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In the realm of gemstones, there are a few that rise above others as truly extraordinary and captivating. One such marvel is the black pearl—the fascination it has always held for people isn’t hard to understand. 

As a jewelry expert, I’ve learned a lot about its history, meanings, and properties. I can assure you that black pearls aren’t like other pearls, which tend to be white or off-white. 

Instead, these gorgeous gems—found in various locales around the world, including Tahiti and the Cook Islands—have an air of mystery that is part of what makes them so special.

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From how they’re made inside exotic mollusks’ shells to their shimmering hues, which can look like moonlight on the water on a good day—they’ve got more going on than your average gemstone does.

Welcome aboard! Come with us as we explore some key facts about this unusual kind of treasure: it’s meaning (yes!), some things you might not know about it… and much more besides!

What Is Black Pearls

Marvels of the sea, black pearls are prized for their rarity and captivating beauty. Unlike traditional white pearls, these gems come in a range of colors – from deep midnight blacks to shimmering greens and purples with iridescent overtones.

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Most black pearls are produced around the islands of Tahiti in French Polynesia. They grow inside exotic-looking oysters called Pinctada margaritifera or black-lipped oysters (the color refers to the interior). 

A black pearl is formed when an irritant – usually a bit of sand but sometimes an egg from another animal – enters the oyster. Nacre, a lustrous substance excreted by mollusks as protective layers around an irritant, gradually forms into this precious jewel.

It takes years for enough nacre to build up for anyone other than an expert to tell whether it is really going to be a pearl. The result is a spherical gem treasured not just because it looks so exotic: it can symbolize wealth and mystery, too.

Black pearls aren’t simply jewels. They’re stories from below the waves that reveal nature’s artistry hidden beneath them.

Physical Properties

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Standout treasures of the ocean, black pearls possess mesmerizing physical qualities. Below are their defining traits:

  • Color Diversity: Black pearls aren’t purely black. Their spectrum extends from pitch to charcoal, also showcasing undertones of green, blue, and purple – an iridescence or play of color that’s visually stunning.
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  • Size: Measuring between 8 and 16 millimeters on average, black pearls are larger than standard white ones. They make bold and luxurious statement pieces.
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  • Shape: There are various shapes of black pearls – round, semi-round, drop, button, and baroque. But perfectly round specimens are most sought after for being both rare and beautiful.
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  • Luster: The luster of black pearls is another characteristic that sets them apart. They possess a distinct, shiny quality that can range from soft to mirror-like, adding to their appeal.
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  • Surface Quality: While prized for their smoothness, black pearls may have natural blemishes – as all pearls do. As with most gemstones or precious stones, the fewer the imperfections, the higher the value.
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  • Nacre Quality: A black pearl’s beauty and longevity are influenced by the thickness of its nacre; this is what oysters excrete to form a pearl. Thicker nacre generally indicates better-quality black pearls.
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Each one black pearl is a gift from nature, an artwork created by chance beneath the waves – and each reflects colors and qualities that captivate your eye and imagination.

Symbolic Meaning

Black pearls are sometimes known as the ocean’s gems with a lot of meaning attached to them. One of these meanings is that they stand for a symbol of widsom in a lot of cultures.

It has been said that they take negative energy from around you and use it to help you think clearly. This idea is similar to that of an oyster turning a grain of sand into a beautiful pearl.

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Moreover, having these pearls means that you will get wealth or luck connected to finances. They are so rare and special that only wealth people can own them.

In some societies, people believe that black pearls are a symbol of never-ending love. Because of this, they can be good presents for someone you adore.

Mysterious things are often attractive, and this type of pearl is no exception. They are lovely and shine like tiny moons or suns in every color imaginable — all hidden away inside what was once an annoying bit of matter in an oyster. 

For these reasons and their association with deep and true feelings, they have become talismans of hope and faithfulness.

