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For many girls, choosing shoes for the winter is an attempt to sit on two chairs. Since childhood, caring mothers and grandmothers put into their heads the idea that it is necessary to wear warm shoes in cold weather, not beautiful.

There is a grain of truth ... It’s rather stupid to stomp on the snow in thin “boats” or cut through the ice on stilettos. That “comfort vs. fashion” is not the battle that occupies the minds of modern girls. In 2022, there is no need to choose: your winter boots can be warm, cozy, and stylish!

how to choose ideal boots

As a fashion stylist and personal shopper, I would like to share five simple tips on choosing the perfect and stylish winter boots! Besides, I’ll show you some popular fall-winter 2022-2023 models so that you can pick your favorite ones. So, let’s get started!

Tips to Choose Your Perfect Boots

If you’re looking for the perfect boots, these tips will help you choose.

Find Your Size

how to choose ideal boots

Measuring your feet' length, width, and arch regularly is essential since they may change size due to varying body weight. Also, be sure you take measurements for both feet, as even though they are usually similar in size, there is still a possibility that one foot may be bigger than the other. 

And if possible, aim to buy shoes during the afternoon or evening so that your feet can fit comfortably after being on the go all day long!

A good rule of thumb is to buy boots one size bigger than your usual size. It ensures a comfortable fit and allows you to wear thick socks without feeling cramped.

To ensure maximum comfort when trying on a pair of boots, put some socks on before putting them on your feet. That way, you can make sure the shoes stay comfortable with an extra layer underneath.

Choose the Best Material

how to choose ideal boots

The main criterion to consider before buying a shoe is the material from which it is made. This material primarily affects the price, comfort, and durability.

Most autumn and winter models are made of genuine leather or suede. However, it is worth remembering that for manufacturing some boots available on the market, polyester or eco-leather is used, which does not stretch.

Therefore, when buying, it is worth clarifying what the chosen shoes are made of so that in the future, you do not count on the fact that the shoes adapt to the foot when walking.

Test the Flexibility

how to choose ideal boots

To ensure the most comfortable fit, assess the elasticity of your boot’s external and top portions. You can do this by bending upwards in an arch-like shape at the toe box - it should flexibly bend with minimal effort yet not completely fold in half. 

Additionally, look for a shoe that provides ample support around the arches and wider and thicker heels, which helps maintain optimal balance while walking or running.

Also, check for arch support in the sole of your boot. Good arch support helps to reduce the risk of foot fatigue and injuries.


Select the Right Heel Height

how to choose ideal boots

The height of the heel is one of the deciding factors that can make or break a boot. The higher the heel, the more stylish and attention-grabbing they’ll be. However, walking in may be uncomfortable or dangerous if you choose a shoe with too much height. 

Opt for heels that are no higher than two to three inches, as these offer good support and allow you to walk comfortably. Also, try a few different heel heights before deciding which is best for you. 

Make Sure Your Boots Fit Your Body Type

how to choose ideal boots

Contrary to appearance, body type is essential when buying this shoe. Every woman should learn what to avoid and hide figure flaws with the right shoe model.

Here are some tips:

· Tall women should opt for boots with a heel no higher than 3 inches as this will help to elongate the legs and flatter the figure. 

· Shorter women should opt for boots with a higher heel - up to 4 inches - as this will help create the illusion of longer legs. 

· Ladies with wide hips should avoid long over-the-knee boots, especially models with a rolled-up top, as they further expand the hips.

· Those with wide calves should opt for a boot style that fits around the calf rather than being tight and uncomfortable.

· Owners of large feet should avoid shoes with a pointed toe (socks should be rounded) and shapeless shoes in the form of galoshes.

So, with all these tips in mind, you should be able to find the perfect pair of boots this fall and winter seasons! 

how to choose ideal boots

Must-Have Boots for Fall-Winter 2023 Season

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots to complete your autumn and winter wardrobe, here are some of the must-haves this season:

Steve Madden Arizona Black Boots

how to choose ideal boots

Let ARIZONA, Western-inspired booties with a curved topline, decorative stitching, and an angled, stacked heel be the perfect addition to your cool shoe collection! They are crafted in a black leather and contrast stitch combo for an eye-catching look. With a 3-inch heel height, these boots are a perfect fit for tall and thin girls who want to add height.

Versace 155mm platform boots

how to choose ideal boots

Step out confidently with these remarkable 155mm high-heel boots from Versace. This statement-making style is complete with a striking square toe and the iconic Medusa plaque detail at the sole – you’ll surely make an unforgettable impression! The platform design and a low 15mm sole make them easy to walk in all day. They are perfect for shorter ladies who want to add height and flatter their legs.

Alexandre Vauthier Alex 110mm knee-high boots

how to choose ideal boots

For an unforgettable look, don’t miss out on these Alex ankle boots from Alexandre Vauthier. The bold silver color adds a hint of flair to any outfit, and the asymmetric edge gives them just enough character. With its 110mm heel, this daring shoe will ensure you stay ahead of fashion trends. These boots are perfect for ladies with wide calves who want to make a statement. 

Balenciaga Trooper rubber boots

how to choose ideal boots

Balenciaga unveils an eye-catching pair of shoes for their FW23 collection, evolving the boundaries of modern footwear. Named Trooper rubber boots, these shoes feature a squared-off toe and rugged sole, making them stand out among other contemporary designs. 

With subtle details such as exposed stitching and a bold color palette, this design will surely be at the forefront of trends in no time! These boots are perfect for ladies with large feet who want to make a statement. 

Dolce Vita Fynn Boots

how to choose ideal boots

Update your fall wardrobe in a single step with FYNN. These tall boots bring an elegant, modern silhouette that you’ll be happy to do every day of the season. No matter what look you’re going for - from cozy sweaters and dresses to breezy maxis- FYNN offers stylish versatility suited for any occasion! They are perfect for ladies with wide hips who want to hide figure flaws. 

Celine Bulky Laced Up Boot in Calfskin Tan

how to choose ideal boots

Celine’s Bulky Laced Up boot is the ideal way to add a conscious and contemporary vibe to your wardrobe. Crafted from calfskin leather and finished with a modest 1.8” heel, this design encapsulates modern minimalism. With an edgy lacing detail, you’ll make a statement wherever you go! These boots are perfect for tall and thin ladies who want to stand out with their shoes.

Kurt Geiger London Barbican Drench

how to choose ideal boots

Make a statement in style with the Barbican drench’s black sock-style heeled boot. Featuring an eye-catching Eagle head detail, this sleek and sophisticated shoe is adorned with opaque black crystals that delicately adorn each feather within its leather pull tab. These boots are perfect for ladies with tiny feet who want to be fashionable. 

THEORY Outlet Zip-Up Bootie in Leather

how to choose ideal boots

Flat boots are an outstanding choice for any occasion - from the dance floor to work and even on short walks. Not only do they balance out more feminine silhouettes, such as an A-line skirt, with ease, but you also look effortlessly stylish when paired with denim or trousers! 

This Theory Outlet leather bootie is a timeless classic, with its zipped-up side and two-tone coloration that creates a unique look. They are perfect for ladies with wide feet who want to be fashionable.

Bottom Line

how to choose ideal boots

Choosing the proper boots for your height, shape, and size is essential to look stylish and comfortable. From Versace’s 155mm platform boots to Theory’s zip-up bootie, there is a boot for every fashionista. 

No matter your figure, size, or style preference, these boots will have you looking like a million bucks. So take your wardrobe to the next level and elevate any look with these boot styles. With the right shoe, you’ll make an unforgettable impression!