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It's that time of year again when we all start planning our Christmas outfits! As a fashion stylist, I'm here to give you the best tips for finding the perfect festive outfits this holiday season.

Whether you're going to a festive party or want something special to wear on Christmas day, I've covered you with some stylish outfit ideas that will make you look your best this holiday season.

Christmas outfits

From sparkly dresses to cozy sweater sets, there's something for everyone in this roundup - so get inspired and start shopping!

Christmas Outfit Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Festive Attire?

Christmas outfits

Festive attire is the clothing you wear during the holiday season to celebrate. It typically includes bright colors, comfortable sweaters and dresses, and a more formal cocktail or evening wear for special occasions. In addition, it's crucial to have a good wardrobe with festive accessories like scarves, hats, and jewelry.

Leave your everyday clothes at home- it's time to wear festive! This holiday season, dress to impress in clothing that sparkles and shines. Sequins, tartan, Cashmere, Velvet, satin, tweed, pearls, and fine jewelry are all excellent choices for holiday attire.

What are Christmas outfit elements?

Christmas outfits

When creating the perfect holiday outfit, think about colors, fabrics, prints, patterns, and finishes. They all play an essential role in making your outfit special. 

Here are some popular Christmas outfit elements:


The following fabrics on our list are perfect for when you're looking for Christmas outfit ideas. They're comfortable, luxurious, and plush:

· Velvet is the perfect choice for a formal holiday look. It looks great with pearls and other jewelry and comes in a wide range of colors, from dark red to emerald green.

Christmas outfits

· Cashmere is a luxurious, lightweight fabric draped over the body. It's super soft and perfect for winter weather.

Christmas outfits

· Silk is a classic fabric that's perfect for formal holiday occasions. Its light weight makes it an excellent choice for evening wear.

Christmas outfits

· Tweet is a thick woolen fabric perfect for staying warm and cozy during the holidays. It looks great in various colors, from navy blue to deep red.

Christmas outfits


When it comes to colors, festive attire usually consists of bright hues. Here are some popular choices for Christmas outfit elements:

· Red – The traditional color of the holiday season, red is an excellent choice for festive attire. It's perfect for evening wear and stands out in a crowd.

Christmas outfits

· Green – From emerald green to pine green, this color is associated with Christmas. It looks excellent with Velvet and other fabrics and can be dressed up or down.

Christmas outfits

· Gold – Gold is an excellent choice for a festive outfit, whether a sequined dress or a metallic sweater. It looks great with pearls and other jewelry and stands out in the crowd.

Christmas outfits

· Silver – Silver is a great alternative to gold and looks stunning with pearls or other jewelry. It's perfect for evening wear and makes you look glamorous.

Christmas outfits

Prints and Patterns

For a unique look, consider prints and patterns. Classic Christmas prints like holly, snowflakes, and Santa Claus are perfect for a festive look. In addition, bold geometrical prints or paisley designs can add visual interest to any holiday outfit.

Christmas outfits

And remember fair isle and tartan. Both fabrics have a timeless look that's perfect for the holiday season!


The last element of your Christmas outfit is all about the finishing touches. Sequins, pearls, and other embellishments are perfect for adding sparkle to your holiday look. Also, don't forget about fur- it's a great way to stay warm and look glamorous.

Christmas outfits

Finally, top off your outfit with a festive accessory like a scarf or a hat. It's the perfect way to complete your look and stand out from the crowd.

No matter what kind of festive attire you choose, remember to have fun and be creative. You can create a festive, stylish, and unique look with the right elements! With these Christmas outfit elements in mind, you'll be ready to make a statement this holiday season.

What Should Your Family Wear for Christmas Pictures?

Christmas outfits

When planning your family's Christmas photo, consider coordinating clothing. You want to create a unified look that complements each individual while still being festive.

For example, you could choose all-white or neutral colors for a classic look. Or opt for holiday-inspired prints like tartan or fair isle. Whatever you choose, make sure the colors are cohesive.

When it comes to fabrics, think of comfort and warmth. For example, Velvet and Cashmere are luxurious choices that look great in photos. Another option is woolen fabrics like tweed or tartan. These classic fabrics will keep your family warm and cozy all winter long.

Regarding accessories, spruce up your photos with festive pieces like scarves, hats, and jewelry. Pearls and sequins are great for adding sparkle to the look.

What Should You Wear This Christmas?

Christmas outfits

We've got some ideas if you need to know what to wear this Christmas! From velvet dresses to tweed suits, plenty of stylish options are perfect for the holiday season. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Sparkly Dresses with Strappy Sandals

Christmas outfits

With so many options to wear for a fun night out, it can take time to decide what to choose. However, you can't go wrong with a sequin dress (or two or three). They don't require much effort to put on (slip into some strappy sandals) but will make more of an impact than any other piece in your wardrobe.

Yes, the best sequin dresses always get everyone's attention—which is precisely the goal. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look great and feeling confident during party season.

Besides, sparkly dresses look great in photographs and add a touch of glamour to any look. You can also choose dresses with festive prints or patterns to make a bold statement.

Match this outfit with pearl accessories and bold make-up for a timeless, chic look.

Whether you're looking for a Christmas party outfit, something to wear to Christmas dinner, or the perfect ensemble for that long-awaited family reunion, sparkly dresses are the best choice.