Healing Benefits of Black Pearls

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Black pearls are not just physical marvels; they are also believed to possess various healing properties deeply rooted in cultural traditions and holistic practices. Here’s a list of their reputed healing attributes:

  • Emotional Balance: Black pearls help stabilize feelings and ensure that one’s emotions are always in check. They absorb negative energy from the body, thus inducing calmness.
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  • Healing Properties: Some cultures use black pearls to cure digestive problems and aid in fertility issues. They can also ease discomfort during childbirth. Moreover, they regulate the functioning of the body, hence promoting self-healing.
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  • Mental Clarity: For persons struggling to concentrate or remember things, these pearls can boost their memory recall and attentiveness.
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  • Soul Rejuvenation: Black pearls are beneficial for meditation purposes. They provide protection against negative powers. One eventually becomes enlightened about life’s purpose and other realities.
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  • Power: Naturally, having an amulet means fewer obstacles block your path. Similarly, when you wear dark pearls, you face life challenges without fear because they make you strong.
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  • Positivity Magnet: It is said that these dark gems bring good fortune to their owners. Hence, if you have been experiencing some bad luck lately, maybe try getting one and see how things go.
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Black Pearls Buying Guide

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As you start exploring the beautiful world of black pearls, being able to choose wisely is very important. Below are five things you need to know that will help you, as well as advice from experts in these matters:


Black pearls mostly come from Tahiti, which is part of French Polynesia. These types of pearls are both rare and of high quality. 

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To make sure that you are getting the genuine ones, buy them from well-known sellers who will give certificates to show this. For example, if a necklace has real black pearls from Tahiti, there should be paperwork available to prove it.

Available Shades

Black pearls aren’t exactly black. Their colors vary and can be described as having undertones of green, blue, or purple. Some rare black pearls have a combination of these colors that make them look like they shine in shades such as peacock green. 

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When choosing these jewels, select the shade that you love most or one that goes well with most of your clothes. Remember, those that have more than one appealing color are usually costly. 

Just look at these 10.0-11.0mm Tahitian Pearl & Opal Drop Earrings in 18K Gold - AAAAA Quality. Although called black, you can see that these earrings display different shades – from blue to green. That’s why they cost more than $2K.


The size of a pearl changes how it looks and how much it’s worth. If they’re bigger than 10mm, they’re usually worth more. But, people also think about what’s right for where they want to wear it. 

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For example, a 11mm pearl would look amazing on a ring, like this White Victoria 10.0-11.0mm Tahitian Black Pearl and Diamond Ring. But it might be too big for earrings – so, 8.0-9.0mm may be more appropriate.

Luster and Surface Quality

Luster is what makes a pearl shine. Surface quality is about whether it’s got any marks on it. People want pearls that shine a lot and don’t have many marks on them. A jewelry piece that has pearls like this will get noticed—and cost more money, too.

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Most people know that pearls are roundish, but lots of them don’t know that they can be shaped. It’s kind of funny, too! 

Besides round pearls, there are those that are curved (like a baroque pearl) or almost perfect but not quite (called semi-round or off-round). All of these shapes are great options. Just buy the ones that fit your style and outfit.

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Is the Price of Black Pearls Competitive among Other Pearl Varieties?

When talking about how much black pearls cost, you might want to compare them with other kinds of pearls. The thing is, black pearls have something extra special that makes them different from other pearls.

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One thing that makes black pearls valuable is that they’re not easy to find. They come from specific types of oysters, and those oysters don’t live just anywhere. 

Places like French Polynesia and the Cook Islands have some of these oysters, but even so, there aren’t a lot of them. This means that black pearls aren’t as common as other kinds, which is one reason why they cost more.

Black pearls also look different than other pearls. Most of the time, they’re not completely black – instead, they’re gray, green, blue, or even kind of shiny like a peacock. This is one more thing that can make them unique!

Because black pearls are rare—and because they have their own special look with all those colors—they can be more expensive than other kinds. But lots of people think they’re worth it!

Bottom Line

The unique charm, symbolic importance, and interesting beginnings of black pearls keep us captivated. We value these kinds of pearls because they are rare, and their colors are charming. 

Compared to other types of pearls, they cost more, but it is a fair price to pay for something that cannot be copied exactly, and that makes us so curious. 

Black pearls can be used to make jewelry or just looked at because they are so pretty - either way, you won’t forget them easily. 

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So, the next time you find yourself holding one, think about how amazing it is and how many miles it has traveled to get to where it is today.