift of fruit or flowers. Fruits represent the sweetness and richness that should always linger in your marriage. A bouquet or a potted plant communicates how you're still blossoming and growing stronger together every day!

What to Buy?

· Gorgeous Dried Hydrangeas

· Gold-Dipped Forever Rose

· Delicious Fruit Arrangement

Fifth Anniversary: Wood 

anniversary gift by year

The fifth anniversary is symbolized with wood, representing both longevity and strength. Wood as a gift signifies that your love will withstand the test of time. Select something unique for your fifth anniversary, like a handcrafted wooden jewelry box, a photo frame, or wall art – anything that holds special memories of your relationship. 

What to Buy?

· Boutique Heritage Engraved Cutting Board

· Enjoy the Wood World Map Travel Wall Art

· Jeremiah and Kassy Reynolds Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan


Sixth Anniversary: Iron/Candy

anniversary gift by year

The sixth anniversary marks a milestone in your marriage. Iron is symbolic of the strength and stability of your relationship – it's built to last! The traditional gift of candy is also suggested to honor the sweetness that should always remain in your marriage. Select a special treat like gourmet chocolates, a box of truffles, or other sweet confections to share. 

What to Buy?

· Cast Iron Grill Press

· Black Iron Bracelet

· Levain Bakery Signature Cookie Assortment Gift Box

Seventh Anniversary: Wool/Copper

anniversary gift by year

The seventh anniversary is usually celebrated with wool or copper. Wool symbolizes warmth and comfort, while copper represents luck and good fortune. Don't forget to show your care with something unique, like a hand-knit sweater, soft bedding, or copper jewelry. 

What to Buy?

· The Citizenry La Brisa Alpaca Throw

· Linoto 100% Linen Sheet Set

· Mnml Portrait Art Custom Anniversary Portrait

Eighth Anniversary: Bronze/Pottery

anniversary gift by year

The eighth anniversary is traditionally celebrated with bronze or pottery. Bronze symbolizes strength and stability, while pottery represents creativity and unique expression. Surprise your partner with a creative gift like commissioned artwork, pottery made by a local artist, or something antique and one-of-a-kind.

What to Buy?

· Bronze Sound Wave Art

· Interlocking Bronze Rings Necklace

· Handmade Ceramic Mug


Ninth Anniversary: Pottery/Willow 

anniversary gift by year

The ninth anniversary is usually celebrated with pottery or willow. Pottery symbolizes creativity and unique expression, while willow represents flexibility and understanding in a relationship. Gift your partner something special that has personal meaning – like a hand-thrown bowl, personalized sculpture, or willow furniture for the home. 

What to Buy?

· Bloomingville Ceramic Collection at Zola

· Mark & Graham Dipped Ceramic Pitcher

· Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser 

Tenth Anniversary: Tin/Aluminum

anniversary gift by year

On your tenth anniversary, it's time to commemorate the strength and durability of your marriage. Tin or aluminum symbolize strength and endurance – perfect for celebrating a decade together! So gift your partner an item made of tin or aluminum, like a handmade jewelry box, personalized sign, or celebratory keepsake. 

What to Buy?

· Aligned Adventures Tin Anniversary Mug

· Rachael Ray Create Delicious 13-Piece Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Set

· Jewelry Everyday "My Best Catch" Aluminum Key Chain


Eleventh Anniversary: Steel 

anniversary gift by year

The eleventh anniversary is traditionally celebrated with steel. Steel symbolizes the strength and stability of your relationship as you continue to grow together. Show your partner you care with a special steel gift like a customized keychain or necklace, gourmet kitchenware, or functional art pieces. 

What to Buy?

· Stainless Steel Cooler

· Stainless Steel Cuff Links

· Steel Heart Wall Sculpture


Twelfth Anniversary: Silk/Linen

anniversary gift by year

If you're celebrating twelve years of marriage, you have reached a major milestone – and what better way to commemorate it than silk or linen? Silk symbolizes refined elegance and timeless beauty, while linen represents the comfort of home. So give your partner something luxurious like a silk robe or scarf or something cozy like a linen throw or pillow. 

What to Buy?

· Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

· Rifle Paper Co. Silk Scarf

· Rough Linen St. Barts Linen Robe


Thirteenth Anniversary: Lace 

anniversary gift by year

The thirteenth anniversary is traditionally celebrated with lace. This beautiful fabric symbolizes the intricate beauty of your relationship and all you've been through together. So choose something special for your partners, like a lace tablecloth, intricate lingerie, or custom embroidery. 

What to Buy?

· Say Your Piece Lace Embossed Heart Ring Dish

· Fleur't Belle Epoque Lace T-Back Chemise

· Vivere Brazilian Style Double Deluxe Hammock


Fourteenth Anniversary: Ivory 

anniversary gift by year

While the fourteenth anniversary may seem like just another day to you, why not turn it into something special and commemorate your fourteen years together with ivory? Ivory symbolizes beauty, purity, and love. Gift your partner something made of ivory, like a handmade figurine or jewelry piece – even a set of luxurious ivory-colored sheets can make this milestone anniversary one to remember. 