Shop Your Look: Little Black Dress Red Scarlett Dress / Strappy High Heel Sandals - Silver / Pearl Drop Earrings

Velvet Robe with Satin Slippers

Christmas outfits

When it comes to winter fashion, Velvet is always in style. Not only does it look great and feel amazing (it's very cozy!), it's also the perfect holiday fabric. It has a luxurious feel that evokes warmth and coziness, which is ideal for Christmas.

You can find velvet outfits in various styles and colors, from classic black to bright reds and greens. Whatever you choose, it's best to pair it with some satin slippers. The combination of Velvet and satin will give your winter wardrobe a glamour and sophistication that will turn heads.

And don't forget about some accessories: try adding a pearl pendant to complete your look.

Perfect for a relaxing day spent at home by the fireplace or trimming the Christmas tree, this outfit will keep you comfortable all day long.

Shop Your Look: Christmas Queen Velvet Robe / FENICAL Women Satin Slippers Silk Slippers / Dew Collection Drop Golden 9.0-10.0 mm South Sea Pearl and Diamond Pendant.

On-Trend Tartan Skirt and Matching Boots

Christmas outfits

Tartan is always an excellent choice for the winter holidays. It looks chic, stylish, and timeless—not to mention that it's incredibly versatile. You can create various looks with one piece, from casual to formal.

For Christmas, consider wearing a tartan skirt paired with a black turtleneck and matching boots. Choose red and green tartan for a more classic look or a more modern version with unique patterns and colors. Either way, you can't go wrong!

To make this outfit special, add some festive jewelry and accessories. A pearl statement necklace or earrings with a subtle sparkle will make all the difference.

This look will give you a timeless yet on-trend style that is perfect for any Christmas event. You'll be sure to stand out with your fashionable yet festive look.

Shop Your Look: Plaid Skirts with Slim Fork Opening and Lattice Print / Slim-fit Long-sleeve turtleneck / Aimee Boots / Pearl Lock Necklace in Silver, 9-10 mm.

Fur Coat with Leather Pants

Christmas outfits

Consider a fur coat over leather pants if you're looking for something more daring. This combination is perfect for festive occasions and will keep you warm all night long.

Choose a classic ivory fur coat for a timeless look, or select one with bright colors to make more of a statement. Then, pair it with some leather pants and heeled boots for the ultimate winter look.

Accessorize with a glittery clutch and some rhinestone jewelry for extra glamour. This outfit will add a touch of drama and glamour to your Christmas wardrobe, perfect for any event, whether you go to a party or just to Christmas dinner.

Shop Your Look: Lydie Coat Ivory / Chloe Leather Trouser / Brown Suede Stretchy Point Head Rider Stiletto High Heels Boots Shoes / Chain Choker With Daisy Embellishment

Red Wool Knit and Mountain Boots

Christmas outfits

Nothing says winter like soft and cozy knits. Rich red wool, fair isle pattern, chunky mountain boots, oversized beanie, and slouchy socks combination will make you look good and feel comfortable on the Instagrammable Christmas day in the middle of a forest.

Wool knit is the ideal fabric for the winter season and can be matched with mountain boots in neutral colors. Add a pop of color with red wool socks and a beanie to complete the look.

Whether you are picking your Christmas tree in the snow or running around after-dark markets, this is a great look that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Shop Your Look: Belle Red Cable Knit Jumper / Women's 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans / Ribbed Beanie / Women's Timberland® Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots / Red Merino Wool Socks

Satin Dress and Heels

Christmas outfits

For a more polished look, opt for a sophisticated satin dress. Choose one with a cute pattern or sparkly details to make it more festive, and pair it with heels.

Such a look will make you shine on the dance floor or wherever you celebrate.  

For added glamour, accessorize with some statement jewelry or a clutch purse. Whatever accessories you choose, you'll surely make an entrance with this classic and feminine look. With the right accessories, you can make it your own!

Style Your Look: Darlene Latte Off-Shoulder Corset Satin Dress with Crystals / Ribbon D'orsay Heels / Long Drop Earrings / Champagne Diamond Evening Bag Crystal Clutch Bag

Classic Little Black Dress with Pumps

Christmas outfits

You can never go wrong with the little black dress for a more classic yet festive look. Choose one with sequins or beading for a more glamorous look, and pair it with some pumps.

This timeless combination is perfect for any Christmas event, from a family dinner to a night out on the town. You'll look elegant and chic while feeling comfortable all night long.

Add festive jewelry, such as diamond earrings, and a subtle sparkle clutch to make your outfit stand out.

Style Your Look: Steampunk Gothic Rose Print Zipper Boned High Low Corset Dress / Suede Gianvito Pumps / Inside-out Hoop Earrings / Double Leaves Clutch Rhinestone Purse Evening Bag

No matter your choice, there are plenty of stylish options to keep you looking and feeling your best this holiday season. The key is to choose an outfit that fits your style and personality while remaining comfortable at the same time. So go ahead and get dressed up to celebrate Christmas uniquely!

Bottom Line

Christmas outfits

The festive season is almost upon us, and we couldn't be more excited! It's a time of year when we can let our fashion sense truly shine. There are endless possibilities for outfit choices, from cozy knits to party-ready dresses.

And don't forget the accessories! It is the perfect time of year to go out with your jewelry and make a statement. So have fun with your style this holiday season – it's the ideal time to experiment and find what works best for you.

Which look are you going for this Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Happy Holidays!