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White Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are one of the most valuable pearls cultured in saltwater oysters. They are shiny and large, making them perfect for striking jewelry pieces. They can grow as big as 20 mm in various shapes, such as round, baroque, and drop.

South Sea pearls come in various colors, such as white, gold, and black. Their high quality ensures the jewelry has a long-lasting luster and silky appearance. And the timeless charm of the pearl jewelry makes it even more desirable. If you are considering buying South Sea pearl jewelry, we’ll discuss everything you must know.

What are White South Sea Pearls?

Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are deemed luxurious types of pearls that are cultured in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The white sea pearls have a silky texture and shiny appearance. They have large sizes ranging from 8mm to 20mm.

Their thick nacre gives a long-lasting soft glow and luster. With unique colors such as white, cream, silver, and gold, these pearls are one of the most sought-after. Another great feature of these pearls is their smooth surface appearance with a mirror-like sheen.

Where do White South Sea Pearls Come From?

white south Sea Pearls

The maximum number of South Sea pearls are cultured on the Australian Northwestern Coast. They are also cultured in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

What Shapes and Sizes Are Available?

Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls come in various shapes, such as round, drop, button, and baroque. Since round pearls look more beautiful, they are extremely desirable. The estimates of round pearls may range from 20 to 30% per harvest.

South Sea pearls have an average size of 10-12mm. The size may range between 8-20 mm depending upon the culture time and harvesting process.

White South Sea Pearls Characteristics

white south Sea Pearl

Read along to learn about South Sea pearl characteristics.

What Makes White South Sea Pearls So Special?

Sea Pearls

The large size and >quality of South Sea pearls make them unique and valuable. They can only be cultured in a limited region, making them rare in comparison to other pearl types. South Sea pearls are cultured using silver and gold-lipped oysters.

Different types of oysters deliver colors such as cream, champagne, golden, blue, aqua, and white, giving various high-quality pearl options. Additionally, their round shape makes them special when designing jewelry pieces.

How Rare and Valuable are White South Sea Pearls?

Sea Pearls

Quality South Sea pearls are valuable as well as rare. Their large size and limited cultural area make them rare while being high in demand among buyers. This adds to the price depending upon the quality, shine, and size of the pearl. For instance, a pearl necklace may range from $1,000 to over $300,000. Earrings with South Sea pearls may range from $450 to $800.

How do White South Sea Pearls Compare to Other Types of Pearls?

Sea Pearls

When compared to other pearls, South Sea pearls are larger in diameter. Also, they have a unique luster that makes them reflective like a mirror. This is due to the aragonite platelets that layer over this pearl.

They are among the most expensive pearls ready for jewelry after 2-4 years of culturing. On the other hand, Akoya pearls are ready to harvest in just 1-2 years. South Sea pearls can only be cultured using saltwater oysters.

The slow formation of these pearls makes them more durable and long-lasting in comparison to other pearls. Since the oysters are sensitive to even slight changes in water and temperature, the area of cultivation remains low.

White South Sea Pearls Jewelry

Sea Pearls

Pearls are versatile; hence, they can be styled in various ways. You may mix and match them with other pearl and gold jewels in your collection. Here are various options with South Sea pearls. Here are various options with South Sea pearls.


Sea Pearls

There are endless pearl pendant designs encased in gold and silver. Pick a pearl pendant studded with gemstones or diamonds around it for a party piece. For everyday wear, wear a slightly smaller pearl pendant surrounded by silver filigree or floral work. Here’s an alluring >South Sea Pearl pendant with a 15mm pearl size.


South Sea Pearls

A pearl necklace will uplift your outfit whether you’re dressed casually or are rocking an evening gown. Look for long-lasting metals and silk threads such as sterling silver and 18K gold when choosing pearl necklaces. Also, consider the length of the pearl necklace as per the current style and occasion.


Sea Pearls

A simple pearl bracelet will make you feel like royalty while keeping the rest of the outfit minimal. You can go for a strand pearl bracelet with large pearls. Another option is to choose a multi-strand bracelet with smaller pearls. Both these designs are timeless and classy.


Sea Pearls

A large South Sea pearl ring can be worn as a statement piece. The luster and iridescence of the pearl will make you feel like a movie star. You can choose large pearl rings or designs combined with diamonds for some more flair.

When buying rings, make sure you measure your fingers correctly to choose the right size. You may choose these >white South Sea pearl rings that come with an 18K gold band.


Sea Pearls

Pearl earrings are a great addition to your everyday jewelry. They can be as simple as studs or as extravagant as long pearl danglers. You can also choose from pearl hoops in various sizes, as hoops are evergreen and versatile. The choices are truly endless! Go for >round pearl dangle earrings or these trendy >studs with pearls and stones.


white Sea Pearls

Now you know all about the South Sea pearls and their characteristics. You can rock pearl jewelry at any event looking classy and fashionable. Adding long-lasting South Sea pearl jewels to your wardrobe will give you innumerable options to wear them. Always look for a reliable >pearl jewelry seller to get the best quality pearls.


Sea Pearls

Are white South Sea pearls natural or cultured?

Most of the South Sea pearls are cultured in locations including Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The oysters are cultivated for up to 2-3 years to get the desirable size and clustered pearl.

What color pearl is the most expensive?

The value of the pearl depends on various factors such as size, shape, and color. Some colors are rare and more valuable than others. For instance, South Sea pearls in white and gold tones are the most expensive and valuable pearls. Moreover, rare colors such as black, peach, rose, and ivory are also sold at high prices.

Which is more expensive, the white South Sea pearl or the Akoya pearl?

South Sea pearls are more expensive and valuable as they are rare in comparison to Akoya pearls. Due to their larger size and luster, they are preferred over Akoya pearls.

How can you tell if a pearl is high quality?

A high-quality pearl will feel gritty if you do the tooth test by rubbing it and aging the tooth. On the other hand, a low-quality or faux one may appear smooth. Besides, high-quality pearls will reflect light and appear shiny. This luster will also depend on the >mineral deposits on the pearl.