What to Buy?

· West Elm Ivory Cotton Knit Throw

· Jacobsen Salt Co. Six Vial Infused Salt Set

· World Market Marble and Gold Serving Tray


Fifteenth Anniversary: Crystal 

anniversary gift by year

The fifteenth anniversary is usually celebrated with crystal. This beautiful material symbolizes elegance, clarity, and strength – perfect for commemorating the longevity of your relationship. Give your partner something special, like a crystal vase, a set of stemware, or an engraved keepsake. 

What to Buy?

· Swarovski Sparkling Dance Round Necklace

· Waterford Love Forever Flute Pair

· The Metal Foundry 15th Wedding Anniversary Sundial 


Twentieth Anniversary: China 

anniversary gift by year

If you're lucky enough to be celebrating your twentieth anniversary, you know just how special this milestone is. To commemorate it, the traditional gift is china – a material that symbolizes beauty and resilience. Choose something special, like a personalized platter, crystal vase, or even a custom dinnerware set that your partner can cherish for years to come. 

What to Buy?

· Vista Allegre Emerald 5-Piece Place Setting

· Cinnamon Projects Circa Mineral Incense Burner

· Memories1314 Custom Photo/Text Decorative Plate 


Twenty-fifth Anniversary: Silver 

anniversary gift by year

The twenty-fifth anniversary is usually celebrated with silver – a material that symbolizes strength and connection. Show your partner how much you care with a special silver-plated gift like a family heirloom, engraved jewelry, or a set of sparkling crystal stemware. 

What to Buy?

· Mark & Graham Celebration Wine Chiller

· David Yurman Infinity Earrings with Diamonds

· Tissot Gent XL Classic Bracelet Watch


Thirtieth Anniversary: Pearl 

anniversary gift by year

If you're celebrating your thirtieth anniversary, it's time to commemorate this major milestone with a traditional gift of pearl. Symbolizing wisdom, elegance, and beauty, the pearl is the perfect material to mark this special occasion. Choose something timeless, like a strand of pearls or earrings, or go for something more unique, like a handcrafted keepsake. 

What to Buy?

· Pearl Shell Photo Frame

· Pearl Stud Earrings

· Silver Mother-of-Pearl Cuff Links

Fortieth Anniversary: Ruby 

anniversary gift by year

To honor your fortieth anniversary, the traditional gift is a ruby. Symbolizing love and passion, rubies – like a marriage – are resilient and unbreakable. Show your partner your appreciation with special ruby-encrusted jewelry or even a set of ruby-accented stemware. No matter what you give, your partner will surely cherish it for years. 

What to Buy?

· Cufflinks Inc. Stripe Square Cufflinks

· dan-yell Lil Chili Necklace

· Voluspa Limited Edition Cut Glass Jar Candle


Forty-fifth Anniversary: Sapphire 

anniversary gift by year

The forty-fifth anniversary is usually celebrated with sapphire – a gemstone that symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness. Give your partner something special like a sapphire-encrusted necklace, Bracelet, or earrings – a beautiful reminder of your commitment to each other over the years. 

What to Buy?

· Sapphire Crystal Watch

· Sapphire Blue Flower Vase

· Sapphire Stud Earrings

Fiftieth Anniversary: Gold 

anniversary gift by year

Gold is the traditional gift if you're celebrating your fiftieth anniversary. Gold represents wealth and prosperity; gold is a timeless material that will make your partner feel loved. Choose something special like a gold-filled necklace, cufflinks, or even a precious piece of jewelry – each of these will be cherished for years to come. 

What to Buy?

· Bony Levy 14K Gold Knot Stud Earrings

· Knot Cufflinks

· The Leo

Sixtieth Anniversary: Diamond

anniversary gift by year

The sixtieth anniversary is often celebrated with a diamond – a luxurious gemstone representing strength and commitment. For a relationship to remain strong over six decades, love must be unwavering and patience unparalleled. 

That is why diamonds are celebrated as the epitome of this feat - traditional gifts, modern presents, gemstone commemorations, and diamond-white being announced as the year's color! Diamonds represent an unbreakable bond that has spanned lifetimes; it's no wonder they're so coveted for such momentous occasions. 

Give your partner something unforgettable for your special sixtieth anniversary, like a diamond pendant necklace, earrings, or Bracelet. These iconic pieces will be cherished for many years to come. 

What to Buy?

· Black Diamond Bracelet

· Diamond Studs

· Diamond Old Fashioned Glasses

anniversary gift by year

Bottom Line

No matter which anniversary you're celebrating, the traditional gift is a perfect way to commemorate and honor your relationship. Show your partner how much you care with a special gift that symbolizes love and commitment.

With an array of materials from gold and silver to diamond and ruby, you'll surely find something that your partner will cherish for years to come. Happy anniversary!